Hero deputy in ICU with major injuries after pushing spouse away from oncoming truck, saving her life


Knoxville, TN: An Anderson County Sheriff’s deputy, Lucas Shoffner, is currently hospitalized in ICU after receiving serious injuries after being struck by a speeding pickup truck.

The sheriff’s wife, Deputy Nicole Shoffner was also struck and suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck was identified as Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Raymond Surber, who was also off duty at the time.

Whether or not he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol has not yet been determined. The incident is currently under investigation.

The married couple was out on an evening bike ride when they pulled off to the side of the rode to repair the motorized bicycle’s chain.

lucas shoffner
Screenshot courtesy of the GoFundMe page.

Nicole spoke with WJHL, a local Tennessee news channel:

“At that point, I had scooted into the road,” Shoffner explained. “I didn’t know the chain had popped off so he [Lucas] was trying to fix it. We saw the lights coming from the car and he moved me to a point of safety right next to the grass. Next thing I know, his hand was on my back and then we were hit.”

During the stop, they were quickly approached by an oncoming pickup truck and had to quickly react.

Lucas did not hesitate to selflessly push Nicole out of the direct path of the pick-up truck. Lucas, however, was unable to avoid getting struck and took a brunt of the impact.

Nicole was also hit but avoided the direct impact of the truck. She was knocked out on the side of the road.

Deputy Nicole Shoffner told WJHL, a local news channel:

“I woke up in the grass – I remember having grass in my mouth and my left shoe was off. After that, I saw Lucas in the road, face-down.”

She continued:

“He had blood coming out of his nose and his mouth,” she recalled. “I was just trying to talk to him, trying to keep him with me.”

Lucas is no stranger to service. He has spent years as a soldier with the U.S. Army. Nicole too served with the U.S. Air Force.

Both of their quick responses to the oncoming truck were most certainly a result of their training background in the military and the Sheriff’s office.

The Shoffner’s GoFundMe page wrote about Lucas’ character, it stated:

“It is imperative to state; Lucas is not an ordinary man. Lucas has served his country faithfully in the United States Army, his community fearlessly as a Sheriff’s Deputy, and still continues to serve in a contracted capacity.

He truly is a red meat-eating, Harley riding, God-fearing, American loving, gun-slinging, wife-adoring, patriot. Lucas exemplifies what it means to simply be alive to the fullest.”

Hero deputy in ICU with major injuries after pushing spouse away from oncoming truck, saving her life
Lucas’ brother took to Twitter to show support.

The incident has reached a national level and has generated a pouring of support, both financially and personally. Friends, family and strangers alike have shown an incredible amount of support by way of donations and prayers.

But Lucas fight to survive is just the beginning.

According to the GoFundMe campaign’s narrative:

“He’s currently in TICU and has been diagnosed with a brain bleed, a fractured skull, multiple facial fractures and has a blood clot in his main artery in his neck. Currently they have intubated him and placed a central line in him as well as a “bolt” in his skull to help relive inner cranial pressure.” 

Nicole, who suffered less severe injuries, is fighting her own battle of recovery and cannot yet walk under her own power. She fractured her hip and has a significant amount of road rash- a grueling injury.

Nicole Shoffner
Screenshot taken from WJHL.com of Nicole Shoffner

As a married couple who are both heroes in Blue, The Shoffner family deserves all the prayers they can get.

Aaron Shaffer, the organizer of the GoFundMe campaign has provided a statement to all those who have shown support, Aaron stated:

Nicole asked for an opportunity to thank you all for your compassion, prayers, and generosity. Our guy is still fighting, and we are fighting alongside him! Please keep the support and the prayers coming.”

We are all hoping for a quick recovery for Lucas and Nicole and LET will be praying for the Shoffner family.

If you wish to donate to help the Shoffner family, click here.

Hero deputy in ICU with major injuries after pushing spouse away from oncoming truck, saving her life

Another Blue on Blue incident. 

