LICKING HEIGHTS, Ohio – One brave student-athlete at Licking Heights High School courageously honored law enforcement by displaying a thin blue line American flag when taking the field recently.

A picture of the high school football player was recently taken. He was captured wearing his uniform, holding and waving the flag as he took the field. The picture has since gone viral and police officers across the nation are rallying behind it.

L.A. Kelly is the son of a police officer, so he is familiar with the risks they take, reported David McIntosh. He knows the sacrifices they have to make to protect and serve their communities. He’s also aware of ill-informed hatred for cops that has occurred around the country.

Kelly took it into his hands to represent and honor peace officers. Prior to the game day, Kelly asked permission from his coach to display something that will honor law enforcement.

On the day of the game, Kelly did as he planned. He stepped out on the field in honor of his father, all law enforcement, and all officers who had fallen in the line of duty by carrying a sign of respect for them, the thin blue line American flag.

By this act, Kelly showed he’s a student that understands who police officers really are and the situations they are in. He knows they are just normal people doing a job for their families and communities, trying to stay alive so that at the end of the day, they can return home to their families.

Regardless of his performance during the game, I imagine Kelly’s father was proud of his son!