Hillary Clinton: Other governors need to follow California’s example and order vote-by-mail


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SACRAMENTO, CA- Hillary Clinton just refuses to fade into oblivion and go away.

Her latest attempt at trying to keep her mug in the public eye was to speak out in hearty support of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has ordered vote-by-mail in California for the November election.

Apparently, people can stand in line at a safe social distance at Costco but cannot do so to exercise their right to vote. Got it.

According to Breitbart News, Newsom issued an executive order which will allow all registered voters in California to receive a mail-in ballot for the general election in November, ostensibly in response to the coronavirus.

However, this has been a goal for years of progressives, and some argue it’s because it allows for a better chance of voter fraud, which critics suggest tends to favor Democrats.

“I signed an executive order that will allow every registered voter in California to receive a mail-in ballot,” Newsom said. “That mail-in ballot is important, but it’s not an exclusive substitute to physical locations.”

“People that are otherwise not familiar with mail-in ballots, are uncomfortable with them, may have disabilities, may have other issues that may preclude that as an appropriate option, we still want to have the appropriate number of physical sites for people to vote as well,” Newsom added.

Newsom continued:

“There’s a lot of concern and excitement around this November’s election in terms of making sure that you can conduct yourself in a safe way and to make sure your health is protected and to make sure we are reaching out to all registered, eligible voters.

And giving them the opportunity, giving them the choice not to feel like they have to go into a concentrated, sense environment where their health may be at risk but provide an additional asset and additional resources by way of voting by mail.”

Executive orders…Democrat governors LOVE executive orders. That is what has let them run roughshod over the residents of their states, all in the name of “safety.”

Mail-in ballots would allow them to manipulate upcoming elections in which most of them would likely find themselves out on their…well you get the point. 

Of course, Democrats, never ones to waste a crisis, are looking to leverage the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying panic that has been largely media driven into getting some of their long-time agenda items passed.

For one, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been pushing hard for voting by mail, and in fact tried to have that and other voter fraud extravaganza’s included in the various “stimulus” packages that have been passed by Congress.

For example, the initial COVID aid package passed in March initially contained a plethora of progressive, left-wing gift list items, such as mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. At the time, Republicans saw through what Democrats were trying to sneak through the bill and those items were removed from the package.

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With that being said, there is a proposal for yet another “stimulus” package and Democrats have said they will be looking to load this bill with a bunch of liberal goodies.

Last month, Wisconsin held their presidential preference primary, and Democrats are using that as an excuse to seek mail-in balloting. However, the Democrats railing about the primary serving as an incubator for the coronavirus did not come to fruition, since only 52 out of 400,000 people who ether worked at the polls or showed up to vote have later tested for coronavirus.

Likewise, it is unable to be determined where exactly those 52 people had contracted the virus, whether it was a result of the election day activities or some other means. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, several of those who took ill “reported other ways they may have been exposed to the virus.”

“At best, then, the infection rate amounts to approximately 0.013% of those who voted in person with a 0.00% fatality rate,” Breitbart News reported. That seems to disqualify the claim by Democrats that in-person voting presents a health risk to those who go and vote in person. However, details matter not to Democrats.

That hasn’t stopped Democrats, however as leaders such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and the Obama’s, who still won’t fade into history, have made increasing calls for vote-by-mail.

Schumer, in a Friday appearance on MSNBC’s All In said that vote-by-mail provisions “will be a very important part of the legislation that [they are] going to put forward” and added that they (Democrats) are “going to fight like the devil for it.”

Fortunately, Democrats will have to get through it a Republican-controlled Senate, as well as President Trump, who would likely veto it. There are not enough votes in the Senate to over-ride a presidential veto.

Clinton has been pushing for vote-by-mail since coronavirus reared it’s ugly head, pushing election reforms that are being suggested by her former campaign attorney, Marc Elias, who has proposed the trifecta of election fraud proposals—mail-in voting, curbside voting, and ballot harvesting.

True to form, President Trump’s campaign hit Newsom’s executive order last Friday.

“This is a thinly-veiled political tactic by Gov. Newsom to undermine election security,” campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said.

“There’s a vast difference between people voting absentee by mail because they can’t be at the poll on Election Day versus mailing everyone a ballot—even those who didn’t request one—is a wide-open opportunity for fraud,” he added.

Breitbart noted that the Republican National Committee had recently launched a digital platform entitled “Protect the Vote” in response to the “Democrats’ assault on the integrity of our elections” and their effort to “use coronavirus and the courts to legalize ballot harvesting, implement a nationwide mail-in ballot system, and eliminate nearly every safeguard in our elections.”

A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports on April 30 found that 62% of voters believe that having everyone vote by mail is likely to increase voter fraud. Broken down by party, 81% of Republicans believe it would lead to more fraud, while even a majority of Democrats, 48-45% believe it would increase voter fraud. Among independents, 59% of them believe it would increase voter fraud.

The national survey was conducted between April 23-25, with a sampling error of +/- 2.8%.

Even the American people are on to the possibility that such a program could lead to a skewed election. Democrat politicians would be happy with that apparently.

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