Governor Cuomo ignores own mask mandate in Georgia event, while destroying Back the Blue rally (op-ed)


This editorial is brought to you by a former police chief and current staff writer at Law Enforcement Today.

LONG ISLAND, NY – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo thinks himself a messiah, continuously taking credit for his “superb” handling of the coronavirus, despite sending thousands upon thousands of New York’s elderly and most vulnerable populations into nursing homes, and to their eventual deaths.

That matters not to the mainstream media, who continue to give Cuomo cover.

More on Cuomo’s hypocrisy and poor decisions in a minute. But first, here’s how he completely destroyed the largest back the blue rally set to take place today in New York.

On June 24, Cuomo implemented, along with his fellow partners in crime New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, travel restrictions from certain states (Georgia included).

The order mandates that anyone traveling from those states is subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Law Enforcement Today was to take part in the aforementioned Back the Blue event in New York this weekend. Our national spokesman, Kyle Reyes, was to be the Master of Ceremonies, along with acclaimed keynote speaker Paul Butler.

Ted Nugent, rock and roll legend was flying into New York for the National Anthem and Congressman Clay Higgins was to be a keynote speaker as well.

That was until the mob, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, got involved. 

First of all, Facebook scrubbed the event page because it was pro-police and not pro-riot. That’s how almost all of social media rolls these days. But it got much worse, and this truly shows you what side the Democrats are on, and it isn’t the side of law enforcement (although we would say that has been evident for months if not years).

Both Congressman Higgins and Ted Nugent were banned from attending the event, with the directive coming from Cuomo’s office. Truth.

When Mr. Clay and Nugent announced they would be at the rally, Democrats demanded the event be shut down. No surprise there.

After that approach failed, they then targeted the state police detail that was to ensure security for Congressman Higgins and Nugent. They were told that they were not permitted to provide security, and had their careers threatened; then their families.

Undeterred, the organizers got dozens of Blue Knights, the law enforcement motorcycle club, to provide security for them. However, Cuomo had something else in mind.

That was when he pulled the quarantine card. He told the health department to ensure that Congressman Higgins and Ted Nugent were subject to the mandatory 14-day quarantine or forced to go back where they came from.

The very same quarantine that Cuomo himself, upon returning from Georgia (see the second half of this article), failed to comply with.

Not surprisingly, politicians tried to blame the pandemic for the order, not the fact that nearly 7,000 people were expected at the event.

Laura Curran, Nassau County Executive who is facing ethics inquiries said:

“After being reminded of New York State’s quarantine order and Nassau County’s protest protocols, Ted Nugent will no longer be attending tomorrow’s march in Eisenhower Park. Congressman Clay Higgins is also being advised of New York State’s quarantine Executive order.”

Rob O’Donnell, a retired NYPD police detective and board member of Brothers Before Others told Law Enforcement Today:

“The day prior to the event, Nassau County executive Laura Curran manufactured controversy by attacking one of the keynote performers, Ted Nugent, who was scheduled to simply play the National Anthem at the event.

“Active police officers/troopers were threatened to stand down to the point they were informed that if they did not, their “families would suffer.” Mrs. Curran then strong-armed the police union by attaching contract issues if they did not denounce the keynote performer.

“Finally, the NYS [New York State] Governor, Andrew Cuomo had dispatched the state’s department of health, stating that both Mr. Nugent and sitting US Congressman Clay Higgins would either be turned around or quarantined under house arrest for 14 days, weaponizing a national pandemic.

“A politician’s primary function is to represent all people and be open to hear all sides. By their actions to suppress the voices or people they simply don’t agree with, they themselves become the counter-protestors.

“Again, this event had 6,500 RSVPs to attend, this event would have went off and done in under an hour, but corrupt politicians inserted themselves creating controversy simply because they didn’t like who was speaking.

“This should frighten all New Yorkers because Democrats think they can silence a rock icon and sitting US Congressman, how do you think the average person stands to have a voice if their cancel culture comes for you?”

