Here’s what the uproar is about: Dallas gay bar hosts a so-called “child friendly” drag show targeting young children


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DALLAS, TX- A “child-friendly” drag show? At a gay bar in Texas? Say it ain’t so, sleepy Joe.

The Post Millennial reports that a Dallas gay bar called Mr. Misster” hosted what they called a “child friendly” drag show this past Saturday. Among signs posted at this “child friendly” event included ones reading “It’s not gonna lick itself” and “I licked it so it’s mine.” How very “child friendly” that is.

Journalist Tayler Hansen posted pictures of the above signs which he tweeted, and he also posted videos of the sick performance. One such video showed a drag queen inviting children to share the stage with one of the performers.

“If you think you can do it like we do, I want you to come up real quick,” said the drag queen, who then asked the children if they “want to be a diva” while also inviting them to pick a drag queen to partner with. The question is, where the hell were the parents?

On the gay bar’s social media page, the event was defined as “A family-friendly spinoff of our famed Champagne Drag Brunch,” and entitled, “Drag Kids to Pride.”

Once again, crap like this is why some cannot take the alphabet community seriously, and plays right into the narrative of people who believe our children are being indoctrinated. “Groomed,” if you will.

Alex Stein, a conservative comedian, attempted several times to get into the event, however, was denied entry.

“I thought you guys were inclusive,” Stein said, mocking the person at the door.

“You guys are bigots! You won’t let me in here, but you’re gonna let children,” he said, then was removed from the premises.

Meanwhile WFAA in Dallas reported that a number of protesters showed up outside the venue, angry at the bar targeting children.

One such protester, who only gave her name as Dasy, said she saw a poster for the event near where she lives. She showed up after the event with a poster that said, “Stop grooming the kids.”

“I live in this community,” Dasy said. “I have for several years. I don’t believe that I should be seeing signs advertising for children to be dancing on stage with men in thongs and in inappropriate clothing and makeup. I do not in any way condone the behavior that these people are engaging in, but what drags me out her is its kids now.”

After the event, the gay bar issued the following statement:

“We host our Champagne Drag Brunch every Saturday at 2pm for guests that are 21+ but we have partnered with some of our major community partners to host a special Pride Drag Brunch for all guests, including guests that couldn’t normally attend our regular show because of the drinking age restriction, to raise money for a local LGBTQ+ youth organization.

We are more than happy to open our doors to celebrate Pride in a family friendly, safe environment, separate from our normal operations of 2p.m.- 2 a.m. on Saturdays because we believe that everyone should have a space to be able to celebrate who they are.

Mr. Misster is a place where everyone is welcome to feel accepted, safe, and included. We had a group of protestors outside yelling homophobic threats, transphobic remarks, and vile accusations at these children and parents.

It is so sad to see that in 2022, there are still people that want to protests [sic] others celebrating who they are, but our staff and wonderful officers helped keep us safe and kept the protestors at bay.”

WFAA said a man named AJ Crews has been working at the bar for about two years, who said such an event allows people to express themselves.

“There were a lot less people drinking today so that would make it more kid friendly just because there were so many people here,” Crews said. “Everyone just came from all walks of life, and you know, just enjoyed pride.”

Protect Texas Kids was one group outside protesting. They provided the following statement:

We decided to organize this protest when we saw advertising for the event a few weeks ago—we researched the bar and quickly found out that it’s a gay bar, and we were also pretty concerned when we saw the signage on the bar’s website that says “it’s not gonna lick itself.” We just launched our organization and this was our first event.

“The mission was to raise awareness that an event like this, a drag show for children, was happening right in Dallas. We also hoped that if we raised awareness, the event might be canceled or modified so that children couldn’t be present.

“We were very happy with how the event went overall. The police were able to come in and remove all of the children and their families from inside of the bar. There were a lot of people in attendance who didn’t have kids, so those people were able to stay and the event continued.”

Dallas police, however denied they removed anyone from the event. A department spokesperson said Dallas PD officer showed up to “assist with crowd control” and to help the crowd “disperse in a safe manner.”

A spokesman for the bar said the bar had received several hundred threatening emails, Google reviews, and phone calls from protestors.

For more on the alphabet community’s indoctrination of our children, we invite you to:


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NAPLES, FL – The Naples United Church of Christ (NUCC) is making headlines, and it appears they are proud of it. The church’s website claims that they are “a traditional church for progressive people.”

