Local high school has to cancel football game over gang threats – right after the city council vetoed the police chief


MERIDIAN, MS – A High School in Meridian, Mississippi had its football game canceled on September 9th for what officials reported was an abundance of caution. While no school or city official commented on the reason why they felt the game was not safe, social media was abuzz saying it was due to a gang-related fight.

Local news station WTOK provided the press release which informed everyone of the cancellation but did not specify the exact reason as to why.

It did not take long for presumed members of the town to take the news on Facebook and add in what they claim occurred earlier on the 9th that may have caused the cancellation.

Many people claimed that the reason the game was cancelled was due to a large fight that had broken out during the school day.

Video is taken from those who allegedly were present when the fight broke out shows a large group of apparent teenagers actively fighting each other while jumping and running over cars in the parking lot.

A few of those who commented on the social media thread alleged that there were guns present during the physical fight while others claimed that was nothing more than a rumor.

Others claimed that while there were no guns seen, some members of the brawl were heard calling for their friends to bring guns to the fight.

There is no mention of any injuries that were sustained during the brawl and no one with the ability to comment on exactly what happened has come out publicly as of yet, which leads some on social media to speculate they are not doing so because they do not want to admit failures.

One commenter wrote that city leaders do not want to comment on the situation because they do not want to admit that they have lost control of the town and the criminals that seemingly run free.

Meridian is a small city with a population of roughly 40,000 which, despite its size, has crime that could rival larger cities. The crime is bad enough in the city due to gang violence that a preacher worked to obtain a peace treaty between rival gangs in 2018.

Although hopes were high at the time that the peace treaty would mean the violence would end those hopes were dashed as the crime wave raged on.

News stories of violence in the area go on for years, like the death investigation in the city when first responders discovered the bodies of an adult and child on September 9th just before midnight.

The Meridian Police Department is led by Chief Deborah Young, a post she has held since September of 2021. Her appointment brought in controversy not because she is the first female Chief in the city’s history, but because she was not the Mayor’s first choice.

Meridian Mayor Jimmie Smith had nominated to keep Police Chief Chris Read at the helm in July of 2021, a post the previous Chief had held since October of 2021. Chief Read was lauded at the time by City Council member George Thomas who said:

“We’re fortunate to have someone with [Chief Read’s] credentials.”

However, by July, the city council had a change of heart when Mayor Smith nominated Chief Read to maintain the post and denied his request. City Councilmember Tyeasha Bell Lindsay noted that she was one of the ones who voted against keeping Chief Read and said she did so because of her constituents’ views on the police department. Lindsay said:

“I personally do like Chief Read. But when I spoke to a lot of people in my ward in different areas, from Poplar Springs to Red Line to Willow Ridge to many different areas in the ward, they felt that we could do better.”

With only a year on the job, it is difficult to be able to determine if Chief Young is “better” than former Chief Read in terms of providing public safety to the citizens and visitors of the town, but one thing is clear…if she wants to maintain her post she needs to get control of the ongoing gang violence in the city.

If the alleged gang fight on September 9th is any indication of the pulse of the town, maybe the social media commenters are right when they said that the town has lost control of the criminals.


Gang members ambush and attack Chicago cops who were helping five victims of the latest South Side gun battle

CHICAGO, IL – Hate for the police can make you do stupid things, such as when Chicago gangbangers attacked officers and blocked them from providing lifesaving assistance to their compadres after a South Side gang shootout.

The crowd interfered with police officers as they attempted to provide first aid to five injured teenagers, Chicago Police 9th District Commander Don Jerome said of the May 10 incident in which one young man was killed.  Cmdr. Jerome told reporters:

“Officers immediately attempted to perform life-saving measures on those that were shot, and they were met by a hostile crowd. Members from the community and gang members from this crowd were actively fighting the police while they were trying to attend to the victims.”

Police said the gunfight that erupted at 4:30 p.m. in the Back of the Yards neighborhood was part of escalating retaliatory violence between rival gangs.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said members from one gang were driving by in a stolen Mazda when they spotted members of a rival gang. A gun battle erupted between the two factions and five people were shot.

The suspects in the vehicle fled the scene, police said.

One of those hit by gunfire, Eduardo Jimenez, was shot in the left side of his body and head and pronounced dead at Mount Sinai Hospital.

A 16-year-old boy was shot in the left shoulder, arm, face and ankle and was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition, officials with the Chicago Police Department said.

An 18-year-old man was shot in the right hip and left knee and taken to Mount Sinai in critical condition and a second 18-year-old man who was shot in the right leg was taken to the University of Chicago in good condition, authorities said.

A second 16-year-old boy was grazed in the right ankle and declined medical attention, police said.

Police said when officers responded to the area moments later, they immediately tried performing lifesaving measures on the wounded, but that they were met by a hostile crowd of community residents and gang members who were “actively fighting the police.”

Brown said responding officers were attacked by gang members at the scene, disputing reports that onlookers were angry that police were not trying to save the shooting victims. Brown said:

“Gang members began assaulting police officers.”

He added that two of the officers were “battered” but did not receive any injuries and two suspects were arrested. A 20-year-old man was charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest and a 42-year-old man charged with resisting arrest, Brown said.

The shooting suspects left the scene and fled the red Mazda after crashing it several blocks away on South Marshfield Avenue, police said. None of the shootout suspects have been arrested and police are searching for the occupants of the vehicle.

Police recovered two rifles inside the Mazda and a handgun was recovered at the scene of the gunfight at 48th and Ada streets. Cmdr. Jerome said the neighborhood is not being singled out.

“There’s a historic gang conflict between two rival gangs here. We don’t believe the community is being targeted.”

Superintendent Brown said gang violence has escalated in Chicago since April, when the brother of a high-ranking gang member was killed, allegedly by a rival gang member, WLS ABC 7 reported.

The dead man’s brother, Sergio Barron, 28, was recently released on parole after serving eight years in prison for gun crimes and assaulting police, the station reported.

Barron was arrested again in March on gun charges and released on a $10,000 cash bond paid by his cousin.

The police superintendent blamed Barron for the increase in violence in the South Side neighborhood, where homicides are up 100 percent from 2021 and shootings have increased by 48% over last year.

Superintendent Brown said police and the U.S. Attorney’s Office were working to revoke Barron’s bond to “get him back, this high-ranking gang member who’s driving this violence as retaliation for his brother’s murder.”

He called on judges to be tougher on suspects charged in gun cases and who have a record of violent crime.

“There needs to be a better risk assessment by judges. The police did their job. [But that] felon got a cash bond.”

Superintendent Brown also noted:

“Some of these gang bangers have been around they’re second, third generation. You probably won’t get them to change who they are. You’re not going to get them to redirect their life, but I do believe you can get the marginalized kids.”

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