Upon her shoulder an angel sits, a guardian angel indeed
This angel goes with her everywhere, fulfilling her every need.
From the time she was a little girl, this angel guided her course
The angel’s still with her to this day, as she’s works on a police force.
The angel may urge her to go here or there, maybe turn right or left
With her always in every situation, even if it’s petty theft.
The officer made a stop one night, went into the corner store
She turned around just in time to see, two thugs run through the door.
They came running in with guns, kerchiefs covering their face
Both aimed at her to fire, but the angel was sitting in place.
The officer drew her weapon, with great speed and accuracy
Stopped both thugs from doing harm, it was an incredible thing to see.
Everyone there thanked her that night, she accepted their thanks humbly
When asked how she did it, she smiled and said, “I have an angel with me.”

Photo by Antoinette Alcazar