And they are standing by that statement. On their homepage, they have a scrolling banner link at the top.

One of them is called “In The News.” It takes you to a news article about an upcoming LGBTQ+ event. That event was held at the church on Saturday, May 21, that was sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) of Collier County.

According to the organizer’s website, the event was described as a “one-day conference, created by and for LGBTQ youth, will provide students with the opportunity to engage in LGBTQ-related issues facing them today while empowering them to be confident in all their identities.”

The conference was for students between 12 and 18 years of age.

They were even providing breakfast and lunch for all attendees as well as hosting a drag show to highlight some of the local drag queens in attendance.

The registration form asks attendees to acknowledge that the event is not associated with the church or the local school district.

The Collier County Public School system was quick to address that they were in no way involved after rumors began circulating that students were being bussed from schools without parental knowledge.

Those rumors are believed to have stemmed from the fact that organizers arranged free shuttle services within the local area. Some of the shuttle points may have included school parking lots.

According to the Post Millennial:

“The District was never informed nor contacted about this event. CCPS [Collier County Public Schools] is not a sponsor of the event, which is being held at a private facility. CCPS also neither authorized nor approved the transportation of CCPS students to and from district school sites by the event organizers. Any inference to the contrary is fully rejected by CCPS.” 

The district also stated that their school properties could not be used as pick-up/drop-off points.

Chris Schmeckpeper-Kobzina, GLSEN-Collier Co-chair, said:

“We’re not doing something in the school, we’re not doing something at the school, we’re not meeting at the school.”

Yet, they state that their “mission is to ensure that every member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

So, whether Schmeckpeper-Kobzina is willing to publicly state it, this event was all about school.

What about Naples United Church of Christ? Were they as quick to disavow their endorsement of the event?

Here is an excerpt from the church’s “About” section:

“Naples United Church of Christ, established in 1973, is known throughout the Naples community, not only for our unique white steeple and our highly rated preschool, but for our support for initiatives that call for social justice and compassion.

As a traditional church in terms of worship style, we are a progressive church in terms of openness to a wide theological spectrum and the wide variety of lifestyles and orientations in our culture that seek a welcoming and affirming Christian community.”

So, in a word, no.

The interim pastor, David Greenshaw, told WINK, “If you look at the side of the church it says, ‘Naples United Church of Christ, an Open and Affirming Congregation,’ and that means this church has discerned and decided that God believes that all people should be loved and that we should be welcoming to all.”

The church even takes their stance a step further, saying on their visitor’s page, where they announce:

“Naples UCC is an Open and Affirming Congregation, embracing diversity and affirming the dignity and worth of every person, since we are all created in God’s image.

We welcome into full membership and participation in the Body of Christ persons of every race, ethnic background, age, GENDER IDENTITY and EXPRESSION, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, physical or mental ability, socio-economic background, marital status and faith background.

We welcome all to share in the life, LEADERSHIP, MINISTRY, fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities and blessings or participation in our congregation.” 

(Editor’s note: ALL caps in the statement above were added by the author to highlight specific aspects related to this article’s topic.)

While almost all Christians agree that God wants all people loved and welcomed by the church, it will be a hard sell to convince most that “loved and welcoming” means the same as accepting and condoning when it comes to their openness towards affirming the “wide variety of lifestyles and orientations” that the church’s website discusses.

More specifically, most would have an issue with members of the LGBTQ+ community serving in leadership positions or serving in a ministerial capacity.

This church obviously has no issue with that, given their previous senior pastor identified as “queer” in his Twitter bio.

Dawson B. Taylor resigned just prior to the event at his former church.

But the affiliation between the church and the organization cannot be denied. Take a look at the tweet that Taylor issued on March 31, 2022.

And it seems that he has been affiliating the group and the church for quite some time. Turns out, Taylor was once a chair of the Collier County chapter.

For the record, the pastor also is proud to be pro-choice and a supporter of Planned Parenthood and BLM.

While some sources wrote that he left Naples due to the controversy over the event, it almost appears as though the church hosting the conference was his legacy.

Many Christians believe that the Bible is very clear on homosexuality as well as the qualifications to be a pastor.

