Editor Note: We recently published a letter an officer wrote to police wives across America.  He penned it after his own wife passed on… they were the words he wished he could have told her.

Shortly after, a police wife sent us her own letter, saying she was inspired to write it to her husband as he celebrates 30 years on the job.
“It made me think about the conversations PK and I had about sometimes ‘our quite time’ is the most valuable in our marriage.  It has to do with deeply respecting each other and supporting each others’ jobs while never shutting each other out. He’s been FBI and Secret Service task force and police officer his entire career, while I’ve been working with Law Enforcement my entire career.  He handled IDentity Theft and Drug Trafficking while I am an IDentity Theft Prevention Specialist.”
She said that seeing him cry at the Law Enforcement Officer Memorial in Washington, D.C. made her see him differently.
“We both sat there and talked about how many are forgotten. How many spouses cry at the moment and it’s only a memory years later. I want him to know while he is alive just how much I love, honor and respect him. Especially because he’s in his 30th year.”
The woman who wrote the letter is Melony Knab, the owner of Knab Consulting Group which represents LegalShield.  Her husband is Patrick Knab – or “PK” as Melony calls him.  He’s with the Denham Springs Police Department.
This is her letter.  This is their story.

It’s probably also yours.

To: My Precious Scruffy Pooh,

This letter to you is to express my gratitude being married to “My Man In Blue”!

A letter to Patrick Knab "PK" from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.

A letter to Patrick Knab “PK” from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.


I know your story, I have heard it our entire relationship. I know that I loved you before you loved me and that is OK because when you did love, it was deep and forever.

I watch your kindness, I watch your calmness, as you tell everyone; you are the calm in my storm! I listen to your sweet breathing when you sleep (except when you wake me up snoring). It used to bother me but now I am just thankful you are here with me and our room isn’t sad and empty.

I have learned being you wife life is better when you let God control it. The ole’ saying; It is a greater blessing knowing someone in their old ways and their new ways because its then when you know there is a GOD.

You are in your 30th year in law enforcement and for that, YOU ARE MY HERO!

A letter to Patrick Knab "PK" from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.

A letter to Patrick Knab “PK” from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.


While in D.C., you became more to me than ever when you walked with tears in your eyes looking at all the names on the wall of the Law Enforcement Memorial. You were more than my HERO – at that time you were an Angel. Watching our daughter walk with you, reading the names of so many who gave their lives to protect others. What an honorable thing… thank you for those tears!

A letter to Patrick Knab "PK" from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.

A letter to Patrick Knab “PK” from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.


I have watched you cry, I have cried with you, I have cried praying for you. I ask God, “Please do not let me live this life without PK”! I know he hears me… and that makes me smile. But because of my faith, I know Gods Will, will be done! If we have to leave each other because of death, it is only temporary because death is not final!

Thank you “My Precious” for all of the ranks you have had in your police department.

You are a gift not only to our family but to the community. You are so special! I love being your wife, the one you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

The one who loves our children with all in you.

The one who holds my hand when I am worrying myself over our grown daughters!

The one who NEVER goes to sleep without kissing me on the forehead before you go to sleep, the one who never hangs up without saying “I love you”! 

The one who opens the door for me, the one who is helping two of our 8 grandchildren by allowing them to live with us. I’ve asked you before; Honey, did you ever think when we got together we would be mawmaw and pawpaw to 8 grandchildren? Now # 9 is on the way!! Now look.. here we are!!!

A letter to Patrick Knab "PK" from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.

A letter to Patrick Knab “PK” from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.


It was a pleasure watching you and my dad become “besties”! Thank you for asking him for my hand in marriage.  It was a blessing to have you speak at his funeral because he asked you to. It is so very important that we say what we need to say before we pass away instead of waiting and then saying “Oh how I wish I would have told him”!

As your wife, the mother of our children I want you to know I am so blessed you are mine!!! You are ours!!

Thank you for all you do in your department, thank you for all you do for your officers, thank you for all you do for complete strangers, like the time the little girl couldn’t afford the glasses she really wanted because Medicaid didn’t pay for name brands.

Thank you for the Christmas you gave to the family that was not able to buy for their family, thank you for praying over someone you arrested while he is in your unit, thank you for praying over our family, thank you for praying for our neighbors, thank you for loving our Ohlyvia the way you do, thank you for letting us have our 4 dogs that love you so much, thank you for the three birds that are louder than the grandbabies, thank you for saying “I love you”!

Thank you for greeting me with a kiss when you get home, thank you for giving me a kiss when you leave, thank you for cars you have bought me over the years, thank you for catching my slack with there wasn’t enough, thank you for eating “whatever” I fix, thank you for the tiny home we are working to make beautiful, thank you for my greenhouse, thank you for always encouraging me when I feel down, thank you for the continued support with my business, thank you for taking care of everything when I have to leave out of town, thank you for the letters over the years, they are most important than words can ever express.

A letter to Patrick Knab "PK" from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.

A letter to Patrick Knab “PK” from his wife Melony Knab on his 30th work anniversary.


Thank you for folding clothes, cooking dinner, and all of the things you do so I do not have to.

Thank you for helping me solve the word game while never speaking a word, thank you for tolerating Wheel of Fortune because I like it.

Thank you for making our life second, because in our home God is always first.

YOU ARE THE MAN IN BLUE that I am so deeply in love with, and yet I am able to share you with the community. You are not in the streets anymore which is a relief, but you are always a Police Officer.

I want you to know, I pray for you. I am not offended when you are quiet. I count it an honor that you are quite in our home. When I look over and see your eyes closed in your recliner, I am thankful you are at peace in our home.

Thank you for the compliment that I am your island, thank you for leaving what needs to be left at work to come to your island.

Thank you for the smiles you share when we have our own corny jokes, hugs and kisses in front of our daughters and grandchildren. We are showing them what love is and it is OK to hug, kiss, laugh, cry, have a disagreement or even throw a towel on the floor or even a spoon in the sink.

It is ok for our family to know that violence doesn’t have to be shown to get attention. It is ok that when our children struggle with addictions that we are there to pray with them, to hold them even though a couple of them are as big as you and I.

It is ok when they lose a loved one because of a car accident or the death of an unborn child and there are no instructions on grief, cry if you want, scream if you want, do not worry… what is important is they see you and I remain the comfort that they rely on.

I say this in closing, I know your shoulders are not big enough or strong enough to carry all you do. I know you are not doing it alone and with that being said; THANK YOU FOR LIVING FOR GOD which makes you strong enough , REAMAINING FAITHFUL and treating me like the Bible instructs a man to do AND BEING “MY MAN IN BLUE”, for when I respond to you as Sir, I really meant it!!


Your Special