Exposed: Democrats keep talking about a ‘race war’. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


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What do Democratic Washington mayor Muriel Bowser, CNN host Don Lemon, and Democratic representative Nancy Pelosi have in common with serial killer Charles Manson? They are all contributing to what they hope will be a politically advantageous race war between black and white Americans.

In 1969, Manson family members wrote “Death to Pigs” on the walls of the mansion where they murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. They used the blood of their victims to write the message.

The contemporary expression “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” is heard as a chant at events initiated by the Marxist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa. In both cases, the meaning is the same: death to the police.

Back in the eighties, prosecutor Stephen Kay made it his mission to prevent any member of the Manson family from receiving parole.

The reason he gave for his efforts was that the Manson family “wanted to destroy society in a race war and have hundreds of thousands of innocent people murdered. Sure, it was unrealistic, but they tried to have it happen.”

Manson’s plan was to kill wealthy white people, then have the murders blamed on the Black Panthers. He hoped that such a provocation would inflame passions and cause unreasoning hatred and fear between black and white Americans. This, he felt, would lead to an all-out “race war.”

Thankfully, the police did their job well, the murderous “family” was caught, and the race war failed to materialize.

Now, in 2020, we are seeing another attempt to ignite a race war. The difference this time around is that, unlike the lone wolf drug addict and his unwashed followers, we are now seeing institutional support and generous funding for the people most responsible for racial strife.

Even worse, elected officials and the media have encouraged nearly every bad act we’ve seen so far.

When the Manson family killed Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Steven Parent, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary, they had no support from anyone. They were reviled by the press and the public.

Today, men with long arrest records for violent crimes are hailed as heroes and martyrs by the radical left. Every time, it seems, a black man is wounded or killed in an altercation with police, he is immediately sanctified and used as an excuse to attack police and every person within reach.

The recent spate of tension regarding police use of force began in 2014. This is the year when Michael Brown was shot and killed while resisting arrest after he robbed a convenience store in Ferguson, Missouri.

In 2015, the Washington Examiner addressed criticism of police by pointing out that there is a difference between a justified shooting, such as in Brown’s case, and the sort of extra-judicial criminal shootings that activists accused the police of. As shown by statistics at the time, and more recent statistics available today, the type of race-inspired violence against blacks claimed by activists is not happening.

Over the past few years, an utterly false and malicious narrative has emerged.

It is this:

First, systemic racism exists among law enforcement institutions throughout America. Although focused on police, this false charge is also leveled at prosecutors, judges, and conservative politicians.

Second, police officers are racist.

Third, if a black man is stopped, not spoken to deferentially, injured, or killed in a police encounter, it is an example of racist police brutality and excessive force. The circumstances of the encounter are of no interest to those who promote the narrative.

Fourth, the black suspect is made into a martyr. Whatever his past might say about his criminal record or anti-social tendencies is of no account. If a black man encounters police and so much as stubbed his toe, he can claim foul and rest assured that his criminal record will be forgotten in the ensuing chaos.

Fifth, something described as “justice” is claimed as an objective. What this might entail is never described clearly, but intermediate goals include defunding police, arresting and imprisoning police, murdering police, and the destruction of police infrastructure.

That is the narrative. It is false from start to finish.

Systemic racism has not been found in any modern American institution, including law enforcement, though many have tried hard to find it. In study after study, the myth of systemic racism is an elusive will-o-the-wisp, never heard or seen but somehow believed to exist regardless.

Authors of studies on police racism are disappointed to be in a situation where they have to admit that their study, designed to prove systemic racism, proves the opposite: there is no systemic racism.

According to the black author of one such study, Harvard professor Roland G. Fryer Jr., the results he found, that there was no racial discrimination in police shootings, was “the most surprising result of my career.”

The lack of systemic racism, or any racism at all among police as a whole, deals with the first three elements of the “racist narrative.”

The fourth element, martyr or saint status conferred upon black men identified as “victims” of police, is interesting in light of the circumstances of the interaction that led to their elevation. It is supposed to be impolite to discuss the criminal histories of these men, presumably because it distracts from all the “racism,” but their histories often explain their actions during police encounters. 

In a recent example, a black man named Jacob Blake was shot seven times by police. This is all the information needed to have a protest and deadly riots on Blake’s behalf.

