Outside St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, friends and well-wishers have decorated a tree with blue lights in honor of Officer Shawn Schneider.  Schneider, age 32, is fighting for his life after responding to a domestic dispute earlier this week. Schneider was allegedly shot in the head by Alan J. Sylte, Jr. and remains incritical condition.

In an interview Law Enforcement today, Officer Jake Isaacson reports that Officer Schneider is responding to commands from his wife to squeeze her hand as well as give the thumbs up sign.  He seems to have some awareness of what is going on around him.  Shawn Schneider is a 9-year veteran of the Lake City, Minnesota Police Department, consisting often sworn officers. He has three children.  The LET family prays for his complete recovery.

Officer Schneider saved the life of a 17 year old young woman who was trapped in the house with Sylte.   He was able to assist her out of the residence, where she took cover in his squad car.  Sylte, a despondent Wisconsin National Guard Iraq War veteran, was letter found dead in the house.

Jake Isaacson, a patrol officer with the Isle, Minnesota Police Department, has a special connection to Officer Schneider.  Isaacson was an intern with the Lake City
Police Department for a semester in high school.  He rode with Schneider many times.  “He was great to ride with, professional, andconsiderate.  He seemed ready for
anything. I learned a lot from him.  He was an inspiration to me to pursue a police career.”

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