Honoring the Fallen – Police Week 2018

Police Week 2018 is fast approaching. As we rekindle memories of friends and partners who lost their life in the line of duty, we also need to acknowledge those who’ve been “listed in critical condition,” yet somehow managed to survive.

The law enforcement community is filled with volunteers who’ve opened their hearts to help wounded officers. Moreover, there are so many others who make contributions to honor those who’ve sacrificed their life to benefit humanity as well.

One of those people is Rose Borisow at GrafX.

Law Enforcement Today contributor Patrick Sharkey writes the In Memoriam piece for every officer who suffers a line of duty death, and Rose uses her graphic artistry that accompanies the tributes. Not only that, but Rose charitably provides her graphic creations to countless LEO friendly media outlets for publication.

LET is simply one of her beneficiaries.

As a result, LET would kindly ask you to consider purchasing the image pictured below on a shirt, honoring the fallen for Police Week 2018. In doing so, you will help support a great cause.

Rose, who is a fellow officer, created the graphics for these shirts. She has donated thousands of hours over the years creating designs that you have probably seen everywhere. The proceeds will go toward her costs of sending these tributes to the LODD survivors and departments.

To learn more click here, or go to go to Bonfire and search “Police Week 2018.”


Police Week 2018

(Graphics courtesy Rose Borisow)

Finally, on behalf of Rose Borisow, we thank you!

– LET Staff