This brings us to Cuomo’s visit to Savannah on Monday to support that city’s mayor. Cuomo, who fancies himself a presidential contender in 2024 was seen…horrors…not wearing a mask.

Cuomo is a typical “do as I say, not as I do” Democrat.

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You of course remember Cuomo’s brother, CNN hack Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and his sideshow, when CNN, “The Most Trusted Name in [Fake] News” aired Cuomo exiting his basement, after allegedly being quarantined for 14 days due to coronavirus.

However, in the midst of his “quarantine,” Cuomo had in fact gotten involved in a highly publicized incident in The Hamptons on Long Island with a bicyclist, who called him out for violating his brother’s coronavirus restrictions.

You see, as we have seen numerous times throughout the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions only apply to the little people, or law-abiding citizens. They do not apply to members of the media, politicians or people who are burning down our cities.

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, can go out and get a haircut while she’s demanding Chicago residents shelter in their homes. The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer can demand that Michigan residents be banned from going to their vacation homes in the Upper Peninsula while her husband throws her name down to get their boat removed from storage early.

You see how this goes.

Breitbart News reported that on Thursday morning, Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, who lost both of her in-laws to COVID when nursing homes were forced to accept COVID patients, shared the photos on Twitter writing:

“Mr. wear your mask not wearing a mask in Georgia.”

Not only was Cuomo spotted not wearing a mask, but photos also showed him embracing Savannah mayor Van Johnson (D), violating his mandated social-distancing mandate for New York residents. Besides showing support to Johnson, Cuomo said that he was there to see what was happening in other parts of the country.

According to Just The News, in April Cuomo had ordered as follows:

Any individual [in New York] who is over 2 and able to medically tolerate a face-covering shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when in a public place and unable to maintain, or when not maintaining social distance.” 

Well Mr. Governor, one thing that isn’t happening is over 6,200 nursing home patients didn’t die because of Gov. Kemp’s incompetence, such as happened in your state. Oh yes, Cuomo was also there to provide aid to the city of Savannah.

Remember, Cuomo is one of the governors begging the federal government for assistance because they have run their states into the ground fiscally.

After photos of Johnson and Cuomo were publicized, Johnson was forced to apologize for giving Cuomo an elbow bump without wearing a mask during the visit.

“We’re human,” Johnson said. “We made a mistake and I think for people who want to take the significance of that entire day, the significance of this massive donation, the significance of this wonderful friendship and partnership; and want to delineate it to a picture, I think they need other stuff to do.”

You see, their important so the rules do not apply, and if you question that, it’s you that has the problem, not them.

Johnson also added:

“If you noticed, for those who were there, this was a socially distanced event. Everyone sat six feet away from each other and for the duration of the event, everyone wore a mask.”

Take a look at the above picture in Janice Dean’s tweet again. Does anyone in that picture appear to be maintaining a six-foot distance? Didn’t think so.

During the press conference, Cuomo said:

“…somehow in this crazy partisan world we’ve even politicized a virus.”

Well, yeah the Democrats have certainly done that. Then, in the ultimate display of chutzpah, Cuomo said:

“I wear the mask because I respect you. You wear the mask because you respect me.”

However as The Sun reported, Cuomo was not seen wearing a mask during his trip. Good for the goose, not for the gander, right governor? We will get to the sheer hypocrisy of that in a moment.

Dean, in losing family members to the coronavirus, has been critical of Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic. In an op-ed for USA Today this week, Dean laid the blame squarely on Cuomo’s March 25 order in which people recovering from the coronavirus were forced into nursing homes, effectively giving many of them a death sentence.

“This should not be about politics. It’s about accountability for what happened to our parents and grandparents, who trusted us to look out for them,” Dean wrote. “My in-laws Mickey and Dee Newman were New York tough. The governor? He’s as weak as they come.”

 This is where we are at, America. You have social media giants silencing anything pro-law enforcement. You have Democratic politicians throwing down with the mob and against law enforcement. Joe Biden supports everything that is going on.

Do you like the direction things are going? November 3 will be the most important election of our lifetimes.


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