I waited.
I sat in the dark and waited.
Alone with my thoughts and
worries; was this truly for me?
After 17 years, in that moment I didn’t know.
She had called and said he was holding her. He would come home and block the door. No entrance, no escape. She was afraid.
I waited.
After some lucky investigation, I believed I was at the house.
Parked in the dark by the school.
Watching. Waiting. Worrying.
She told the dispatcher no police, he would hurt her.
I waited.
A car drove up. Blacked out I moved.
The radio was singing with calls but my guys were on them.
I drove up slowly. I could see the car, I could see him…..I was in the right place….

Waiting was over.

I pulled up and the car left him.
I saw him. I knew him. He was violent. He had struck me before and that day was a fight, with him going to jail.
If I moved too fast he would run inside and a standoff would ensue.
She would not be safe.
I had to act.
I got out. The radio was busy and there was no time.
With only a street light, I watched him and his hands as best I could.
It started to snow. All sounds faded away. Time stopped. This was it.
I moved slowly but faster than he thought.
I got close. Reached for his wrist. I had him. The fight was now!
I broke the radio silence.
In that moment of life or death, fight or flight, will she be safe or not, the sky lit up with sounds of sirens, of my crew.
The radio came alive.
There in that moment I knew he was done.
He knew he was done.
I knew she was safe.
I knew this was where I belonged.
The streets.
A cop’s life.
I waited.

By Daniel T DuRan