Unbiased media? Head of Union says Seattle journalists support defunding police. Wow.


Seattle, WA- As if society doesn’t mistrust the media enough, Shellea Allen, executive director of SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local, testified to the Seattle City Council that union members support the move to defund the police by 50%.

According to Mynorthwest, during the public testimony portion of a council meeting last week, Allen read a statement on behalf of “the labor union that represents journalists” backing the political movement.

Allen said to the council:

“A new kind of policing is possible,” 

She continued:

“Defending Black lives and defending our First Amendment rights as journalists means defunding the police and reinvesting in the community.”

Following this, she claimed that SAG-AFTRA supports the group Decriminalize Seattle, which has called for the 50% cut of the Seattle police budget.

In a brief statement via email to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, Allen said:

“statement was officially rescinded on the record with city council.”

By responding via email, instead of publicly just shows that Allen does not have the gall to support her statement, now that it has come under fire by some. 

A spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA did respond, however, it was clear no public statement was going to be made by them either.

The statement said:

“[Allen] notified the City Council that her statement should be rescinded from the record as not representing the views of SAG-AFTRA​.” 

Although not many would speak publicly, it is said that some local TV reporters, both in and out of the union, were not pleased with Allen’s statement.

However, Vanessa Misciagna, a KING 5 reporter, did speak up on Twitter:

“I, just as I believe any of my colleagues who are members of this union, denounce anyone or any organization backing one side of an issue, claiming to speak for journalists,”

She went on to say:

“I hope our union learned a lesson about the danger of her words.”

This statement not only caused a stir with union members, but non-union members chimed in as well.

Q13 FOX reporter and anchor Brandi Kruse took to twitter to say:

“She claimed to be speaking for journalists – but all she did is further erode public trust in the press. This is beyond bizarre,”

In an email to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, a spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA downplayed the comments in an email by saying the comments were simply about “journalist safety and policing.”

Here is the official email:

“Her statement reflected her personal position on these topics and not that of the membership of SAG-AFTRA. She has since clarified this fact.

“As a union that advocates for members across this the country and around the globe, the voices of SAG-AFTRA reflect a diversity of opinion on many social issues.

“We believe strongly in the power of individuals using their voices, but maintain a clear line between personal and institutional viewpoints on the issues of the day.

“In this instance our local executive director was expressing a personal opinion only.

“We have no further comment.”

This is another example of a figure head speaking out of turn to try to fall in line with the current “anti-police” movement. For Allen however, it does not seem to have worked out in her favor. 

Journalists and media outlets are supposed to remain unbiased and report the facts from all sides, that is what makes a good reporter. What they are not supposed to do, is publicly choose sides, especially during such a controversial time. 

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LET Unity

Here is an article that Law Enforcement Today brought you about how the public actually does not want the police to be defunded.

Seattle, Washington – Despite the idea of defunding the Seattle Police Department by 50% of its funding, a recent poll shows that Seattle residents do not trust the City Council’s approach of defunding the SPD by 50%.

In fact, in a recent poll of likely voters in Seattle – only 32% of respondents agreed with the City Council approach.

Turns out that about 43% of those polled prefer Mayor Jenny Durkan and SPD Chief Carmen Best’s approach of a more balanced approach to redirecting less funds over a spanned period of time and 21% respondents didn’t want any defunding of the department at all.

This isn’t the only survey conducted in the state of Washington that revealed that “defunding the police” is not a popular concept with voters.  

A recent polling of 675 Washington residents posed the following question:

“Do you support or oppose proposals to defund police departments?”

In response, 53% of respondents either opposed or strongly opposed the idea. Only 34% were among Washington voters in that poll that supported the “defunding” of police departments.

While residents within the state aren’t opposed to the idea of reallocating some police funding – the 50% business is not exactly popular.

Furthermore, data also shows that Seattle residents actually trust Chief Best more than the City Council when it comes to reshaping the SPD – which it should be noted that Chief Best has not been among the fans of a 50% drop in funding either:

“I think the word plan is rather loose here. [The City Council] haven’t got a plan. All they have shown us that they want to reduce the budget by 50%. I haven’t seen any real planning in that.

And the real tragedy of doing that is that we will lose 1,100 employees. That’s 50% of our total workforce because most of our budget is made up of our personnel costs and it would be a tragedy.”

And of course, you’ve got City Council members like Teresa Mosqueda who are pretending like all the protests in Seattle are peaceful (while attending one) – and there’s a person actively standing behind her telling police to kill themselves with a megaphone and follows up with:

“Save us the trouble of tearing you apart – and fucking kill yourselves.”

Oh, and then Mosqueda even stated that the man’s comments were “justified”.

Such wonderful leadership.

It’s becoming painfully obvious that the City Council isn’t listening to the majority of the voters, and thus the will of the people.


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