Report: Cartels harvesting children’s organs, stuffing drugs in their corpses to smuggle into U.S.


US-MEXICO BORDER- Warning: the following story is not for the faint of heart.

According to the Daily Caller, a Central American human trafficker told Fox News contributor Sara Carter that drug cartels are harvesting organs from the children they kidnap and kill and then stuffing drugs in their corpses.

The human organs are actually sold on the black market.

“In most cases, they wanted to sell their organs, so that is the reason they take children,” the trafficker, whose face was concealed and voice altered, told Carter.

“Sometimes they take out the organs and they fill the body with drugs so they could take it through the border,” he added.

The trafficker said wealthy people across the world purchase the organs through unauthorized clinics. He said children are used because they command high profits for the cartels.

“They just care about the money,” the source told Carter.

He also said that sexual predators buy children from the cartels.

“I’ve heart that some people in places have very specific things that they like certain nationalities or certain age groups. So the cartels are looking for the people going around and when they spot someone with those characteristics, they tend to take them,” he continued.

The lack of a cogent border control policy by the Biden administration is also emboldening the human traffickers, according to Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammettei in an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) this past June.

He said that smugglers have exploited the Biden administration’s “confusing” immigration messaging while using innocent children to cross into the U.S. illegally.

“Right now there has been confusion with the messages. When they say we are going to codify all the children who have their parents here, what the coyotes say there is not convenient for them [the migrants]. ‘Let’s see. Grab the children and come’…that child may be related, he may not be related. Wanting a child is the coyotes’ way of manipulating people,” Giammettei told the DCNF.

In this fiscal year, which still has two months to go, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities have encountered some 1,900,000 illegals, nearly 130,000 of which are unaccompanied children, at the southern border, according to agency statistics.

The use of children for the purposes of marketing human organs is nothing new, however the issue seems to have been exacerbated with the current invasion occurring at the U.S-Mexico border.

Human smuggling is a very lucrative business for cartels, and they have apparently taken to social media in order to carry out their nefarious activities.

This past May, the Daily Caller News Foundation told about a teenager who apparently worked a low paying warehouse job, yet arrived home one night at 2 a.m. wearing expensive clothes. The boy’s mother, Dora Ortega knew that her son couldn’t afford such threads on his salary.

Ortega’s son finally admitted how he had acquired the clothes, with the 19-year-old telling his mother he had been picking up illegals at the U.S.-Mexico border and smuggling them into Arizona.

Ortega’s son, who is remaining anonymous for his safety, drove two different trips from Phoenix earlier this year, transporting two illegal aliens each time north into the state. He received a total of $3,400 for both trips, his mom said.

Ortega wouldn’t say who was behind the Snapchat ad that lured her son; however law enforcement sources told the Daily Caller that drug cartels are usually behind such a scheme. This has become an enormous issue for law enforcement.

“We’re dealing with unprecedented numbers of human smuggling activity,” Ray Reed, Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) assistant special agent in charge (ASAC) of the Douglas, Arizona office told the Daily Caller.

“10, 15 years ago, if I was investigating a human smuggling operation, it was somewhat of a familial tie, mom and pop operation,” Reed said. “If we looked at a human smuggling organization in the past, the elements of how they work together was compartmentalized.

“You had your smugglers in Central America, or in Europe, or wherever they were going to be, and they had somewhat of a relationship contact with individuals in North America and then domestically. Well, you don’t need that anymore.”

Reed cited the internet and social media as being to blame for the increase in human trafficking, saying it has “created a huge recruitment platform.”

“Social media recruiters are targeting users who predominantly tend to be young adults, and obviously juveniles—teens.”

Apparently, some social media platforms are starting to pay attention. For example Snapchat now has its own Law Enforcement Operations team that works with authorities to combat criminal activity, a spokesperson for the company told the Daily Caller.

“Using Snapchat for any illegal activity violates our policies and is prohibited. We have zero tolerance for any abuse of Snapchat, and we encourage people to immediately report illegal content and activity to law enforcement, as well as to us. We regularly work with law enforcement to help combat illegal activity on our platform,” the spokesperson said.

Last February, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department started a program called “Operation Safe Streets” to combat human smuggling.

“The cartels have begun using various social media platforms, including TikTok and Snapchat and WhatsApp and Facebook to advertise for people to come to Cochise County, pick up migrants, and transfer them to more metropolitan areas such as Tucson or Phoenix,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Carol Capas told the Daily Caller.

Between this past April 1 and 25, the sheriff’s office nabbed 97 individuals attempting to transport illegals into the country. The drivers ranged between 14 to 66 years old, and many were U.S. citizens. Capas said most were likely recruited on social media.

Reed said the ads on social media are “pretty brazen” and don’t “sugarcoat” that they’ll pay good money for anyone who wants to pick up illegal aliens.

it is a lucrative proposition, with social media ads bragging that smugglers can get paid between $2,500 to $15,000, according to an ad provided to the Daily Caller by the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.

Below is a previous piece we published about human traffickers at the southern border.


EL PASO, TX – Amid the horror of last week’s school shooting in west Texas, some may have missed a truly wonderful bit of news coming out of the region.

Through a massive interagency effort named “Operation Lost Souls,” U.S. agents recovered 70 missing children from human traffickers following a three-week long operation in Texas.


The children range in age from 10 to 17 and are victims of sex trafficking and physical abuse, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Wednesday.

The majority of the children were found in west Texas, but some were found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as the state of Colorado and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

The operation was led by Homeland Security Investigations El Paso and was assisted by numerous agencies, including organizations and offices that are providing victim services and counseling to the recovered children and their families.

