First, I’d like to thank every police officer, first responder, seen and unseen, and their families for their sacrifice. I faithfully support all of you. If I had a smidgen of guts, bravery, and dedication that you have, I’d be a much better man. When you read this you might think I’m nuts, but I assure you, when I’m compelled to write, my emotions are real, the tears I shed as I write are real, and the love and admiration I feel for all of you, is real. I was awoke last night by an overwhelming feeling of love. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I sat up. I was compelled to write the following poem. I’m not saying it was one of the heroes I so admire, or an angel sent to talk to me, or even God, but I felt their love; of that I am sure. So with the love I felt last night guiding my fingers on the keys of my laptop, these words were written for everyone who’s lost a loved one.

Heroes Message From Heaven

In a split second in the blink of an eye
Onward to heaven where the angels fly,
Heroes are taken they stand first in line
Greeted by God as their souls intertwine.


Their brothers and sisters already there
Meet them with smiles embrace and declare,
“We’re home at last our last call’s been made”
“We’ve saved people’s lives a worthwhile trade.”


“We took an oath, we knew we might die”
“Which has broken hearts and made people cry”
“But even now, we’d all do it again”
“For our families, children, all women and men.”


“To our families we’re with you still to this day”
“Even tho you can’t see us or hear what we say,”
“We love you and miss you, we know it hurts deep within”
“But always remember we’ll all meet again!”


– Bert L Orris