A homeowner in North Carolina said he was ‘humiliated’ when police handcuffed him and detained him in his underwear after an in-house burglar alarm was accidentally tripped, according to USA today. 

A video posted to Facebook shows the sequence of events as police arrived at what they thought was a potential break in. 

Authorities say that Kazeem Oyeneyin was home on August 17 when police showed up to his door. They had received notice of a tripped alarm that had been going off for some time, enough to make officers concerned that it was not a mistake.

When officers arrived at the scene and made entry in the home, Oyeneyin began getting upset, filming the encounter.

“Police!” an officer shouts, opening the door. “If you’re inside, make yourself known!”

“Yeah, I’m inside,” Oyeneyin replied.

“You got a firearm in your hand?” the officer can be heard saying in the video. Oyeneyin reportedly has a license to carry and often does due to his line of work as a hip-hop promoter. Something clunks in the background as the homeowner apparently drops the gun. 

He walks down the stairs, protesting with the officer that he was in his underwear and that he didn’t do anything. Eventually he complies, goes to his knees and is taken into custody. 

“I’m just trying to figure out who you are and whether or not you’re supposed to be here,” the officer says to Oyeneyin.

“Do you live here?” the officers asked. “Do you have an ID?”

He was then handcuffed and brought out to the cruiser.

Oyeneyin said that a friend who had stayed the night had accidentally tripped the alarm and that he had shut it off and gone back to bed. Police showed up shortly afterward, catching him in his underwear. Eventually they were able to confirm that he was, in fact, the homeowner and that the alarm had been an accident.

“While the cop was trying to put me in the car, I’m screaming like, ‘Yo!’ because I want my neighbors to come out and tell them that I live there,” Oyeneyin told ABC News. “So, the neighbors are just looking through the windows and I’m just humiliated. Nobody wants to say nothing. Everybody’s just looking.”

The officers said that the burglar alarm had been going off for “quite some time” and that typically that meant walking into a potentially dangerous situation.

“In our experience, the homeowner turns off the burglar alarm if they’re there,” the officer said. “When we get to a burglar alarm and the door’s open and it’s been 15 or so minutes the burglar alarm’s been going off, that’s very unusual. It usually means that there’s a burglar inside when we contact somebody, especially if that somebody has a gun.”

Oyeneyin said that race may have been an issue, but he hoped otherwise.

“Being black could definitely be one the issues, the problem. I hope it’s not. But if that’s what it is, it needs to be resolved.”

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Homeowner 'humiliated' after being wrongly detained in his underwear


We’ve got a few questions before everyone starts flipping out at the cops who responded to the scene.

Why was the alarm going off for so long? (Those things are usually pretty damn loud.)

Why was the homeowner holding the gun in his hand after police made their presence known? Carrying is one thing, yes, but he was allegedly holding the gun while police were trying to sort out the issue.

(Watch the video of the incident below)

Posted by Kerwin Pittman on Thursday, August 22, 2019


In the video, the officer can be seen holding his service weapon, but keeps it pointed low the entire time. He is simply requesting that the unidentified man cooperate until they can figure out what is happening. 

In the alternative, do we just not want police to do their jobs anymore? Should they ignore these calls because they might be the next ‘racist cop’?

Did these cops do the right thing? We want to hear from you!


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