Horror: State Trooper accidentally hits and kills his brother, who is also a State Trooper

Posted: Jan. 4, 2022

MOORESBORO, NC – Two brothers worked together in the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and were on duty on January 3rd when tragedy struck.

One brother, on his way to back up the other, lost control of his police vehicle, striking and killing his brother.

Words cannot possibly express the grief, anguish, and guilt for North Carolina State Trooper James Horton who responded to the area of High Shoals Church Road and Goodes Grove Church Road to back up his brother, fellow Trooper John Horton.

John was apparently on a traffic stop in the area and had the driver, identified as Dusty Luke Beck, outside of his vehicle on the side of the road.

At some point, while James was responding, he somehow lost control of his police vehicle and collided with both James and Beck.

Beck was instantly killed in the crash while John was transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment where he succumbed to his injuries.

James was also transported to a nearby hospital for injuries he sustained during the crash but has since been released.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Colonel Freddy L Johnson, Jr, who is the commander of the Highway Patrol, spoke about the heartbreaking incident. He said:

“Our hearts are broken with the loss of our friend and our brother, Trooper John Horton. For all involved in this tragic event the coming days will undoubtedly be difficult, but we are committed to stand alongside with them with our thoughts, prayers and unwavering support.”

The Highway Patrol has not released any details as to whether John had called for assistance while at the traffic stop or if James just happened by.

Additionally, they have not released any information as to what may have led up to the crash.

According to Winston-Salem Journal, Highway Patrol First Sergeant Christopher Knox reported in an email that they also have not been able to determine if the crash was somehow weather-related.

A GoFundMe account has been created by a group called Back the Blue NC. The group is hoping to raise a total of $75,000 which will go towards the surviving family members of John.

Another heartbreaking story occurred in November of 2021 when a retired Corry Police officer was shot and killed accidentally while hunting.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, retired officer Gary Hunt was hunting during the rifle black bear season with his nephew when the shooting occurred.

The Game Commission reported that Hunt’s nephew was crossing a creek with Hunt following behind him. As the nephew began to trek across, he slipped and fell forward and somehow fired the .270 rifle he was carrying.

Tragically, Hunt was standing directly in the line of fire and was killed.

Jason Amory, the Pennsylvania Game Commission information and education supervisor, noted the incident appeared to be nothing more than a tragic accident and criminal charges were not likely in the case. He said:

“It was just a horrible accident. But at this time we don’t believe any charges will be filed. It’s just heart-wrenching. He was a good man from everyone’s account.”

Hunt retired from the small-town police department in 2020 after serving there for over twenty years. Jordon Kitchen, a corporal with the Corry Police Department, spoke about Hunt:

“Gary was a great guy. When it comes to police work, he was community-oriented. He always wanted others to do well. He was very compassionate and well-liked.”

Hero deputy in ICU with major injuries after pushing spouse away from oncoming truck, saving her life

VIDEO: Officer accidentally shoots partner in back

Posted : January 16, 2019

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Lafayette police officer was accidentally shot in the back by her partner last week reported Fox 59. We are happy to report that she has been released from the hospital.

In an update posted to Instagram on Tuesday, the department said its thankful Officer Lane Butler is recovering and “can’t wait to see her back on the streets when she is fully healed.”

Police say Butler and two other officers were responding to an apartment to search for a suspect with a warrant when the accidental shooting occurred.

While officers cleared the apartment, police say Officer Kurt Sink instructed Officer Lane Butler to keep an eye on a large caged dog. Officer Aaron Wright then entered the apartment third and the moment he approached the dog cage, the dog reportedly knocked down the cage door, according to Fox 59.

Police say Wright quickly reached for the cage, then turned and accidentally fired a single shot, which hit Butler.

All three officers at the scene were wearing body cameras. After watching videos of the incident, a review board determined it was accidental, not an act of negligence.

Warning: The video below shows the moment Officer Lane Butler was shot. Viewer discretion is advised.

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