Droney: How is Antifa getting away with it? They were already prepared with a Soros-backed army of lawyers (op-ed)


This editorial is brought to you by a former police chief and a current staff writer at Law Enforcement Today.

The Bernie bros—otherwise known as Antifa—are gearing up in the event President Trump wins re-election.

As we’ve already seen, all it took was a spark—in this case, the death of George Floyd—to give the far-left an excuse to tear stuff down. Many people wonder how these Antifa thugs keep getting away with murder…figuratively and literally.

Thank a group called the National Lawyers Guild.

After Trump’s initial win in 2016, the number of people signing on to the group skyrocketed, and people who are affiliated with the Sanders presidential campaign are predicting an explosion of street violence should the president win again, according to a commentary in The Tennessee Star from March.

The writer was clearly a prophet as we have seen since the Floyd death.

Antifa seems to riot with impunity. Clearly the far-left loons in Antifa are unafraid of legal consequences and it appears that the group had a legal team in place to handle whatever legal problems arose prior to these intense riots.

Initially, as the column states, it was thought that the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee would be a near carbon-copy of the infamous convention in Chicago in 1968, with numerous attacks on police. That was of course pre-Covid.

Now, Biden will barely leave his basement and the convention in Milwaukee is going to be pretty much a virtual event. And although Sanders was once again cut off at the knees by the Democratic establishment, Biden’s camp has embraced a number of Sanders’ far-left Socialist platform initiatives, enough to satiate the lunatic left of Antifa.

So, who exactly is the National Lawyers Guild? The group is made up of thousands of far-left lawyers, which are spread out among 150 chapters nationally. This number does not include over 100 student chapters.

And who might one think has his venom all over this group? None other than George Soros, along with the Ford Foundation.

The Star commentary notes that the Guild “explicitly and openly coordinates legal action and public relations in support of the Antifa movement.” So, despite ignoramus’s such as New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), claiming that Antifa does not exist, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In particular, one NLG chapter states on its website that NLG lawyers “understand that legal support is critical in the planning and aftermath of any action,” and “can usually mobilize NLG volunteer lawyers to handle initial court appearances, and…often continue to defend activists pro bono.”

Cloward and Piven…a strategy meaning “overwhelm the system, essentially creating a crisis. That is exactly what Antifa is doing.

Antifa websites prominently display NLG chapters’ contact details and telephone helplines, while also posting the same information on their social media pages. NLG attorneys also advertise their services on Antifa podcasts and blogs, such as “It’s Going Down.”

In fact, in 2018 during Antifa’s armed attack on a “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley, California, law enforcement officials said that 21 of the activists who had been arrested called NLG for help, with most of those who called admitting to being Antifa affiliated.

Do you want to know why Antifa has been emboldened? Do you want to know why Antifa’s extremist tactics and in-your-face violence continues? Blame the criminal justice system, which had (as of March) only seen two—that’s correct, two—Antifa thugs actually receiving prison time.

So, who is enabling these lunatics? A weak-kneed criminal justice system emasculated by far-left prosecutors put in place by George Soros, and NLG, which the Star piece refers to as “Antifa’s most important enablers.”

Is any of this a surprise? Absolutely not. When you see some of the leading law schools (with Columbia and Harvard immediately identifiable) pushing a far-left agenda with Marxist ideology, it is no wonder young lawyers are jumping on the Antifa bandwagon.

Just look at the two attorneys arrested in New York City for the firebombing of a NYPD vehicle for evidence of that ideology in action.

In fact, NLG doesn’t even try to hide its open embrace of Antifa, spouting Antifa talking points and slogans on their website and throughout the media. The two organizations are virtually tied at the hip as far as their far-left ideology and beliefs.

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Example: In 2017 NLG officials submitted an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle in which they stated how the group’s attorneys counseled Antifa members in order to save Americans from “fascists and white supremacists seek[ing] to take power in the streets and halls of government. They said that the American people “cannot depend on the government to meaningfully intervene and prevent the rise of fascism,” continuing that is “up to us.”

The NLG claimed that police cannot be relied upon to quell these alleged “takeover threats” because, according to them, the police have “sympathy toward the ideas being espoused at alt-right rallies,” therefore they are not an “effective solution.”

The NLG and Antifa are truly legends in their own mind. They believe as espoused in the op-ed that they are the white knights that will swoop in and save America.

If you don’t understand the connection between Antifa and Black Lives Matter, read on.

“People of color,” according to the guild’s lawyers, are “in vulnerable legal positions and “cannot participate in confrontations [with fascism] for their own safety.”

In other words, the lily-white Antifa movement allows people of color to “benefit from the risks taken by those with more privilege.”

Indeed, famed blogger Andy Ngo, who has documented the violence of Antifa repeatedly, has noted Antifa’s overly white makeup, as well as the overrepresentation among LGBTQs.

NLG is nothing new. They have a long and storied history going back to the 1940’s and 1950’s where members of the organization defended people such as Alger Hiss, Judith Socolov and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, in addition to members of the Communist Hollywood 10. At the time, the House Un-American Activities Committee labeled the group the “legal bulwark of the Communist Party.”

The group was a supporter of extremist movements such as the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, and the Puerto Rican Independence Movement. In other words, the NLG has a long history of throwing down with the revolution and today is no different.

The NLG is committed to Antifa’s anti-American program, including the groups use of terror tactics. When President Trump declared Antifa to be a terror organization, he was in the right ballpark, and perhaps he might want to take a look at NLG as well.

“Taking militant and confrontational direct action…are a crucial part of the fight against fascism.”

In addition, NLG credited Antifa for:

“…ensur[ing] that the virulent white nationalism sweeping the country is met with militant resistance,” as well as for “directly confront[ing] fascism by shutting down far-right demonstrations.”

When one sees what this group believes in and supports, it is disturbing. One would think that as legal scholars, they would have a grasp of and support matters such as the Bill of Rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

Many of these zealots could at some point in time be judges, government lawyers or lawmakers. As an example of that, current far-left whack job member of Congress, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is an NLG member. That is really all you need to know about where this could all lead.

What else has NLG been involved in? Here is a brief rundown:

NLG also likes to sue police, and in fact the group brags that it has been able to affect policing in Portland, Oregon where police in 2018 had a significantly “hands-off” approach on protests and as the group says “deploy[ed] significantly fewer crowd control weapons than the previous year.”

NLG is not alone in enabling Antifa’s terror campaign. A Los Angeles based group, By Any Means Necessary is a regular defender of Antifa, doing so on either a pro bono or low-cost basis.

In fact, that group successfully defended five Antifa members who were found not guilty by a Berkeley jury despite police witnessing them punching and kicking a 50-year-old man at a 2018 rally supporting President Trump. To add insult to injury, Antifa then distributed 100 leaflets throughout the victim’s neighborhood entitled, “Safety Alert: Fascist Living in Your Neighborhood.”

Yet another law firm, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher also provided pro bono legal representation to a protester accused in 2017 at an inauguration protest of committing a felony. Other legal groups have also represented Antifa.

While President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr have concerned themselves with Antifa, maybe they should take a long hard look at NLG. It’s legitimate to ask if Antifa would have the apparent power they still have had the NLG not been at their beck and call.

It is also worthwhile to ask exactly how these attorneys, who are supposedly well-versed in the Constitution and the rule of law became so radicalized? Clearly this is an indictment of our universities and law schools. This should concern anyone who believes in the founding documents and our country’s legal principles.

It is time to defund our universities, law schools, and more importantly Antifa. They are evil and a threat to our American way of life and must be taken seriously.

You hear that, Jerry Nadler?


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