Houston police officers save the lives of two women, yet the national media is all but silent


HOUSTON, TX – Once again, we get to share a story with you of law enforcement officers doing what they do best…saving lives.

And, once again, the mainstream media is silent, as heroic actions by officers do not fit the narrative, and all we get from the national outlets is static. 

On Sunday, officers with the Houston Police Department noticed a fire coming from a home in a neighborhood that they were driving through in northwest Houston. 

According to KPRC, the officers called the fire in to alert the Houston Fire Department of the situation.

And then they sprang into action. 

Finding the narrow street partially blocked by vehicles, the officers had to navigate their way to the home. Once there, the task at hand did not get any easier.

The windows and the doors all had theft-deterrent bars on them. Not only were there bars, but the front door had a locked deadbolt that the women did not have a key to. This slowed the officers down further, but they would not give up. 

Somehow, the officers were able to force entry into the burning building and bring the two occupants to safety. 

District Fire Chief Steve Dunbar said:

“They gave those two female occupants six minutes more of life, it was outstanding. Great team effort today, actually.”

One of the women inside the home said that she heard an explosion that woke her up. She came out to find the back of the house on fire. 

Arson investigators were on the scene but have not released any details of their findings. 

Along with the two women, one of which was in her 90’s, the officers were able to rescue the women’s pets.

But the likelihood of the mainstream media sharing these types of stories is slim to none. We have almost come to understand that these types of heroics typically only scratch the surface of local broadcasts programming.

We shared a few other stories like this one with you last month.  

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Two officers ambushed and murdered while responding to a disturbance call

KNOB NOSTER, MO – A Corporal with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office rescued a young girl from drowning in a pond. Corporal Nicole Collins saw the child struggling in the water, and she went in to get her. The entire ordeal was captured on Collins’ body camera. 

The 2-year-old girl, who had wandered away from her parents, was stuck in the mud with water up to her neck.  

“It’s just instinct that comes back to us. Also having kids myself, your natural instinct is to save them, no matter what,” Collins said.

She had been reported missing 20 minutes earlier. Neighbors and deputies formed a search party in that short amount of time, and when Collins saw a pond that hadn’t been checked, she made her way over.

After finding the toddler, she can be heard talking to her on the footage obtained from her camera. 

“Can you walk to me? Oh, you’re stuck? OK. I’m gonna come.”

And that is exactly what Cpl. Collins did. She went in after her. 

“I swam just a little bit, and then, my feet, my boots were stuck in the mud. I had to use my hands to pull my knees up out of it a couple times. So, I know she was real stuck,” Collins said.

The girl only suffered a few scratches and bruises from the incident. She told Collins she ended up at the pond because she wanted to go for a swim.

“The little girl stayed strong. She was talking about her boo boos, but her mom was tearful and thankful to have her back,” Collins said. “They get away real quick at that age. Some of them don’t have that fear that saves older kids and adults.”

Collins has been with the sheriff’s office for four years and is a field-training officer. Her actions drew the praise of fellow deputies, as well as Sheriff Scott Munsterman.

“It’s an outstanding outcome to a potentially tragic event,” Munsterman said.

This story was captured only by local and small affiliates from other parts of the country, like News Channel Nebraska.

Mainstream media…silence. 

But that is the MO of the MSM: 

Oh, a cop did something for someone and it was heroic? That’s their job, why talk about it. Who cares? 

But God forbid a cop does their job by the book, but the MSM finds a way to advance a narrative. It becomes national news. 

Look no further than what is happening in Atlanta, Georgia with former Officer Garrett Rolfe. 

Meanwhile, less than two weeks ago, two officers in Pomona, California rushed into a burning home to rescue a bedridden elderly woman. And once again, crickets. 

Just cops doing what they get paid to do, nothing worth mentioning here.

Here at Law Enforcement Today, we understand that cops doing heroic things is part of the job description. But that doesn’t make it any less heroic. And we feel that it is well worth talking about. 

The Pomona Police Department received a call regarding a house fire. Officers arrived at the scene prior to Los Angeles County fire fighters. They discovered that everyone had been cleared of the home, with the exception of the woman confined to her bed. 

“Officers arrived on scene and observed the kitchen area of the residence fully engulfed,” Lt. Brian Hagerty said. “Officer F. Salgado and Officer J. Gomez were able to rush inside and carry the elderly female to safety.” 

The story made the local news, and did get mentioned on Breitbart’s website, but didn’t receive much attention otherwise. Even the story on their own Facebook page drew little interest. 

In a city of over 150,000 people, the post currently has 89 likes, 15 comments and 8 shares. 

Some of those 15 comments:  

“Way to go officers Homes [Gomez] and Salgado! Where would that family be without You! God bless you.”

“Job well done, May God protect you all, please know how very important you are to all of us!!”

“Wonderful Officers doing wonderful work!! Thank you for everything that you do!!”

“Thank You! We appreciate You very much. Take good care.”

“Without regard for their own safety, these selfless officers risked their lives to save a stranger! Our Pomona PD – the Best of the Best!”


None of the comments were negative, which is somewhat surprising considering today’s climate and the amount of verbal abuse being thrown at law enforcement from members of the public as well as from the media. All of the comments were appropriate, but should be what cops hear more of everyday. These types of things should be shouted from the rooftops.

Members of law enforcement are taking a beating, literally and figuratively. Most of our readers are currently cops, were cops or are related to cops. Doesn’t matter what you r background is. If you are reading this, we encourage you to take the time to speak to every member of law enforcement that you can today. Tell them you appreciate them. Tell them you love them. Pray over them. Just let them know you have their backs.  

My heart swelled with joy last night. There were four officers in our town who were standing outside the front door of our Sam’s Club. One of them was on his cell, the other three talking to one another. 

My 7-year-old, unprompted, walked up to them and simply said, “Thank you for being police and helping keep people safe.”

They all stopped what they were doing. The officer on his phone, visibly moved by the comment, said, “I have to go,” and hung up his phone. He walked up to my son, gave him a gloved fist-bump and said, “Thanks buddy. We really needed to hear that today.” 

My son, simply smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

We went inside. My son looked at me and said, “Daddy, did you see that? I made those policemen smile. That makes my heart happy.”

Yeah, it made me happy too. 


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