'I would call it the Collapse of the Union,': Kyle Reyes speaks on State of the Union and the decline of our country

“I wouldn’t call it the State of the Union...I would call it the Collapse of the Union.” This is a quote from Kyle Reyes from a recent interview with WireTap.

The interview took place on March 8, 2024, following the annual address from Biden. During the interview, Reyes candidly addressed several issues that this country is facing.

A common thread throughout the interview was the lack of competence of Biden, with Reyes even directly called out the “cognitive decline” of the man that is supposed to be the leader of the free world. This is not something that can be factually countered, he said. Just look at the state of our country, or the “collapse of the union,” as Reyes put it.

“We are in a fight for our country, for the souls of our kids, for the hearts and minds of our kids. So, we are going to stand up and fight,” Reyes stated. 

One of the areas that we need to be taking a stand is for our law enforcement. These men and women have been defunded and defamed like we have never seen before. And it’s getting worse. Poor policy, corrupt and inept politicians, and the media have made it nearly impossible for these heroes to do their jobs, and now we are seeing the impact on a large scale.

As the owner of Law Enforcement Today, and fierce supporter of police and first responders, Reyes made it clear from the start that law enforcement is not his background.

“I’ve never been a cop, that’s not my background, I worked in television for about 10 years. A producer of news and special projects and I was trained on how to make cops look bad. It was literally part of our training. So, I vowed that one day I was going to flip that script,” Reyes said.  

Todd, who was conducting the interview, spent 32 years in law enforcement beginning at a local level and eventually serving at a federal level. He said, “Especially now, law enforcement needs a good view in the public because it’s constantly getting kicked and beat down.”

Reyes is in fact, flipping that script. Interviews like this one coupled with publications like Law Enforcement Today are not just telling the hard truths about what is going on, but also offering solutions to the problems.

Truths about not only law enforcement and the struggles that they are facing, but also truths around things like the invasion at the southern border. The invasion of our country was another strong thread that ran throughout the interview.

While United States Customs and Border Protection posts verifiable numbers on their website and through press releases, Reyes makes a terrifying point: “We cannot track the number of got-aways.”

According to Reyes’ sources, the number of got-aways is somewhere around 2-1. This exponentially increases the number of illegal immigrants that are in this country, and these ones are completely undocumented. Illegal immigrants that the Biden administration has openly welcomed with bad policy and blind eyes.

Illegal immigrants that have and continue to wreak havoc in our communities. Illegal immigrants that come in and commit violent crimes that law enforcement barely has the resources to handle, again due largely to the Biden administration, radical leftists, and media collusion.

All of this, just in the first few minutes of this must watch interview between two men who are passionate about the future of our country and not afraid to speak on the facts of the matters.

The full interview can be seen here.
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This is what ends up happening when "conservatives" spend 35 years being LAZY. What a disgrace.

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