I’ve learned in this past week that one person can make a difference! I saw a Facebook posting that was bashing the Rochester, NY Police Department.  Someone had started an actual campaign trying to make the Rochester Police Department look bad.

We have three generations of law enforcement in my family. I am the mother and sister of LEOs.  My uncle was in law enforcement. I grew up in a neighborhood with public safety personnel next door and across the street.

The negative campaign against the Rochester, NY Police Department upset me.  I wanted to change it, but how could I do that? I have a full-time career and I’m finishing up my last two grad classes towards my MBA.  Life is busy.  I’m a mother of four with my second grandchild on its way. What could I do to help?

This negative campaign was spreading due to a Facebook page.  Fight fire with fire!  I created my own Facebook campaign “Thank Your Rochester, NY Police Department”. The immediate response was great!

Then I started to get negative posts from that other page and their followers.  They made posts making fun of my new page.  I ignored their negativity and threats. I was not going to tolerate any of that on my new page, only positive and supportive posts make it a family friendly page. I deleted, blocked, and provided feedback to many that no negative comments would be tolerated.   My page was created to show support to the Rochester Police Department, as well as tp all first responders and the Armed Forces.

The public’s support has been outpouring.  Many supportive messages have been posted by LEOs showing their appreciation for this new Facebook page. People that were supporters of the negative campaign actually started to see that there were many lies being spread and admitted they were now in support of our local PD.

I needed more help to keep up with the activity since I have a full time career and I am an MBA graduate student. My daughter and an anonymous RPD officer’s wife are helping me administer the page.

I’ve been told that Rochester police officers are all keeping up with the page to see what is being posted  Some don’t want to be seen posting due to the negative campaign. I have reassured them that their presence is unknown unless they post. The officers are reposting the information with each other’s Facebook pages to support each other. It’s become more than what I could have imagined in just a short week’s time with over 1300 likes as of today!

Sgt. Collins, Rochester Police Department Public Information Officer, stated, “Law enforcement is a difficult, stressful career.  Community support, like that shown on the Facebook page, means so much to us.

The page with the negative campaign has been put on notice by Facebook for posting threats and vulgarity. It’s quite possible that they might be shut down. The good news is that they are very concerned about it after their ability to post on their out negative wall was put in place by Facebook controls. They are trying to ensure their negative followers will have a place to blog, so that has been their major source of information this past week. There has been less energy being spent on their slander while they are scrambling to remain active.

We have now been blessed with the support of Andrew M. Hale & Associates from the “Whole Truth Project”, http://www.ahalelaw.com/whole-truth-project/. They posted our cause on their website and they are sending our RPD 900 rubber band bracelets that say don’t blame the cops.com. I couldn’t have imagined when this started that we’d be getting support from so many different sources! It’s truly exciting to make a difference by just taking something that started off as a negative into such a positive in such as short time. We are so grateful for those courageous first responders and we want to make sure they know they are supported!

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