HSI El Paso Deputy Special Agent in Charge Taekuk Cho said the department is committed to finding abducted children and prosecuting those responsible. He said in a statement:

“Operation Lost Souls exemplifies Homeland Security Investigations’ commitment to protecting the public from crimes of victimization. In this case, we are looking out for our children – our community’s most precious resource.

“HSI is committed to continue working with our law enforcement partners to locate, recover and help missing children heal, while ensuring that perpetrators are held responsible for these heinous crimes and brought to justice.”

Results of the operation were released during a news conference May 25, which coincided with National Missing Children’s Day.

Major Matthew Mull, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, said teamwork is crucial to the success of this type of operation. He noted:

“At the Department of Public Safety, teamwork is one of our core values. We are grateful for all of our law enforcement partners who participated in this operation and who work around-the-clock every day to protect our communities, including our youth.”

The multiagency operation produced additional information and leads that HSI is investigating.

The following agencies assisted in the operation: Texas Department of Public Safety; DHSI Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Attaché Office; West Texas Anti-Gang Center; Texas Highway Patrol; El Paso Police Department; U.S. Marshals Service; FBI; El Paso County Constables; Socorro (Texas) Police Department; Department of Family and Protective Services; El Paso Independent School District Police Department; Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission; and the Juvenile Probation Department.

These agencies also assisted: San Angelo (Texas) Police Department, Tom Green (Texas) County Sheriff’s Office, Odessa (Texas) Police Department, Ector (Texas) County Sheriff’s Office, Ector County Independent School District Police Department, Midland (Texas) County Sheriff’s Office, Midland County Independent School District, Midland Juvenile Probation Department, Advocacy Center for Children of El Paso, Paseo Del Norte Center of Hope, the El Paso Center for Children, Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Center, Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center, Midland Memorial Hospital SANE Nurses, and Medical Center Hospital SANE Nurses.

ICE encourages anyone with information about human trafficking victims and criminal activity to contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888.

Where’s the media? U.S. Marshals task force recovers 16 missing children, makes five arrests in Operation ‘Fresh Start’

April 12, 2022

NEW ORLEANS, LA Operation “Fresh Start,” a three-month operation conducted by the Missing Child Unit (MCU) of the U.S. Marshals Service Eastern District of Louisiana New Orleans Task Force, has resulted in the recovery or rescue of 16 children. The unit also made five arrests and uncovered a possible sex trafficking ring.

According to a press release from the U.S. Marshals Service, Operation “Fresh Start” was conducted from January 1, 2022 through March 31, 2022.

Participants included the U.S. Marshals Service New Orleans Task Force, the New Orleans Police Department, multiple Sheriff’s Offices, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and Departments of Child and Family Services in Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.

Press release author Brian W. Fair, Deputy U.S. Marshal, took note of how New Orleans has spearheaded operations such as “Fresh Start,” saying:

“New Orleans was one of the original U.S. cities to begin a USMS pilot program for the Missing Child Unit in 2016, and U.S. Marshals Service Eastern District of Louisiana Deputy U.S. Marshals have provided instruction to other USMS districts and state agencies on how to coordinate their MCU operations, which have gained national news attention within the last two years.”

The USMS also reported that, in addition to the 16 missing children who were rescued or recovered:

“six (6) children self-returned, three (3) children were recovered as other status, and three (3) more were recovered by other law enforcement agencies.”

Furthermore, the USMS noted that, in addition to the five arrests that were made:

“[B]ased on the operation at least four (4) felony warrant exist for adults suspected of involvement with MCU minors and the USMS New Orleans Task Force is actively pursuing these fugitives.”

In their press release, the U.S. Marshals highlighted some of the rescues and recoveries that they made during Operation “Fresh Start.”

In one case, a 14-year-old female runaway was found in Fayetteville, Georgia, after her parents reported her possible involvement with sex trafficking.  The investigators discovered that she may have spent some time in the Jacksonville, Florida area before moving to Georgia.  In Georgia, the teen was found to be living with several adults.

In another instance, a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old were abducted by their mother, who was their non-custodial parent, and taken to Florida.  The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office issued a felony warrant for her arrest for kidnapping.  Despite her multiple attempts at evasion, the non-custodial parent was tracked to Florida, where she was arrested and the two young children were recovered.

In addition, the task force recovered a 1-year-old baby who was taken by his father, after his father shot and killed the baby’s grandfather.  The father surrendered to the New Orleans Police Department Violent Offenders Warrant Squad, and the baby was recovered safely.

Furthermore, a 2-year-old male child was recovered after he was abducted from his crib by a family member.  The child was found after the NOPD Special Victim’s Division – Child Abuse Unit and the USMS New Orleans Taskforce conducted searches and interviews in the area.  He was returned safely to his mother.

Also, a 15-year-old schizophrenic patient was recovered after she broke free from restraints in an ambulance en route to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.  Thanks to a cooperative effort from the New Orleans Police Department Special Victim’s Division – Child Abuse Unit, Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, and Xavier University Police Department, the patient was located in New Orleans.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Fair praised Operation “Fresh Start,” in his press release, saying:

“I am very proud of the cooperative work done by all the agencies involved in safeguarding at risk children.”

U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Louisiana Scott Illing said in a statement:

“Our Office is proud to be a part of a robust MCU program that took root in New Orleans starting in 2016.”

He continued:

“This work is being done with our partners while our office still performs its critical USMS missions (judicial and witness security, managing federal prisoners, violent fugitives’ apprehension, sex offender investigations, and service of federal process).”

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