Houston Police Officer Extends Act of Mercy


HOUSTON – A Houston police officer extends a gracious act of mercy. Her kind gesture of humanity will go largely unnoticed, but we applaud her compassion.

Yet thankfully, the Texas police officer is being commended after she replaced a sick man’s groceries and medication that had just been stolen in a Walmart parking lot.

Officer Kirsten Koryciak, of the Houston Police Department, said that the man, who was approximately between 50 and 60 years old, had some sort of diabetic episode outside the superstore on Tuesday and collapsed, reported Fox News.

Once emergency medical services provided aid to the man, he realized his groceries had been stolen. The man entered Walmart to see what the store could do, and told Koryciak, who was working as a security guard for additional income, what had occurred.

Houston police officer extends
Officer Kirsten Koryciak of the Houston Police Department speaks to the press following her gracious act of mercy.
(Screenshot Fox News)

Koryciak had a special appreciation for the tribulations experienced by the man. She told reporters Wednesday that she understood what he experienced because her father is diabetic. Moreover, she believed the man was on a fixed income and couldn’t afford to repurchase more food. As a result, she stepped up to the plate.

“I offered to buy his groceries to get him some food because he was diabetic and I know that he needed to eat,” the officer said.

Koryciak said she bought around $25 worth of vegetables, oatmeal, medication and “essential items” for the diabetic man.

The officer said she “didn’t think twice” about the gesture, and that she “would do it again in a heartbeat” — not for publicity, but to “pay it forward.”

Koryciak added that while people often now simply film or watch a situation rather than jump in themselves to help, she encouraged people to step forward.

“If you see somebody being mistreated, or somebody being taken advantage of, say something.”

Well said!

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