Hit and run driver murders Good Samaritan who tried to stop him from escaping in police-defunded Minneapolis


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A man was attempting to stop a suspect from fleeing who was involved in a vehicle crash in police-defunded Minneapolis. As the victim attempted to stop him, the suspect allegedly shot and killed the man who was just trying to help.

The Minneapolis Police Department reported the incident occurred on November 12th when a vehicle crash occurred in the area of West Broadway and Lyndale Avenues when a sedan struck an SUV.

The driver of the sedan attempted to flee on foot and that is when the good Samaritan jumped into action.

As the victim closed in on the suspect, he allegedly turned and shot with a gun, striking the victim who immediately collapsed on the ground. Minneapolis Police reported that the suspect continued fleeing and ran into a parking lot where he allegedly attempted to carjack someone who was there.

The suspect opened up the driver’s side door in an attempt to remove the driver and gain entry but the woman driver fought back. During the brief struggle, the woman was able to knock the suspect out of the car.

Witnesses from the group, We Push for Peace, were in the area and jumped in to prevent the suspect from fleeing the scene. The witnesses were able to secure the suspect on the ground until police could arrive on the scene. One of the men, identified as Trenton Pollard, said:

“The guy that was shot was trying to stop the guy from running from a hit-and-run, he ran into somebody and tried to escape.”

Another member of the organization, Jerrod Jackson, spoke about stopping the suspect when he was attempting to carjack the female victim. Jackson said:

“You can see what’s going on, she’s in distress and he’s the one that has her in distress.”

The victim was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment where he succumbed to his injuries. This homicide raises the total to 84 for the year in Minneapolis.

Jackson said that he spoke to the female victim who was not identified after the chaotic scene was getting under control. He said:

“She just told me thank you for helping, being there for her. My thing was just to calm her down, make sure she knows she wasn’t out here alone.”

Minneapolis Police Department Officer Garret Parten spoke of the victim who died from the gunshot wound. Parten said:

“Obviously, somebody who was trying to do the right thing, and suffered tremendous consequence.”

Pollard also spoke about the senseless death of the man who stepped up to help someone in need and lost his life over it. He said:

“It’s a sad standard that we have here in North Minneapolis. Senseless killings happen too often.”

Minneapolis Police Department has not identified the victim or the suspect in this case as of yet. However, they have noted they believe that the suspect was a drug dealer, but they have not disclosed if they believe he was selling or buying drugs.

The suspect was taken into custody by the Minneapolis Police Department and then taken to the local hospital for treatment of some type of undisclosed injury. After the suspect was medically cleared, he was transported to the Hennepin County Jail.

Police nationwide warn people about getting involved in any type of situation like this since there is always a threat that the subject committing a crime may be armed. The safest way that anyone can help is to call 911 and start recording the incident, suspect, and the scene as much as possible with their cellular device when able.

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Teenager arrested and charged after Lyft driver robbed, shot seven times and left for dead

JACKSON, MS – Brandy Littrell believes she is alive only because of the grace of God. 

Last Tuesday, Littrell, a Lyft driver, went to an apartment complex to pick up a rider. That passenger was Dontarius Magee.

That 17-year-old is now in custody on charges of carjacking, kidnapping and aggravated assault. He will not be released on bond. Upgraded charges of attempted murder could be coming, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Here is what we know about the near-death experience of the 36-year-old Mississippi woman. 

According to Jackson Police Deputy Chief Deric Hearn, Littrell took the teenager to an apartment complex. At that point he is alleged to have pulled out a gun, forcing the driver to allow him to take possession of her vehicle, and he drove away with her still in the car. 

As reported by WAPT, Littrell gave the following account:

“He wanted my PIN number to my phone, my debit cards, and wanted to know how much money I had in the bank, and wanted to know what was in my house. I gave him whatever he wanted because I was just trying to stay alive.”

Police believe that he then took his victim to a wooded area, forcing her to crawl into the woods. And then he shot her 7 times. 

“He said, ‘Get on your knees.’ So, I got on my knees, and then I heard the first shot,” Littrell said.

She said that she fell to the ground. 

“I was trying to cover my face in case he kept shooting, which of course, he did,” she continued.

Magee then fled, leaving her there to die. Littrell said that she felt that was going to be her fate. 

She said it was a few later that she felt blood dripping off her face when she realized she was still alive.  She was able to get up and make her way to a nearby apartment building for help.

“It took every strength in me because, at this point, I am concerned my grandmother is at my house, and I was worried he was going to go after her,” Littrell added.

She was taken by ambulance to the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

According to the Deputy Chief Hearn: 

“He did confess to the crime. He did confess to calling the female up for the Lyft driver. It is my understanding through our interview with this individual, this is not the first time this has occurred.”

Lyft issued a statement the next day. 

“The incident described is horrific and our hearts go out to Ms. Littrell and her loved ones. We’ve reached out to offer our support, have permanently removed the rider from the Lyft community, and stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation.

We’re also exploring ways to expand the use of certain safety features and alerts to help prevent these kinds of incidents moving forward.”

It is important to note that Lyft and Uber both have a strict no weapons policy for its drivers. In fact, they encourage customers of the ride-share company to tattle on driver’s should they encounter one with anything that could be construed as a weapon. 

Even in a state like Mississippi, where concealed carry is allowed without permit as long as the weapon is holstered. That doesn’t matter to Lyft. 

The verbiage of that policy comes directly from the support section of their website. 

“Lyft has a strict ‘No Weapons’ policy for all of its properties. This includes Lyft Hubs and service centers.
Our ‘No Weapons’ policy applies when you are doing business as a representative of Lyft, which includes times that you are driving for Lyft, as well as times that you are visiting a Lyft Hub.
This means that even in places where it is legal to carry a weapon, we ask that you do not carry a weapon on any Lyft property.
We approach this from a community perspective. It’s hard to know what someone else is or isn’t comfortable with. The mere presence of a weapon might make another community member distressed and fear for his or her own personal safety.
At a minimum, a ‘weapon’ includes any form of firearm. There are many items that could be considered weapons besides firearms, such as handguns, stun guns, explosives, knives, sling shots and tasers. Lyft reserves sole judgment on what else may constitute a ‘weapon.’ 
If you have any questions about whether various items could be considered a ‘weapon’ under this policy, please contact Lyft Support before bringing any questionable items onto Lyft property.
Note: The general policy above does not apply to authorized security personnel contracted or employed by Lyft or to law enforcement personnel.
If you witnessed possession of a weapon in a Lyft vehicle, please let us know by tapping ‘Contact Support’ below.
Meanwhile, criminals can continue to attack and victimize drivers who are simply trying to work and then go home to their families. 
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