Heartwarming: Couple adopts seven siblings whose parents died in a tragic car accident


LOS ANGELES, CA– Back in 2019, when Pamela Willis saw a Facebook post about seven siblings who needed a home after their parents had died in a car accident, she had no idea how that post would forever change her and her husband’s life.

According to FOX 5, Willis said in a statement:

“I really felt at that moment that those were supposed to be my children. It’s hard to explain, but I just have this really deep feeling like that.”

The children had been in foster care for more than a year after losing their parents in a fatally car crash. Although Willis and her husband Gary had fostered children before and have five adult biological kids, the idea to adopt never crossed their minds. 

To convince her husband, Willis tagged him in the Facebook post and later that evening asked him if he had seen the story. Willis said:

“He looked at me and said, ‘Yeah we should adopt those kids.’ He kind of blew my mind when he said that because I thought I was going to have to put up some convincing.”

She admitted:

“I though Gary was going to tell me I was wacko, we were getting ready to retire. It was one of those moments where we were both really feeling that that was what we were being called to do.”

That night, they called the number listed at the bottom of the story. Willis recalled:

“We were told they’d already received thousands of calls.”

But, a few months later, they met the siblings, 15-year-old Adelino, 13-year-old Ruby, 9-year-old Aleecia, 8-year-old Aubriella, 5-year-old Leo, and 4-year-old Xander.

The couple had also learned that the children had experience homelessness in addition to their late parents’ struggle regarding addiction. Willis said:

“We were just kind of open to whatever knowing that these kids had been through extra trauma being in this huge car accident with their parents because they were actually in the accident with their parents, so they all had been injured.”

She added:

“They all had been through hospitalizations. We knew they had been through a lot.”

In August 2020, the couple officially adopted all seven siblings and the family currently lives in Menifee, California. She said:

“It was easy to connect with the little ones. They were just desperately craving permanency.”

Willis revealed that the older two were a little trickier. She said:

“I think they didn’t quit trust that we were real. Like maybe we were going to go away. I think it’s so hard to trust when so much has been taken from your life Ruby didn’t know how to be a kid. She had to be a mother figure at a very young age.”

She added:

“From the day we met them, they were ours. This was a forever commitment.”

For the adoption, the emotional ceremony was attended virtually by Pam and Gary’s biological children, Matthew, 32, Andrew, 30, Alexa, 27, Sophia, 23, and Sam, 20. Willis said:

“It was awesome. We brought a big TV screen out to the park so everybody could watch and cheer and be safe during COVID. There was so much love.”

She added:

“They’ve given us a second chance at parenting, we’ve given them a second Mom and Dad. They are our Second Chance 7.”

Willis now uses her social media profiles to encourage others to reach out to people who need help.

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Washington non-profit moves American kids and foster parents to make room for illegal migrants

April 1, 2021

RENTON, WA- As the Biden administration continues to create a nightmare crisis at the border, they have transferred that crisis to other states in the union.

One of the most cruel and heinous policies undertaken under Biden is occurring in Renton, Washington, where foster parents are being displaced in order to make room for illegal migrant children who entered the US, according to KING-5.


Edmundo Serena Sanchez and his wife Paula have been fostering children over the years at a waterfront home in the city, having cared for 20 children over that time.

However last month the couple received word that they were being kicked out of that home to make was for illegal migrant children transplanted from the US-Mexico border.

A non-profit, Friends of Youth, the owner of the home sent a letter telling the couple they would have to vacate the home and were shifting to a “different strategic vision.” In other words, the deep pockets of the American taxpayers.

Cywn Glenn, who used to live in the home was stunned when she heard the news.

“My feet would not be underneath me like they are now,” she said of the foster home.

Serena Sanchez was surprised when he received the news and wanted to know what would become of the children.

“Well the first reaction was to ask them, ‘OK, you want us to move out of here. What’s going to happen with the kids?’” he said.

He is currently fostering four children.

According to Friends of Youth, they said they had located new homes for the displaced children. However Glenn doesn’t take the shuffling around of the children lightly.

“It’s honestly one of the scariest things that you can go through,” she said.

Glenn had been shuffled around among a number of homeless shelter prior to her arrival at the Sanchez home at age 17.

“I really can’t stress enough how amazing they are and how grateful I am for them.”

A spokesman for the nonprofit, DeAnn Adams, chief program officer told the outlet the sudden change was due to the surge of migrants at the border and because of new funding opportunities [emphasis added] though the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

She claimed the decision was not made due to financial gain, and that the home is going to be serving more children than it does currently

KING 5 said it is unknown if any more American kids will be dislodged to benefit illegal migrant children.

They reached out to far-left U.S. Rep. Pramilia Jaypal, who said:

“Seattle will do everything it can to be part of the solution.”

The decision comes mere months after a number of youth advocacy organizations filed a federal lawsuit against the state, claiming it had “failed to provide stable housing for growing numbers of foster children.”

According to attorney Susan Kas of Disability Rights Washington, “These children, among the state’s most vulnerable, are being deeply harmed by short-sighted and inhumane practices.”

In the suit, it named three children as representatives, who were identified only by their initials, who were moved around between hotel rooms, state offices and out-of-state facilities instead of being housed and treated in a licensed foster home.

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So in other words, kids who are legally allowed to be in the United States get moved around while those who are here illegally will in essence be displacing these kids.

The lawsuit names the Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) and Secretary Ross Hunter as plaintiffs. The suit was filed by Disability Rights Washington, the National Center for Youth Law and Carney Gillespie PLLP.

KING 5 conducted an investigation in February and told the story of a man who is now 18 and aged out of the system.

David Cerrone was placed in the foster care system when he was 16, and said that he was bounced around by social workers through a series of hotel stays which lasted several weeks. He said he received no education, treatment or support.

“What I feel pretty much I was told was, ‘It’s your fault you have to get sent to these hotels. This is a result of our actions’ or something like that,” Cerrone told KING 5 in February. “It’s my fault I don’t have a place to live?”


The state has continued to use hotels and DCYF offices to house children despite years of complaints, according to numbers released by the state ombudsman, and those cases continue to rise.

KING 5 was told by the Secretary that while he is aware of the “traumatic and chaotic nature of housing children in hotels,” he blamed the coronavirus pandemic for making the problem worse last year, since some foster homes have refused additional placements.

The lawsuit is calling on DCYF “to establish system-wide changes, including addressing the lack of family reunification-focused services and supports; ending the shameful practice of placing foster children in hotels, state offices, and other temporary stays; instituting a process for providing an individualized needs assessment to all children subjected to these harmful placement practices; and developing an adequate array of placements to ensure that children with disabiliti9es receive foster care services in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs.”

Back in January, DCYF Secretary Hunter said that he was aware of the growing number of children in care of the state who were staying in hotels and offices, noting that this would be solved by more “investments” by the state.

He noted the number of students who experience such placements is small overall, and said the children had “complex needs that are not easily met and require significant resources.”

There is no update on the status of the lawsuit, and Hunter had not had the opportunity to review the lawsuit and couldn’t comment on pending litigation anyway.

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