House “Squad” members’ “BREATHE Act” is the most radical piece of legislation yet (Op-Ed)


WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Marxist wing of the Democrat party—although these days it’s difficult to tell the difference—are going full hard-left.

Led by leftist loons Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA)., the so-called “BREATHE Act” (gotta give lefties credit for cute acronyms) contains literally one radical proposal on top of another, including a plan which would incentivize states to expand voting access, including allowing “local and state resident voting for undocumented people.”

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

The radical proposal was developed in conjunction with the Movement for Black Lives, which is the fundraising arm for Black Lives Matter, another Marxist-leaning organization.

Among the items on their platform are reparations for slavery, divesting of money from policing and into black communities, and most disturbing, “a remaking of the current U.S. political system.”

In other words, they want a fundamental transformation of the United States. Sounds about right in line with the Democrats.

One part of the proposal dedicates a section to ensuring “democratic, fair and secure voting processes that are free from racial discrimination and voter suppression in every State.”

Among those proposals is one that includes “enfranchising all formerly and presently incarcerated people in federal elections,” “creating a public financing program for campaigns that are powered by small dollar contributions,” “incentivizing states to increase voter turnout,” and “incentivizing States to pass laws that expand voting access.”

In other words, Democrats want to be able to steal future elections.

Included in the bill which would allow past and present incarcerated persons to vote, they also are calling for laws “allowing local and State resident voting for undocumented people.”

In other words, with the exception of federal elections, the far-left Democrats are asking for illegal aliens to be able to participate in our electoral process for offices such as governor, state representatives, city councils and mayors.

What about free college? Illegals would qualify for “full and free access” to a “lifetime of education for undocumented people,” as well as a jobs program that would specifically target “the most economically disadvantaged individuals, including groups that disproportionately include Black-cis-and trans women, formerly incarcerated people, undocumented people, and disabled people.”

Of course, Democrats love them some open borders so not only do they want to allow illegals that are already in-country to vote, they want open borders by removing federal laws that criminalize illegal entry to the United States, along with a complete dismantling of ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Tlaib said, with a straight face that, “we can start to envision through this bill a new version for public safety—a new vision for public safety, one that protects and affirms black lives,” she said on Tuesday.

Former Democrat turned Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) told Fox News that this type of bill is exactly what drove him away from the Democratic Party.

“This is why I left. I couldn’t do it anymore,” Van Drew told Fox & Friends.

“They are lurching to the left, they are redefining America in a bad way,” Van Drew said, after winning a primary challenge for his seat.

Van Drew, who left the Democrat party over a disagreement over the impeachment of President Trump noted that the Democratic Party is no longer the same party it was when he started out in politics.

“The real bottom line is going to be, are we going to be a strong America with a strong military, with a strong education with strong production, with strong manufacturing? Are we going to be the America that we know and love and even want to attain more and do more and be better?” Van Drew asked.

“Or, are we going to be an America that, in essences, is going to fall apart, become weak, become dependent on others? We need a real supply chain…This is not the party of your parents, it’s not the party even that I started. This is a much different Democratic Party.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Pressley and Tlaib were to announce the bill via a Zoom call, however fortunately for America Pressley was unable to speak due to technical issues. Unfortunately for America, Tlaib’s did work and we were subjected to her Marxist propaganda.

The New York Post reported that it was not believed the bill would pass the Democrat-led House, which in fact is surprising given the hard left turn Democrats have taken in the past few months, refusing even to condemn the violent protests that have destroyed property and taken lives across the country.

The portion of the bill that calls for defunding police has not been embraced even by Democrats, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying recently that it was a “local decision” to reallocate police funds. President Trump has called such proposals “ludicrous” as the practice has been implemented in cities such as New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

The Act would eliminate federal programs such as Edward Byrne-Justice Assistance Grants, which have been widely used by police agencies across the country to purchase items such as ballistic vests for police officers. The bill would also eliminate Community Policing Services, as well as the DEA. For the latter, as well as ICE and CBP, it would retain “non-punitive” elements of each agency.

The bill would also prohibit “the use of electronic monitoring, including ankle monitors” and would also make “recommendations to dramatically reduce the Department of Defense Budget.”

The bill would give states a 50 percent federal match of local savings from shutting down jails and prisons and would incentivize states to shut down “gang databases.”

If you have not figured it out yet, Democrats have clearly thrown down with the criminal element in our society, while coming out strongly against law and order. They apparently love the idea of chaos in our streets.

As if the above wasn’t crazy enough, the reparations element of the bill contains two parts. One portion includes the Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

A secondary reparations program would be in honor of—wait for it—Michael Brown, the Ferguson, MO., criminal who was shot by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer as the officer was being assaulted and Brown was trying to steal his gun. As we said, Democrats love them some criminals.

Brown’s mother was of course thrilled by the reparations portion being named after her son. After all, Democrats hold criminals in such high esteem that they give their families folded American flags and endorse riots held in their behalf.

According to Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden, the bill “will provide reparations for survivors of law enforcement violence, and the families of people killed by the police and the carceral system,” she said.

“We know that the majority of the cases do not generate significant media exposure or public support. And those families may struggle to pay legal fees, access affordable mental health counseling, or even meet basic needs.”

It is not known if the Democrats have proposed a mirror bill that would give reparations to families of police officers murdered in the performance of their duties. We will not hold our breath waiting.

“We demand that our Freedom Summer [in most circles it should be called Riot Summer] be met with civil rights legislation for a 21st century black movement, and that’s the BREATHE act,” said Jessica Byrd, an activist with the Movement for Black Lives. “We’ve proven that what seems impossible today is doable tomorrow.”

Get ready America. If Biden wins and the Democrats gain control of the Senate, radical legislation like this will only be the beginning.

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