In case anyone wonders what it means to affirm LGBTQ+ lifestyles, here is a definition form a licensed therapist:

“Affirming an identity or an experience means we encourage, validate, and defend it against those who challenge it. It doesn’t mean we simply ‘tolerate’ it, or that we only recognize it in some cases. That might seem easy to do (‘I accept all people!’). But as we increase our awareness of how frequently identities and experiences are challenged, the more important it is to push back on the pervasively oppressive context in which they simply try to exist. Affirming an identity means we recognize that no matter how much we embrace it, understand it, or participate in it, we’re still part of a mainstream culture that tries to erase it.”

In other words, for a church to be affirming the lifestyles discussed in this article, they must not simply tolerate it, they must embrace, celebrate, condone, and endorse it. Furthermore, they must defend those lifestyles against any who challenge them.

Some churches believe that is their calling, even if the challenge is presented in the Bible by God Himself.

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Don’t believe that there is an indoctrination campaign targeting our children? We encourage you to:


Report: Parents at school board meeting allege third-grade teacher pushed LGBTQ curriculum on 8-year-olds

GLENDALE, CA- According to a report from the Daily Caller, videos shared from a public school board meeting show some parents reprimanded the board after emails uncovered a third-grade teacher allegedly conspired with administration to teach eight-year-olds about gender and sexual identity.

A public records request made by a parent uncovered emails that a third-grade teacher in Glendale Unified School District showed students videos relevant to the LGBTQ community as well as comments about nudity.

During an April 19th Board of Education meeting, parents reportedly identified the third-grade teacher as Tammy Tiber.

According to the Daily Caller, Tuber reportedly sent an email to the district’s Teaching and Learning Department after a parent pulled her child from a Zoom session that focused around LGBTQ Pride month. The email allegedly read:

“Today I talked to my class about LGBTQ pride month and played 2 short videos from YouTube that were geared towards kids.

A parent who heard the lesson and discussion made her daughter leave Zoom and texted me asking me when I was done discussing sexual orientation so that she could let her kids back into Zoom. I was planning on doing more lessons tomorrow and Wednesday, but now I’m afraid to.”

Tiber allegedly listed YouTube video links that discussed LGBTQ topics as well as a video that talked about being attracted to nudity in film.

According to the emails obtained by the public records request from the parent, administration with the school responded to Tiber’s request by offering strategies to discuss LGBTQ topics “under the radar.”

One Glendale Unified School District mother, who spoke at the April 19th school board meeting, denounced the board for allowing this teacher to continue teaching such lessons. The mother said:

“These are eight-year-old children that she’s trying to hold a sexual orientation class with. You guys want us to believe that this isn’t a propaganda, that no agenda is being held. This wasn’t just any sexuality class, this was specifically designed. Three days a week she taught LGBTQ curriculum in her class.”

The mother added:

“It raises the question, how many of those students are excelling in that classroom? Is everybody in that class getting A’s in math, English, grammar, social studies that we can dedicate three days a week to teach eight-year-olds about sexual orientation?

I don’t care what kind of sex is being discussed. The words sexuality, nudity does not belong in the ears in a classroom of eight-year-olds.”

The mother then dubbed the board’s lack of attention with the matter an absurd “level of disrespect. Watch the video below:

According to a report from Business Insider, a new poll found that majorities of parents across the country support instruction about gender identity and sexual orientation in K-12 public schools.

The National Parents Union survey of 1,000 parents of K-12 public school students found that parents of younger children were more resistant to such instruction, with 35 percent opposing it in elementary schools compared to 25 percent in middle and high schools.

According to the poll, nearly a third said that it should be “allowed, but not encouraged” in middle and high schools compared to 27 percent in elementary school. Keri Rodrigues, National Parents Union co-founder and president, said in a statement:

“The opposition from more than a third of parents with young children tells me that there hasn’t been enough communication with parents so that they trust schools to be able to engage in this conversation, that there’s a lot of fear about it, there are a lot of cultural issues around it, and that there needs to be a further discussion around what this curriculum is, how it’s introduced, at what ages its introduced.”

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Report: School district teaching young kids gender doesn’t exist; refuses to disclose full curriculum

March 29th, 2022

WASHINGTON — A Washington school district is reportedly teaching 7-year-old children that gender does not actually exist, yet sometimes people can have two genders.

The school district is also allegedly refusing to disclose the full curriculum to the public, which is questioning what young kids are learning.

In addition, some are saying the district is introducing the concept of gender identity two years before it should.

Gender identity is listed by the state as appropriate beginning in the fourth grade.

According to a report by KTTH Radio’s Jason Rantz, the Edmonds School District is pushing gender identity on 7-year-old kids and has even asked the children for their personal pronouns.

