Report: He called himself “Rights Crispy”. He wouldn’t stop harassing cops. Now he’s been arrested.


Pinellas County, FL – Last September, we brought you the story of a YouTube troll who spent his days videoing law enforcement, harassing them and trying to troll them into doing something on camera that would make them look bad or possibly lead to him claiming they had violated his 1st Amendment rights.

The original story appears below in its entirety. 

But first, we want to bring you an update on the “anonymous” individual behind the YouTube account. 

Previously known to many only as “Rights Crispy,” the law enforcement troll now has a name. And we have that thanks to his recent arrest in Pinellas County, Florida, according to his YouTube fans.

Report: He called himself "Rights Crispy".  He wouldn't stop harassing cops.  Now he's been arrested.

Fintan Vargas mugshot taken from YouTube Screenshot

Fintan Vargas, 45, was arrested on Tuesday by officers from the Largo Police Department.

He has been charged with “resisting officer without violence (obstruction)”.  

Even more details about Vargas were provided on YouTube by one of his fellow cop-hating anonymous YouTubers. 

The YouTube poster said that the charges amount to nothing more than “hurting a cops feeling,” but did say that it apparently stemmed from some sort of a road rage incident. 

Interestingly enough, this is not Vargas’s first arrest. He was also picked up in December of 2006 for charges of Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence with a firearm. No records were available to show the outcome of those charges. 

Report: He called himself "Rights Crispy".  He wouldn't stop harassing cops.  Now he's been arrested.

In checking his YouTube channel, he has made no posts regarding the arrest or the incident that led to it.  A frequent contributor and tag-a-long for Vargas (seen in the video below) is a YouTuber named Rogue Nation. His channel is also absent anything regarding the arrest. 

Another channel, owned by GA the GladiAuditor, showed that he was in shock, and visibly, upset that Vargas was arrested. 

We will bring you an update when one becomes available. 

Here is the original story.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son


Editor note: Our team debated whether or not to share the actual video.  

On one hand, we feel that professional trolls shouldn’t get a platform.  On the other, we feel it’s important to show how some people are just so desperate for attention in life that they’ll turn to trolling law enforcement in a failed attempt at being relevant.

And so with that… we decided to show you what desperation looks like.  We hope you’ll join us and show everyone what our officers have to deal with on a daily basis.  If you’d like to send these officers a message of support, you can do so at the bottom of the article.

There have been times in my life that I seriously considered being a cop. I never became one, but many people in my family did.

Two brothers, a sister-in-law, a nephew and a niece are currently serving as officers or federal agents. I love and support those that make up the Thin Blue Line.

I also take it personally when someone attacks the men and women in uniform, even the ones I have never met. That now includes Sergeant Carla Kmiotek of the Coral Springs Police Department.

Enter YouTuber Rogue Nation (AKA Cap’n Awesome, AKA Rights Crispy). This past Friday, he posted an amateur and poorly produced video from a visit to the Coral Springs, Florida City Hall.  To say that it was created with the talent of a third grader would be an insult to children.

One of the first people he encounters is Sergeant Kmiotek, who is a friend to many at LET.

Viewers of Behind the Uniforms undoubtedly know her. She comes from a line of officers. Her father was a cop, killed in the line of duty. Her mother was not only the first female officer in her department, but later became the first female chief of that same department.

Kmiotek went on a ride-a-long with her mom at 16 and she was hooked. She knew that is what she wanted to do.

She currently serves as the training Sergeant for the CSPD. She was also a responder to the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February of 2018.

As the YouTube video shows, she is also a professional. At no time, in the nearly 5 minutes that she was involved, was she discourteous, condescending, rude or dismissive. Those facts, however, did not stop the antagonists from editing in their own typed commentary in which they were discourteous, condescending, rude and dismissive.  

And just to add further insult, they added some sexual overtones.

He also took to Twitter, where he called Kmiotek incompetent, unintelligent and pretty on the outside but disgusting on the inside.

It is obvious that his intent, along with another person with another camera were there for the sole purpose of goading a cop into some form of a perceived violation of his Constitutional rights.  

From the moment they encountered Kmiotek, they were dismissive of her presence. Before she said a word to the man behind the camera, he whispered:

“Excuse me…shh.”

She then said:

“Hi, can I help you?“

His response:

“No. Just be quiet please.”

Kmiotek calls for a unit to come to City Hall, as she is preparing to give a safety training to staff members of the city.

The social media warrior then asks if she was calling a “signal 13,” an indication of a suspicious person.

She politely says no and explains that she is about to teach a safety class.

Shortly after this, while walking towards her and mumbling, Kmiotek says excuse me. He rudely states:

“I wasn’t talking to you.”

Shortly after that, he says she is being passive-aggressive.

He then tries to follow several people into the training room, but his stopped short because it is in a secured area. When she points that out, he tells her that he doesn’t go into secured areas.

He illustrates that on the screen by adding the verbiage:

I explain this to her two more times, but she fails to get it.

Man tries to troll police sergeant, tells police wives he hopes their husbands get murdered.

He then wanders the lobby and halls for several minutes filming random things and then turns his attention back onto Kmiotek.

“Sergeant, what type of training are you having?”

Hmm, now who isn’t listening? She had already answered that.

After she responds that it is safety training, the text pops up above her head:

She thought I was gonna ask about a threesome maybe.