Not only that, but crowdfunding quickly accumulated over $2 million for Blake and/or his family. According to the narrative, Blake was driving down a street with his kids in his car, saw an argument between two women on the sidewalk, stopped to break it up, and then was shot by police for no reason.

That does sound pretty bad, and if it was in any way truthful, the outrage it stirred might be partly justified.

However, again, the narrative is false.

All of it.

The real story? As Law Enforcement Today reported previously, police were called to the scene of an attempted auto theft. The vehicle Blake tried to enter in the presence of officers did not belong to him.

He did not drive it to the scene.

Blake was armed with a knife.

Police were aware before they arrived that Blake had an open warrant for felony sexual assault. Police attempted to talk Blake into dropping the knife but he was uncooperative. They tried to remove the knife from Blake by force but were unsuccessful.

They next attempted to tase him, twice, but it did not incapacitate Blake. Blake then tried to enter a car that had three children in the backseat while carrying the knife. Police tried to restrain him from entering the car, but failed.

It is here that he was shot seven times. Blake survived the shooting and police administered first aid to him immediately as he was subdued as a threat.

Blake is no saint and he shouldn’t be a martyr. He absolutely should not be the cause of destructive and deadly rioting, as happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin almost as soon as news of his injuries broke. Within hours of the shooting on August 23rd, buildings had been set on fire by demonstrators.

Last, shouts of “justice” among people described as “peaceful protesters” by the press are an empty distraction. Worse, it is a lie.

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They chant:

“No justice, no peace!”

What they really mean is, “we are going to attack you relentlessly until you die!” If they were truly interested in anything resembling justice, they wouldn’t “protest” in the first place. If they felt they had to protest, in the interest of “justice” or any other moral imperative, they would refrain from committing criminal offenses such as murder, arson, and assault.

In every example complained about in protests, the police officers involved have been quickly relieved of duty and taken into custody. Some have been arrested and charged with murder within days of the instigating incident. This has happened even in cases where the police behaved correctly, which is true of almost every case.

Unless “justice” now includes public lynching, justice has already happened before the first protester arrives with their BLM sign at the scene of a shooting.

A serious, and sad, irony of recent riots is that they have caused far more harm to the black community than the harm they imagine to have been caused by police. Hundreds of businesses have been destroyed, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage has been caused, nearly a thousand police officers have been injured, and dozens of people have been killed.

It is as if someone started a riot to complain about his father’s death in police custody, and then to show how passionately he cares, he shoots and kills several of his own relatives. What kind of statement is that?

Something in the narrative doesn’t add up and it is this: the riots have never been about systemic racism or the relatively few deaths of black criminals who resisted arrest.

They aren’t about systemic racism because there is no systemic racism.

Because there is no systemic racism, the people instigating riots have to manufacture the impression that systemic racism is real. To do that, they must lie and fabricate evidence.

Because they have done this, they also know there is no systemic racism. If it was real, they wouldn’t have to fake it.

Maybe the protesters on the street, or the rioters burning down buildings are unaware of this, but the leaders of the movement and their accomplices have to be aware that the entire narrative is fake.

In August of 2017, news announcer Martha Raddatz hosted a four minute segment on ABC news. In it, she complained about President Trump’s response to the presence of Neo-Nazis at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, where a counter-protester, Heather Heyer, was killed.

Raddatz said that the president never denounced the racists present at the rally. And yet, in the very interview she is talking about, the president unambiguously condemned racism, any racists at the rally, and the man who killed Heyer.

He did this seven times.

Maybe Raddatz hadn’t seen the full interview but someone at ABC had to in order to edit her segment. It is impossible that every person at ABC connected to that story was unaware that what Raddatz said was untrue. Someone, possibly multiple people at ABC, had to know that what Raddatz said was false.

Again, why falsify evidence of racism to prove that a racist is a racist? If the accusation has merit, there should be no need to fabricate or manipulate evidence. The answer here is the same. Because the accusation is false. The people who originate and propagate the message know this. They have to know because the manufacture of fraudulent claims by itself proves the lie.

And yet, we have been hearing a great deal about racism lately. Racist cops, racist conservatives, racist politicians, and at the top of the writhing heap of loathsome racists, a racist president.

Except, of course, this is all fake.

If any group these days could be convincingly described as racist, with evidence, it is liberals.

