Horror: Brazen criminal violently mugs 85-year-old Chicago woman outside her home, in broad daylight.


CHICAGO, IL – An unsettling video has surfaced from Chicago, showcasing an 85-year-old woman getting mugged outside her home. As if gang-related violence and shootings weren’t enough to worry about in the Windy City, now add crimes against the elderly to the list of things to worry about.

The disturbing crime occurred on August 25 at around 10:30 a.m., right outside the victim’s parking garage entrance to her condominium at 158 E. Grand Ave.

As the elderly woman was making her way through the entryway, the suspect snuck up behind her and yanked her violently to the ground while trying to snatch her purse.

The video shows the victim fall to the ground, striking her head on the pavement. It shows her lying there motionless for a moment, and then begin to move her hand.

Witnesses nearby say that the suspect in the video was accompanied by two other people.

The condition of the elderly victim is unknown as of this time, but she was reportedly taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after the attack.

As for the suspect, police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the man behind the violent mugging.

Horror: Brazen criminal violently mugs 85-year-old Chicago woman outside her home, in broad daylight.
Suspect in mugging of 85-year-old woman – Chicago Police Department

He appears to be a black male, wearing a red baseball cap, white shoes, white-striped black track pants, and a gray and black windbreaker at the time of the crime.

Anyone with information on the suspect’s identity or whereabouts is asked to please call Area Three detectives at (312) 744-8263.

A similarly disturbing case from Lancaster, California has ended sadly with the death of the elderly victim.

Over a month after a brutal beating and robbery inside a grocery store bathroom, an 80-year-old man has since passed away due to complications stemming from his sustained injuries, according to reports.

The suspect arrested for the July attack could now be facing upgraded charges as a result.

Roberto Flores Lopez died on August 19 as a result of injuries he suffered from an attack inside a grocery store bathroom on July 8. The elderly man leaves behind his wife, three children, 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Cecilia Ramirez, one of Lopez’s children, stated the following about her father’s passing:

“My dad didn’t deserve this. My dad was a good man doing what everybody does every day. My dad was a giving, kind-hearted man and would never hurt anybody.”

The man said to be behind the attack is 22-year-old Damaris Wade, who was arrested on July 11 for the attack. According to a GoFundMe page established after the brutal attack, Lopez was said to have suffered five broken ribs, a broken eye socket and several facial fractures.

Lopez was first released from the hospital on July 20, but the sustained injuries became aggravated. He was readmitted to the hospital, where he later died as a result of the physical trauma he suffered.  

Police had also originally arrested 33-year-old Tamika White in connection with the robbery and attack, but all charges against White were later dropped.

After the July 11 arrest, Wade was charged with attempted murder, elder abuse with infliction of injury and second-degree robbery. According to a press release from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Wade allegedly brutally attacked Lopez inside a grocery store bathroom and then stole his wallet after the beating.

Police records indicate that Wade was previously convicted for robbery back in 2016. Based upon the above charges alone – even if not amended in light of current circumstances – Wade could be facing up to 25 years to life in prison.

Miguel S. Coronado, a spokesperson for the deceased victim’s family, stated the following about the horrendous crime:

“We condemn this violence. This will not be tolerated. We’re angry. We’re hurt. We’re upset. And we’re calling on anybody that is doing this against our people, or any people for that matter, that you will be caught. And you’ll be prosecuted.”

Coronado further stated that the family will rally behind local authorities to ensure that justice is sought and achieved in this horrible murder:

“We will support the LAPD, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to make sure that you are brought to justice, if you are hurting any human being and you leave them for dead.”

As of this time, the DA’s Office has not yet commented on whether charges will be upgraded against Wade.

In the meantime in New York City, police there are also looking for a violent criminal after a brazen attack.

NEW YORK CITY, NY- For months, crime rates in New York City have soared, causing a mass exodus of its residents. The crimes are becoming more and more blatant and more and more violent. 

On Tuesday morning, August 25th, Police say a woman who was walking to work, was beaten so badly she needed to be placed in a medically induced coma, and was sexually assaulted right on out on the sidewalk. 

 According to the New York Daily News, surveillance footage shows the perpetrator creeping up behind the woman in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, and then brutally beating her while trying to remove her pants.

The attacker is described as full beard and wore a yellow hoodie, dark pants, and red sneakers. The man was last seen fleeing down Division Avenue in Brooklyn toward Keap Street. Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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This is not the first time an innocent person has fallen victim to violence on the streets of New York recently. Law Enforcment Today brought you a story last week of a retired Police Detective that was nearly beaten to death.

