Police: 118 year old historic Korean church in Portland, Oregon burned down by 27-year-old transsexual


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PORTLAND, OR- Over the past few years, Portland, Oregon has been ground zero for the anarchy which has spread across the country. You can be sure if antifascist fascists are engaged in mayhem, it is likely rooted in Portland, a shame because it is a once-beautiful city.

The latest shameful display came after a 27-year-old cross dresser has admitted responsibility for burning down a historic church in the city, proud to admit that he wanted to “take credit” for his act of anti-Christian hatred, The Blaze reports.

On Jan. 3 at around 5:30 p.m., firefighters responded to the 118-year-old Portland Korean Church , formerly known as the First German Evangelical Church.

Emergency units responded to the 3,000 square foot church after reports came in which indicated the building was fully involved. The fire required a response of 12 engines, six ladders, four battalion chiefs and some 75 Portland Fire and Rescue personnel.

According to the fire department, the church was not occupied when the three-alarm fire broke out.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office reported that only ten minutes after the blaze was reported, the south side of the church had partially collapsed, along with the roof. The fire was so intense that it spread to an adjacent home, which was evacuated.

The church was a total loss. KOIN reported that demolition crews are in the process of demolishing the remainder of the building this week.


The Oregonian tweeted a video of the demolition, which showed the 35-foot steeple being torn down.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who became famous by refusing to prosecute BLM and antifa rioters during the violent riots of 2020, announced the arrest of the suspect, Cameron David Storer, who was arraigned on four charges.

They include two counts of arson in the first degree, one count of arson in the second degree, and two counts of burglary in the second degree.

Storer is a self-proclaimed transsexual who thinks he is a woman. Authorities say that on Jan. 4, he walked into the Multnomah County Detention Center, where he confessed to setting the fire. He told deputies he wanted to “take credit” for the attack, and told them he had done so only using a Bic lighter.

Court documents showed Storer lit papers on fire inside the church, waited close by to ensure it was spreading, and then walked over to a building called the Plaid Pantry to watch the results of his crime.

Storer appears to have an addiction problem to go along with apparent psychological problems. He claims to take ten Oxycodone daily, and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He claimed that “voices” told him to burn down the church.

According to independent journalist Andy Ngo, Storer is currently being detained in a co-ed medical dormitory in a single cell at the detention facility.

His stay may not necessarily be long-term. Schmidt recently claimed that Multnomah County doesn’t have the ability to bring all dangerous criminals to justice.

In fact, he has released alleged stranglers, domestic abusers, sex offenders, human traffickers, child abusers, and all manner of serious criminals off without penalty for their crimes. With that in mind, it is unknown if Storer will be held to account for burning down the church.

This isn’t the first time the church was targeted. In September 2020, the church, owned by a Beaverton and Lake Oswego dentist, Hadi Nouredine was vandalized as well.

This is another in a pattern of Christian churches being targeted in Portland, primarily by unhinged leftists such as Antifa.

For example, also in 2020, a transsexual Antifa loon was charged with a Nov. 3 attack on Saint Andre Bessette Catholic Church. Ironically, the church was well known in the community for housing, cleaning, and feeding the city’s poor and indigent.

At the time, Father Tom Gaughan said, “The actions of this one individual has forced us to cease our outreach and its hundreds of people we normally give food to.”

Five months later, the First Christian Church was targeted for an attack in April 2021, with a vandal shattering a number of windows.

The Blaze reports that at least four other Catholic churches were targeted for vandalism, including threatening and vulgar remarks, in the summer of 2021.

One church was left abandoned by its members. The 100-year-old Portland Stake Tabernacle in southeast Portland saw its congregants flee Oregon completely, saying they could no longer deal with the leftist violence plaguing Portland.

The city is apparently not trying hard enough to become the least safe city on the Neighborhood Scout crime index. Portland, run by Democrats, scored three on the index, with 100 being the safest. Statistics show there is a one in 187 chance of being victimized by violent crime in the city. Statewide, the odds are one in 342.

Portland needs to adopt the 1980s advertising mantra of Avis. “We try harder.”

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