High school student in Maine kicked out of Zoom class for displaying a Trump flag


WATERBORO, ME- You just had to know this virtual learning was going to turn into a nightmare.

Between a teacher being caught on a virtual class teaching without a shirt to a 4th grade student having the police called on him and being suspended from school because someone saw a rifle (turned out being a BB gun) on a wall behind him during “class,” things have gotten pretty absurd.

The absurdity just hit a new level when a student in Waterboro, Maine was removed from a Zoom class due to a Trump flag being displayed on the wall behind her.

According to Breitbart News reporting on a story from WKYC, Mollie Woodbury, a student at Massabesic High School, said she was removed from her math class’s Zoom session due to the flag hanging on a wall behind where she does her school work.

Mollie said that her math teacher asked her to remove the Trump flag, to which she replied that the flag was in her bedroom and she didn’t believe it to be offensive. She refused to remove the flag from the wall.

Mollie said she then was notified that she had been removed from the virtual class by the meeting host, the teacher.

“I kinda feel like my right to have my own opinion was taken away by her,” said Woodbury speaking of the teacher.

Mollie’s mother, Amanda Morrison said:

“She’s losing her right to learn, it was just uncalled for, while adding that she was proud of Mollie for recently getting interested in politics after taking a civics and government class in school.”

“I love that she’s intrigued in politics because that’s not something that everybody gets into,” said Morrison.

News Center Maine said that Mollie told them the flag had been behind her for about a week.

“It’s never really been an issue, nothing has ever been said about it until the other day,” Mollies said.

Mollie returned to the class on Friday, but said the teacher didn’t pay any attention to her.

“I just don’t really want her, to like, hate me, or have anything against me because of this,” Mollie said.

In a statement to News Center Maine, superintendent Larry Malone said, the incident had been discussed and resolved.

“RSU 57 supports the rights of both students and staff to express their views on matters of public concern,” he wrote.

“There are; however, times when the District must make content neutral time, place, and manner restrictions on speech to ensure the orderly operation of its schools and the educational process.

Whereas educators are pretty familiar with what is and is not appropriate in the traditional classroom, we are still learning the rules in a virtual environment. In this case, staff acted to ensure that permission of such display and others would be appropriate in the online setting.

This situation has been discussed and resolved at the local level.”

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Meanwhile, last month a California high school teacher threatened to remove a student from a virtual class for the same reason, having the audacity to display a Trump 2020 flag on his wall, according to Good Day Sacramento.

The outlet reported that the student was apparently working from his bedroom where the flag is displayed on his wall, whereby his chemistry teacher told him he had 15 seconds to take it down. Instead of taking it down, the student left the class.

The teacher is on staff at Colusa High School.

“Since school has begun, my son has had this Trump flag hanging in the background,” the student’s mother told Good Day Sacramento.

An employee of the high school referred ABC10 to the code of conduct when asked about the incident, Newsmax reported.

“The Governing Board believes that free inquiry and exchange of ideas are essential parts of a democratic education,” the student handbook reads regarding free speech. “The Board respects students’ rights to express ideas and opinions, take stands on issues, and support causes, even when such speech is controversial or unpopular.”

The Colusa USD student handbook makes no explicit reference to distance learning.

The student’s mother said the school district “has not addressed the students’ rights in their own home to the teachers or to us as parents.”

Trump derangement syndrome runs deep in academia. In August, a Stockton University student in New Jersey faced disciplinary charges after he used a picture of President Trump as his Zoom background during class, which caused other students to apparently feel “taunted.” Talk about your basic snowflakes.

The student, a doctoral candidate Robert Dailyda had the photo of the president as his background during a July 1 virtual class. This prompted some snowflakes in the class to complain to the administration.

In the incident report written by the university, located in New Jersey, it said the photo caused other students “to feel offended, disrespected and taunted.”

Dailyda was asked to explain his political views on July 10 while claiming that students were offended by his Zoom background, as well as comments he made in a GroupMe chat and a subsequent Facebook post. Some of these students (this was not first grade again as a reminder, it was college) felt his comments were “offensive, threatening and concerning.”

Six days later, Stockton charged the student with violating a code of conduct for disruptive behavior, discrimination, harassment, creating a hostile environment, causing harm and cyberbullying.”

Dailyda has contested the charges the university has made against him. No further information was available on the outcome of his case.

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