Law Enforcement Today (LET) produced an article taking jabs at Hollywood to “get it right” regarding the perception of police officers in movies and TV.

LET Radio Show Host John “Jay” Wiley had more comments worthy of consideration. His insight follows:

Most police can’t afford to live in luxurious apartments, condos or converted warehouses. The majority live in regular communities, just like yours. On a real police salary, even single cops can’t afford expensive housing.

Most police can’t afford expensive high performance vehicles, for the same reasons listed in the housing description.

All police don’t drink a fifth of whiskey or a case of beer each night. You might be surprised to find out that many drink alcohol in moderation, or don’t drink alcohol at all. While we’re on this topic, the Hollywood depiction of the drunken, hung-over cop that has to be repeatedly awakened by his partner and driven to work, with the blessings and blind-eye of their commanding officers is far from the truth. In this day of frequent negative retention law suits, almost no commanding officer will willingly put their family’s financial security on the line to cover for drunken officers!

Yes many people love a man or woman in uniform, but contrary to the Hollywood stereotype, most cops don’t sleep with a different sexual partner every night. Yes, there are groupies, but you might be shocked to find out that many police live in faithful long term monogamous relationships and are devoted to their families.

It takes more than a couple hours or days to recover from a gunshot wound. Even through and through gunshot wounds require more than a bandage. And in real life we aren’t able to continue working our way through the injury.

In the heat of battle, whether it be a gun fight, or physical fight, we are too winded to come up with some short, sarcastic, funny line. Truth is most of the time, due to adrenaline and physical exhaustion we aren’t able to talk at all.