Mike Huckabee: A tragedy if the ‘birthplace of liberty’ became ‘the place where liberty also died’


PHILADELPHIA, PA Mike Huckabee stated Wednesday that it would be a shame if the city noted as the “birthplace of liberty” became “the place where liberty also died.”

Huckabee has long been a strong conservative commentator and contributor, having his own show on Fox Nation and regularly appearing on Fox News. 

He spoke last week with Shannon Bream and Bret Baier of Fox News as they covered the turmoil surrounding the election and addressed the voting issues in Philadelphia, specifically.

Becoming solemn, Huckabee explained there was a “tragedy” taking place in Philadelphia, with the city still counting votes days after the election; working under last-minute-legislation that seemed designed to delay and confuse election officials; and the pending waterfall of lawsuits that will be seen as state and local officials seem to be diverting from a fair election process.

“One of the things that would be a tragedy in Pennsylvania — Philadelphia was the birthplace of liberty. And if a lot of these votes, you know, sort of suddenly get found and they get counted days after the election, it would be a real shame if Philadelphia became the place where liberty also died.”

Huckabee also condemned the wildly inaccurate polling procedures.

“Look at the polling.  I mean, I think polling is now as obsolete as an eight-track tape and as worthless as a milk bucket under a bull. Let’s never hear about polling anymore. It’s worthless.

And all it did was cause some people to think ‘oh well there is no point in going to vote because it’s already a 10-point Biden lead or a 10-point Trump lead.’

“I think we have got to get to a place where we don’t depend upon very unscientific methods of polling that have proven to be horribly wrong both in 2016 and 2020.”

Before the election, Huckabee spoke with “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade, saying long voting lines aren’t such a bad thing. 

 Kilmeade asked:

“Thirty-six million people voted already, Governor Huckabee, and people think automatically that that’s good for Democrats. I think it’s good for America. What about you?”

Huckabee answered:

“Yeah, I think it is, too. It shows an extraordinary interest. When people are lined up to vote, it means that they really care.

They don’t drive by and say ‘ah, long line, forget about it.’ They get in that line and they wait an hour and a half and they cast their vote. It shows the passion of the American people.”

A large portion of the scenario to which Huckabee was referring in his polling comments were brought about by the treatment of Republican poll watchers in Philadelphia.

Corey Lewandowski, senior adviser to the Trump campaign, explained that Pennsylvania election officials were forcing poll watchers to stand more than 30 feet away from where ballots were being counted.  In some cases, the distance was more than 100 feet. 

On the Lou Dobbs Show on the Fox Business Network last night, Lewandowski explained the campaign’s complaints:

“We have seen poll watchers who’ve been unable to go and actually witness what’s taking place. They’re not able to see the ballots that are being opened. They’re not being able to verify the signatures.

“As a matter of fact, they’re being required to stand behind bike racks some 30 yards away, and the election officials here in Philadelphia are first saying it’s due to the integrity process and then after that they’re saying it’s due to the COVID restrictions in the city. 

“We know that the code restrictions here in the city require people to be six feet away, not bike racked 30 feet away. They’re trying to steal this election, so we came to Philadelphia today to declare a victory for Donald Trump and his campaign in the state of Pennsylvania.

“We are convinced that we have won this state. It should be in the win column for Donald Trump, and it puts us one step closer to seeing Donald Trump reelected as president of the United States.”

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BLM and Antifa fight over which group leads Philadelphia ‘protest’

October 30, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, PA – We already know that the Black Lives Matter and Antifa factions don’t know how to play nicely with people who go against their agendas.

Now it appears they can’t even play well with each other.

Apparently, the leadership on both sides broke out in disagreement in Philadelphia last Tuesday night over who would lead a protest. Following a skirmish, the two factions separated and went their own ways.

 Conservative reporter Savannah Hernandez tweeted:

“Current scene in Philadelphia where a couple hundred BLM/ANTIFA came to march for Walter Wallace. Inner fighting between the two groups resulted in the two marches splitting off.”

The battle led to the destruction of at least one Black Lives Matter flag by a person wearing the typical BLM protestor outfit of black bloc. The argument seemed to be have been sparked when an agreement couldn’t be reached regarding the direction the protesters should take.

Journalist Elijah Schaffer tweeted this take on the battle.

“PHILLY: black bloc anarchists, black lives matter, & socialists get into a fight over who should lead the protest and where to head.  They were actively pushing press back to prevent people from filming.”

The second night of demonstrations turned violent as BLM protesters turned their aggression onto patrolling police officers, striking them with numerous objects, even hitting one officer with a truck. They also looted stores and set fires.

Schaffer said protesters were also seen attempting to block the video recording.

The protesting came after two officers shot and killed an armed black man, Walter Wallace Jr. Video shot by a witness showed the officer-involved shooting in Philadelphia on Monday, October 26.

In the video captured on a cell phone, Wallace is seen approaching two police officers around a car and into a street. The officers ordered him repeatedly to drop the knife he was wielding.

The video shows Wallace refusing to comply and continuing to approach the retreating officers with the knife extended toward the police. Multiple shots ring out and Wallace falls to the ground.

Following the shots, a responding police officer loaded Wallace into a vehicle and drove him to the hospital, where he later died from his wounds.


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