High speed chase in police-defunded LA results in miles-long backup during the morning commute

LOS ANGELES, CA - A high-speed chase of a wrong-way driver on Friday morning ended in an accident involving multiple vehicles in West Los Angeles on the 405 freeway.

What FOXLA called “one of the wildest pursuits to occur in the city that is known for its chases” led to northbound 405 being backed up for miles and the impact lasted for hours.

The incident began around 4:22 a.m. when an officer radioed the Lost Angeles Police Department saying that a woman had backed into their patrol car in Venice at 4th street and Rose Avenue. Both police officers that were involved in the first incident were hospitalized in stable condition.

Following a failed attempt to stop the vehicle, a pursuit was initiated. As the suspect continued to evade police, she could be seen driving erratically northbound on the 405 Freeway.

In an attempt to stop the woman prior to morning rush hour, several PIT maneuvers were attempted by police and the pursuit became even more dangerous when the woman made an unexpected U-turn in her attempt to escape. She began driving southbound in the northbound lanes at freeway speeds before running into several vehicles head-on.

Before she was taken into custody, the unidentified woman climbed on top of the van that she was driving in an apparent attempt to escape.

Gigi Graciette posted a photo of the suspect on social media. The suspect was clearly injured, appearing to have sustained a head injury in the crash.

Police rescued the driver of a silver sedan that was hit head-on in the collision and trapped in his vehicle. That driver spoke to reporters and said that he was “blessed,” adding that he is thankful to be alive.

David Hill’s Volkswagen Golf GTI was pinned up against the driver’s side of the suspect’s vehicle. Hill spoke with reporters, saying, “when that van came to a stop, I wasn’t sure who was inside, what they were going to do, if they were going to come out and try to steal my car. So, I immediately got out of my car and came to the shoulder and just waited while police apprehended that suspect.”

At the time of the collision, Hill was enroute to work in Thousand Oaks.

As of the writing of this article, it appears that no other victims were transported to the hospital and the name of the suspect has not been released.
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Completely batsheeee-yitt crazy is pretty common on LA. now. I always make plans to drive straight through when I go to San Diego. No stops for gas, snacks or rest-area stops.


Mentally destroyed hags are plentiful in Democrat run cities and states.LA is #1 in crazy .


The video is on YouTube.

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