“Alex, let’s go with “How’d He Become Police Chief for Five Hundred”.”

It’s the kind of statement that make us scratch our head and wonder how this guy got the job.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has eluded to the idea that members of the police community are “Nazis.” 



Is he using the same old lame talking points that anything not left-wing liberal is a Nazi?  Or is he referring to police officers in general?  Either way, those are dangerous words from Houston’s top cop.

It was only a few weeks ago that Art Acevedo publicly threw Houston Police Union spokesman Joe Gamaldi under the bus for being too aggressive and wanted to soften the impact of his words. 

Houston police officers

(HPD Facebook)


Gamaldi, in a stirring speech, put the community on notice.   

“We are sick and tired of having targets on our back,” Gamaldi said. “We are sick and tired of having dirtbags trying to take our lives when all we’re trying to do is protect this community and protect our families.”

Gamaldi said while they live in “the greatest city in the world”, there are some who are fostering resentment against police in Houston.

“Enough is enough. If you’re the ones out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, well just know we’ve all got your number now,” Gamaldi said. “We’re going to be keeping track on all of y’all, and we’re going to make sure to hold you accountable every time you stir the pot on our police officers.”

Within 12 hours of Gamaldi’s press conference, Chief Acevedo tamped down and threw water on the spokesman’s words, apologizing and indicating that he didn’t agree with the strong statements.

His latest mainstream error and disrespectful incident towards his fellow law enforcement officers was brought to light when commenting on an immigration story. 

An 11-year-old El Salvadorian girl was potentially going to be deported due to a paperwork error, and the media jumped on the story and connected the dots incorrectly.  It was reported that the girl would be deported alone – without her family. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement


The girl was not deported – not alone or with her family.  Chief Acevedo was asked about the situation in an interview.

Houston’s KPRC Radio noted Acevedo’s words:

“Yep. The Nazis enforced their laws as well. You don’t separate children from their families! Ever! You’d have to kill me to take my child from me simply because I was trying to get them to a better place for a better tomorrow. I am glad to be on the right side of history.”

People in the law enforcement community, whether it be in municipal officers, county deputies, state troopers, border patrol and customs enforcement, TSA, or federal agencies follow an unwritten code that you don’t talk trash on your fellow officers when they’re doing their job, and you certainly don’t throw them under the bus. 

In this case, Acevedo chose to take the screaming leftist liberal approach and compare border patrol agents to Nazis.  The word Nazi seems to be the go-to term when hurling insults and disrespect toward your enemies. 

It also has an amazingly chilling effect and connotation when aimed at a person or group.  It’s calling them the most horrible of the horrible, indicating they’re like the man and his troops who murdered millions of Jews. 

I can’t think of anything more hateful or divisive.  Or more unprofessional for a police chief to say about other law enforcement officers.

There’s another factor to all of this that is near and dear to my heart.  I’m a Texas native.  Specifically, Brazoria County, just south of Houston. 

After trying in the military to explain to people where West Columbia or Lake Jackson were, I’d just concede and say I was from “the Houston area.” 

I was raised with a lot of friends who joined law enforcement.  Many more friends from the military joined law enforcement after they separated or retired.  I have a ton of friends in law enforcement in the Houston area.  I’ve spent days and weeks in Houston over the years.

Art Acevedo is originally from California.  I don’t mean any disrespect to our California friends and officers, but the majority of your political ideas and methods are pretty screwed up. 

In fact, the majority of everything that state does, from people programs to taxes to restrictions on car engines, is screwed up. 

Acevedo got his start in California, and like many Californians, ended up in Austin, Texas and screwed that fine city up.  Most native Texans don’t even want to go near Austin anymore – and that’s sad, because the heritage, culture, and music there used to be incredible.

Californians have a nasty habit that is showing up in many areas – Austin, Dallas, Montana, Northern Idaho, Colorado – places that were independent, wild, and fun – and productive.  Californians then swoop in, buy property, drive up property values and taxes, work themselves into city council and land commissioner positions – and they flat out ruin what was a nice area by invoking their screwed up California policies and procedures in that new frontier.

Locust Effect


In Texas, and in many areas, we call it the “locust effect.”  Locusts swarm a productive crop and decimate it, and then move on.  The crop and land are ruined and won’t produce again for many years.

Art Acevedo is the Chief Locust.  He left California, ruined Austin, and now he’s ruining Houston. 

Officers are fleeing the city in masses.  What was a glorious city, home to thousands of petrochemical jobs, a thriving port, the World Series-winning Astros and the Houston Texans, as well as the largest interstate road in the world, is becoming a third world country of daily gang shootings, murders, and major drug trafficking. 

Houston doesn’t need any more locusts.  It needs a police chief who will support his people and all of law enforcement.

Don’t California our Texas.