Hollywood “D” list “celebrities” mock the First Lady: Melania Trump ‘pretty sexy lying a-hole complicit pig’


The following editorial is written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA- Liberals like to claim that conservatives are hateful and mean-spirited. And granted, there are likely a few “low-level” conservatives that may fit that mold.

However, if you want vile, hateful, and mean-spirited, look no further than the no longer relevant D-list Hollywood hacks who pollute the Twitterverse.

The latest target of their bile is first lady Melania Trump, whose only “crime” is being married to Donald Trump.

If people of self-importance like these vile beings had dared to speak in such a manner of Michelle Obama, first of all Twitter would have given them a lifetime ban.

And secondly, the likes of CNN, MSNBC and all the other Democratic state-run media would have gone on a feeding frenzy. But this is the wife of President Trump, and the silence is deafening.

Mrs. Trump gave a classy speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night, and unlike Michelle Obama last week, didn’t use it as an opportunity to stoop to the lowest levels of class and decorum that one might expect of a first lady.

Breitbart News said that after Melania’s speech, so-called “stars” (and honestly, aside from having never heard of many of them, none of them could be by any stretch of the imagination be referred to as “stars) took to social media and spew their retched garbage.


Bette Midler, whose claim to “fame” was a song called “The Rose” and who hasn’t been relevant for going on three decades (not that she ever was) took a shot at Mrs. Trump’s #beBest initiative, while at the same time exposing here true xenophobia by mocking Mrs. Trump’s command of the English language, saying “Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

It should be noted that Mrs. Trump is a naturalized citizen, unlike the people Midler and her ilk want to allow to come into and remain in the country unchecked, and she is also fluent in several languages.

Then there was so-called “comedian” Sarah Silverman, whose greatest claim to “fame” was once being married to Jimmy Kimmel (where is HE these days by the way?). Silverman, who really has ZERO room to talk said in a tweet, ‘I have to admit Melania is a pretty sexy lying asshole complicit pig.” This by the way from a 50-year-old woman. Class act right there.

Next up was some actor named Adam Scott (never heard of her) who took a shot at claims from 2016 that Melania Trump had plagiarized a speech by Obama, “I don’t remember this Michelle Obama speech.” That’s ok, we don’t remember being interested in your opinion about anything.

Then there’s some guy named Jeffrey Wright (again, somebody nobody knows) commenting about cherry trees and the Rose Garden and some other babbling tripe. Perhaps he should put down the bong before he tweets. Only problem is they were apparently crabapple trees, not cherry trees. 

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Then, we have Michael Rappaport, whose claim to fame was being turned into a drooling mass of brainless goo in Prison Break, which required ZERO acting talent since he was playing himself.

Ever a “class act,” Rappaport apparently yelled at his TV that Melania was a “fucking loser” who “ruined” the Rose Garden. Someone should let Rappaport know that there is medication for whatever mental disorder appears to be ailing him. His tweet seems to have disappeared. 

Bradley Whitford who apparently was in the West Wing (what was that 20-30 years ago?) claimed that Melania appeared to be in a “hostage situation.” Whatever.

Kristen Johnson, whose claim to fame is having the same surname as a nickname for a male sexual organ called Melania’s speech “puke-alicious.” Guess she learned that in second grade.

Some dude named Josh Charles (who barely earned a bio on IMDb) tweeted, “You be best be fucking kidding me. Well at least no one can say MeLania copped this speech. No sir, she owns this gem all by herself.” Might we suggest Hooked on Phonics? You seem to need a bit of help.

Yet another irrelevant, unfunny “comedian” named Wanda Sykes tweeted, “She didn’t say ‘China Virus.’ Kudos!” Um, ok.

Then a “musician,” Ben Lee, who was in a self-documentary called “Catch My Disease” (never caught what the disease was but a guess would be TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) or some kind of psychosis. Both are interrelated so it may be a combination.

Anyway, this has-been seemed to criticize the First Lady’s outfit, implying it looked fascistic: “MeLanie going for a somewhat…severe look tonight. #brownshirt #trumpchaos

Might we suggest to Mr. Lee that if you’re going to try to insult someone, at least try to look intelligent and get the name correct.

 It’s a bad look. Then again, these are people who play pretend for a living.

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