NEW YORK, NY – Welcome to Mayor de Blasio’s New York City, where you can almost kill a man and not land in jail.

At 9:10 A.M. on August 11, Masterjardin Roman was panhandling outside a deli on 39th street in Manhattan. An interesting occupation for him, since it depends on the goodwill of kind-hearted strangers. 

A 56 year old retired detective saw Roman and asked him to stop panhandling.

Police say that’s when Roman then struck the retired officer in the head with a bottle (video below).

A fight ensued, during which Roman tackled the officer to the ground, punched him in the face sixteen times, walked away, then came back and kicked him in the head.

The former detective didn’t land any punches, was briefly knocked unconscious, and only barely managed to hold Roman at arm’s length for part of the beating.

As disgusting as it was to watch Roman’s attack on the detective, a friend of Roman’s stood idly by, offering no help.

He didn’t try to stop his friend, and even gave a congratulatory fist bump to Roman as the detective tried to stagger to his feet. That was disgusting also, perhaps worse.

What it showed was explicit approval of what Roman had done and was a tacit acknowledgement of their own perceived superiority over the people of New York.

They might be homeless, but they are so much better than the rest of us that they can assault anyone they feel like with casual impunity.

The former detective was taken to Mount Sinai, Morningside. He had bruises, cuts, and a possible skull fracture.

Roman was arrested two days later. He was carrying a machete in his backpack. He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. He was then given a desk appearance ticket (DAT) to appear in court later.

Roman, a homeless man, has been told that if he fails to appear in court, an arrest warrant may be issued. If he decides to take a bus to Milwaukee, how will he be arrested? He has no fixed address. Does this make sense to anyone other than the utterly foolish Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio?

A few months after presiding over bail reform measures in New York City, de Blasio could be found painting anarchist graffiti on the street outside Trump Tower on behalf of the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

It was a ridiculous stunt intended to curry favor with the very group that has inspired violent riots throughout Democrat-run cities in the United States, including New York.

The bail reform measures are serious because they allow apprehended criminals to re-offend by releasing them back into law-abiding society. According to the NYPD, after bail reform measures went into effect, criminals have been re-offending at higher rates than in previous years.

Worse, re-offenses in the “7 majors” class of serious felonies were not only more numerous but were elevated well above levels for lesser offenses. So far this year, 34.5% of re-arrests were for 7 majors crimes.

For the corresponding time period in 2019, only 16.8% of re-arrests were for 7 majors crimes. At the same time, there was a 35.1% drop in the number of overall arrests, possibly due to other “criminal justice reform” measures that made it more difficult to arrest or charge suspects. 

Arrestees given DATs, were re-arrested 14.2% at least once after being given the DAT, vs. 9.9% last year. For 7 majors crimes, the picture is worse: 27% of 2020 DAT re-arrests were for 7 majors crimes, in contrast to 11.9% last year. Overall, arrestees given DATs in 2020 have higher failure to appear rate than in previous years.

Even de Blasio acknowledges that bail reform has been a serious problem.

“We had, for six years, steady decreases in crime across the board. There’s not a whole lot of other environmental things that have changed recently.”

He added:

“It sort of stands out like a sore thumb that this is the single biggest new thing in the equation and we saw an extraordinary jump.”

Way to go de Blasio! 

The new bail reform laws prevent judges from setting bail for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies.

 Instead of bail, arrestees are given DATs, which then puts them in the position of deciding whether they will appear in court to be charged, sentenced, and then sent to prison.

In the case of model citizen Masterjardin Roman, he may reason that he has very little to lose by not showing up. Why risk 3-10 years in prison (depending on how he is charged), when he could just hoof it across a bridge and disappear to re-offend somewhere else?

Treating violent criminals like nice little old ladies or boy scouts may warm the hearts of the liberals who pushed this legislation, but it makes other hearts run cold as the death toll mounts.

“Criminal justice reform” should not mean, “get out of jail free”. 

Masterjardin Roman did a despicable thing. The city that let him go also did a despicable thing.

The well-intentioned legislature that wrote and passed the law did a despicable thing. It needs to be corrected.

After all, who is the more valuable citizen, the person who mercilessly assaults a retired police detective or the police detective? The law-abiding citizens of New York City cannot afford to value the murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals among them more highly than themselves.

That is what bail reform has done. It has made criminality ascendant over law and order.

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