Home Alone? Police say Arizona mom left infant home alone to go drinking, then got busted for a DUI.


MESA, AZ – Last Thursday, Mesa police started receiving calls regarding a possible drunk driver.

These calls started a little before 2:30 pm. Arriving in the area of Gilbert and Baseline Roads, law enforcement spotted and subsequently stopped 23-year-old Clare Margaret Meacham on suspicion of driving under the influence.

As the young woman was being placed in handcuffs, she informed officers that she may have left her 5-month-old at home while she went out to have some fun.

Wait. Read that again.

“May have?” For the sake of the child’s safety, you really need to know for sure where your child is at all times.

Police drove the nearly 13 miles from where they apprehended Meacham to her residence near East Ray and Signal Butte Roads. Upon their arrival, officers heard the sound of a baby crying inside. They entered the home, finding the infant alone, but thankfully unharmed.

The New York Post reported that the baby’s cries were frantic.

“Police drove to Meacham’s home in east Mesa –and were able to hear the infant’s frantic cries from outside the house.”



Checking the doorbell video system. police discovered that Meacham left the home around 12:45 pm, nearly two full hours before they were able to find the child and get her to safety.

The single mom of one told investigators that she remembers putting her child into a crib but could not recall anything that happened between that time and when she was pulled over for drunk driving.

Meacham lives alone with her baby. The only other person with access to the residence is her mother.

Police took custody of the baby, getting Department of Child Safety involved. They maintained control of the child until a family member was able to come pick them up. It is believed that Meacham’s mother took custody of the child.

Court documents revealed that Meacham does not appear to have attempted to contact anyone to watch her child.

Meacham, who can be seen looking drunk and happy in her mugshot photo, has been charged with both driving under the influence and child abuse.

It is unclear whether the reported lapse of memory and recall was a result of drinking throughout the day or part of a mental health episode, or if this is a case of complete negligence. Record searches by Law Enforcement Today did not result in previous arrests for the 23-year-old woman.

Also unknown is if this is the only time that alcohol played part in Meacham putting her child in danger.

Law Enforcement Today will continue to follow this case as well as trying to track down the arrest record for Meacham. We will provide more details as they become available.

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