Man tries to troll police sergeant, tells police wives he hopes their husbands get murdered.

This statement alone tells us everything we need to know about this garden slug of a human. But for those keeping count, this is the 6th belittling statement he makes towards Sergeant Kmiotek. And he is far from finished.

He informs her that he is exercising his constitutional rights to video in public spaces.  Presumably because he’s either trying to get a date or just trying desperately to get someone to pay attention to him.

“And that’s why I haven’t stopped you,” she replied.

Text appears above her head, yet again. This time saying:

Once you mention Constitution they stop listening.

He then questions her about the patches on her ballistic vest. She informed him that one was for training, the other was the MSD First Responder Ribbon.

And here he goes again.

Ironic since they failed to respond but that deputy got his pension.

Man tries to troll police sergeant, tells police wives he hopes their husbands get murdered.

Okay, a couple of points here regarding this misleading statement.

One, Sergeant Kmiotek is with the Coral Springs Police Department. The SROs at Douglas High School were supplied by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Two, LET, among others, has gone to great lengths to chronicle the failings of that day, writing numerous articles about the deputies that have been fired and even arrested and brought up on 11 felony counts. We also detailed the removal of the Sheriff by Governor DeSantis over the events surrounding that horrific event.  Sgt. Kmiotek and the other officers at Coral Springs are actual warriors… unlike the social justice warrior that this “film producer” is trying to pass himself off as.

The other responding officer arrives and Kmiotek begins detailing why he is there.

The camera jockey then says:

“Again, we know where not to go.”

The words she wasn’t listening appear on the screen.

“I don’t know that you know that,” she replied.

He replies sarcastically:

“I just told you that like two minutes ago.”

As she walks away to conduct training, we hear his final parting shot:

“You’re dismissed.”

‘Cap’n Awesome’ spends the next 13 minutes trying to bait multiple officers into some sort of misstep that he can capture on camera. All the responding officers remain courteous and professional. Each one provided their name and CCID number when asked. Not one of them attempted to have him stop filming.

None of them asked him to leave.

Man tries to troll police sergeant, tells police wives he hopes their husbands get murdered.

But that did not stop him from continuing his belittlement of the officers standing in that lobby. He called a detective ‘salty, irritable and burned out’ and a poor leader.

He also took to Twitter to discuss his thoughts on Detective Young, posting photos of the officer and tweeting:

@CoralSpringsPD sorry to inform you but if craggy old grandpa here has an EOW I don’t care.”

Essentially, he is saying that he is rooting for officers to be killed in the line of duty (as evidenced by his accompanying tweets about other officers).

Take, for example, this tweet below, where he’s speaking to the wife of an officer and tells her he’ll celebrate if someone puts a bullet in his head.

“Tell MRS MAGUFFEY after watching this video if someone puts a .45 bullet in her husband’s frontal lobe, I will not care, I will not mourn but I will raise a glass of champagne to his EOW These tyrannical bullies will be stopped one way or another.”

Of the two officers accompanying the detective, these are sheep not sheepdogs.

Later in the video, he shows that he is what we called in the Army, a crap-house lawyer. He informs Officer Pearce that the police do not have ‘qualified immunity’ and that if they enforce a ‘false policy,’ he is going after his jet ski, his boat and his pension.

Again, he is looking for someone in uniform to do anything that will allow him to file a suit and sue the city, the department, and, from the statement above, any and all officers involved.

Man tries to troll police sergeant, tells police wives he hopes their husbands get murdered.

Another officer walks in and he says she looks hungover. She turns away from the camera as she coughs. The text returns, saying:

This is why I don’t shake hands with cops…they are full of germs.

Germs? Perhaps. Most likely it is due to his complete disrespect for authority in general and his total disdain for law enforcement specifically.

All this grandstanding was apparently due to his desire to go to the 2nd floor to file an anonymous public records request with the Planning and Zoning office.

Toward the end of the video, a civilian clerk offers to help them without showing their IDs or getting badges. The irony in his celebratory attitude over his heroine coming to save the day: she took them both into an office on the first floor.

Man tries to troll police sergeant, tells police wives he hopes their husbands get murdered.

They still didn’t get to the 2nd floor as they claimed is all they wanted to do.

As his final parting shot, just as the door is about to close, he informs the officers, just as he did Sergeant Kmiotek, that they too are dismissed.

Sadly, officers must deal with people who target them with these slime ball tactics. But this is what makes our law enforcement community great.

If this social media miscreant were to call the Coral Springs Police Department right now, in need of assistance, they would be there. It is not plausible to believe that a single one of them would see him and keep driving.

Man tries to troll police sergeant, tells police wives he hopes their husbands get murdered.

They would arrive on scene and provide the necessary assistance that they have sworn to provide to their community, because that is what sheepdogs do. And to answer your question Rights Crispy, yes, they did take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

And it is that oath, coupled with a servant’s heart, that would compel Sergeant Kmiotek to step in harm’s way to keep you safe. Even if it meant sacrificing their own life to do so.

See, that is what real leaders do. That is what compassionate servants do. That is why we call them heroic. Unlike yourself, who deems themselves some sort of champion for posting videos of attempts at entrapment, defamation and downright idiocy, these people save lives. You simply ridicule them for their willingness to do so.

Editor Note: As of this morning, the Twitter account has been “temporarily restricted”.  

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