Rantz said the school district also developed lesson plans on self-identity that includes the claim that sometimes gender does not exist, but at other times a person can have two genders:

“Other times, a person can have two genders. First graders learn about the ‘nonbinary experience’ and teachers are told to ask students to list their gender identities so that ‘gender nonconforming’ students can feel more comfortable.

“While a district spokesperson argues the lesson plan is mandated by the state, Edmonds goes above and beyond what state law requires. Perhaps it’s why the district refuses to disclose the full curriculum to the public.”

According to Rantz’s report, under state guidelines Washington public schools must provide age-appropriate lesson plans on a variety of sexual health topics:

“Under the theme of ‘self-identity,’ kindergartners and first graders should learn ‘that there are many ways to express gender.’

“But the intent does not appear to be to promote the concept of gender identity because that topic is listed by the state as appropriate starting in the fourth grade.

“Still, via its online portal, Edmonds School District pushed the lesson plan on the kids. It’s meant as a supplement to in-class instruction on gender identity.”

What do the lesson plans contain?

According to Rantz, one lesson plan shows a diagram of which gender pronouns are appropriate to use based on a person’s perceived gender identity:

“For people who either have ‘neither or both’ genders, students are told to use the pronouns ‘they/them.’

“The lesson plan also introduces ‘Jamie and Bubbie: A Book About People’s Pronouns (Jamie Is Jamie)’ to students.

“The book focuses on a woke child teaching a grandmother that you shouldn’t assume someone’s gender.

“Jamie is not presented with a gender. It is meant to introduce children ‘to the nonbinary experience, the use of gender-neutral pronouns, and how to respectfully use personal pronouns.’

“It even hopes children will ‘begin to explore their own feelings about gender identity.’

“Though the book publisher says it’s meant for a second-grade reading level, the Edmonds School District uses it for students in the first grade.

“In a note to teachers, the publisher says the book ‘helps normalize the idea that gender identity is fluid.’”

One unnamed parent spoke with Rantz on his talk radio show. She said that she became upset upon learning what material was being taught to her son without her consent.

The mother said she felt it was her duty to stand up for children and wrote the following to the school district:

“Our child is 7 years old and in the first grade! This material is completely inappropriate for children this age and is the reason the state of Florida is looking to legislate this issue.

“We were not given any type of prior notice that this was to be taught and had we been informed we would have denied consent and requested our child be excused for the lesson.”

The mother referenced Florida recently passing legislation to stop age-inappropriate gender identity curriculum for K-3 students.

When the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH reached out to Edmonds School District spokesperson Harmony Weinberg, who lists “she/her” in her email signature, she claimed that the lesson plans were based on state-mandated health standards.

In an email, Weinberg noted:

“Teachers use the standards to design lessons to provide a variety of age-appropriate and grade-level learning.”

However, Weinberg twice ignored requests to be allowed to review the full curriculum, according to Rantz’s report.

Rantz wrote:

“The mother was correct to question the curriculum.

“Neither gender identity nor the idea that gender doesn’t exist is appropriate for first graders. Not only is it false to claim gender doesn’t exist, but it would also obviously be confusing to 7-year-olds. 

“This lesson is part of progressive efforts to indoctrinate children with far-left views. Left-wing educators use schools to teach students their own political opinions, instead of leaving it to parents.

“Indeed, the parents might have the ‘wrong’ views in the minds of the narcissistic educators who cloak their intent around the notion that they’re just trying to be inclusive of their gender-nonconforming and transgender students.

“If you object, activists call you a bigot who doesn’t care about the emotional well-being of children. The truth is quite the opposite.”

The radio host pointed out that school districts also push other controversial content that some consider to be political propaganda:

“For example, educators are also hyper-focused on Black Lives Matter propaganda.

“The Edmonds School District consistently pushes far-left social views on kids, even pretending children are racist if they don’t adopt fringe, left-wing views on race.

“Educators don’t seem to mind that their students might be confused by the concepts, or even think that they’re gender nonconforming or nonbinary because their teacher is pushing the concept on them.

“They have what they believe to be a greater goal in mind. That’s why it’s so important for parents to be more involved in their children’s education. It’s wise to constantly review the curriculum. 

“If a parent wants to teach gender identity to their child at an age they feel is appropriate, then so be it. After all, they know their individual child better than any teacher.

“These topics should be left to the people who care about them the most and who are less likely to use them to promote social change.”

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