The reason is that they are myopically focused on race. They see everything through the prism of race. Like ancient astronomers who thought the Sun traveled around the earth, every observation they make, however wrong, solidifies their position. Meanwhile, because they can’t stop talking about race and racism, they have forced everyone else to do it too. And this is the point.

In a color-blind society where equal opportunity is a reality, how can race-related tensions be created? Create a fiction of a martyred hero of his race. Falsify the account as needed to make the bad guys as evil as possible while burnishing the reputation of the martyr. Make sure the martyr has a substantial amount of dirt to burnish. This accomplishes two things. The people who are the same race as the martyr will be outraged on his behalf, while the easily-spotted lies enrage people of the same race as the supposed aggressors. 

Who then, is stoking fears and animosities between black and white Americans? 

Every day we are treated to news commentators who uncritically accept or create false narratives about police malfeasance, racism, and martyred black criminals. Democrat politicians do the same. They invoke the names of deceased criminals in hushed tones, as if speaking the name of their deity. 

Democrat vice-president nominee Kamala Harris said this of BLM, the group behind many of the race-related riots in past months:

“I give full credit to the brilliance of that movement in terms of what it has done to advance a conversation that needed to happen, a long time ago, but did not capture the ears or the hearts of the American people. What Black Lives Matter has done as a movement has been to be a counterforce against a very entrenched status quo around the criminal justice system in America.”

Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wrote:

“Across our country, Americans are protesting for an end to the pattern of racial injustice and brutality we saw most recently in the murder of George Floyd.”

They then proceed to defend rioters and complain that President Trump is insensitive to their legitimate concerns by using, and this is a false claim, tear gas to disburse protesters.

There is no shortage of statements by Democrats and liberal celebrities in media and entertainment regarding the riots. All of them have the same message: they aren’t riots, they are “peaceful protests.”

The president is racist. The police are racist. All they want is peace and justice.

That is, this was the message until precisely five days ago when, on August 26th, CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo pointed out that  the riots aren’t polling well with Democrats and black voters. The riots will have to stop. Now, the messaging is changing among everyone else as well. Now, the “peaceful protests” are “riots,” but instead of defending them, liberals are accusing President Trump of causing them.

Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser says that she is worried that America is “descending into a race war.” She blames it on the president, saying that his “divisive rhetoric” is inflaming passions.

As if the news didn’t have a hand in it.

As if lying about and exaggerating details of normal police activity didn’t affect perceptions of police by their viewers.

As if hiding the many white offenders who are treated no differently than black ones had nothing to do with the perception of racist police.

As if she had nothing to do with it by siding with a Marxist group, having their logo painted across an entire street across from the White House, and justifying their every fake claim with implicit and explicit support.

Democrat representative Maxine Waters (CA) told her followers to harass conservatives:

 “No peace, no sleep! No peace, no sleep! … God is on our side! … If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Even worse, her followers did as she asked. They harassed black conservative Candace Owens, press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, and many others. Senator Rand Paul was assaulted and seriously injured while mowing his lawn at home.

Major companies have donated large sums to BLM; Google, Amazon, Apple, WalMart, Target, Home Depot, EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Etsy, H&M, Everlane, Spanx, Levis, Gap, Lululemon, Nike, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Coca-Cola, UnitedHealth Group, Peloton, and many others have contributed substantial sums to BLM and related groups.

The total amounts to over $100 million according to some tallies.

What we have are examples of normal police activity twisted beyond recognition to create a fake narrative for the purpose of inducing people to believe that systemic racism exists among police and America at large.

The immediate goal is to create fear among blacks that white people are out to get them, while simultaneously instilling fear in white people, afraid that they will be harmed in BLM-style riots. The leftist media, leftist politicians, and even large corporations have all supported this narrative, as transparently fake as it is.

And now, now that Democrats have discovered that the riots aren’t helping their numbers, like a fart at the dinner table, they’re pointing to someone else. “It wasn’t me, uh-uh, it was President Trump.”

And yet Trump isn’t at the table, hasn’t been to the house, didn’t know of the dinner and hasn’t partaken of the food.

Every single person connected to the great racism hoax of 2020 is a liberal. Liberals have been trying to start a race war since at least the 1960’s. Now that they are on the verge of succeeding, they want to give the credit to President Trump.

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