Remember when the Mayor of Minneapolis tried to put a ban on ‘warrior-style’ training courses for law enforcement?

Guess who’s eating his words.

The Minneapolis Police Union announced this week that they would be offering those exact types of classes for their officers – and they’re doing it on their own dime.

The union represents nearly 1,000 officers in the Minneapolis area. They teamed up with Law Officer, an online police publication, to help ensure that departments get the training they need for situations that require hardened tactics.

Jacob Frey called for a ban on ‘warrior-style’ training courses for cops. (LET)


The Mayor cited examples of when police officers used excessive force to condemn the warrior mindset. But let’s face it – we NEED these people to be warriors.

But now Mayor Frey also says that officers can be penalized if they seek out and take unapproved courses on their own.

 “Officers found to pursue any training that conflicts with MPD’s training and has not been preapproved will be subject to discipline,” Frey said on Wednesday.

These are the very men and women breaching the walls of a building housing a mass shooter. These are the men and women who patrol streets run by gangs, respond to mass casualty events… shall we go on?

President of the union Lt. Bob Kroll said it best.

“It’s not about killing, it’s about surviving.”


Not only do we want or need these LEO’s to have the proper training to protect the public – we owe it to them to give them the best possible chance of survival in the midst of a firefight or hostage rescue situation.


“A man that wants to ban this type of training, that has never been to this type of training also expects his officers to run towards gunfire to protect the lives of the citizens of Minneapolis,” said a member of Law Officer.

Mayor Frey called the training ‘fear-based’, and was proud to announce during his public address that they would be the first city to do away with the programs. Trainings rooted in fear, Frey said, “violate the values at the very heart of community policing.”

The free training will be offered online and will remain available to any and every officer in the area until Frey no longer serves as Mayor. Experts speculate that this will not be the last city that we hear about to start banning the training courses.

Instead, municipalities will push for “guardian-based” training that only uses force as a means of last resort. States across the country have already attempted to change the law surrounding when officers can legally administer deadly force. These new statutes no doubt put the lives of officers at a huge risk. If an LEO fears repercussions from their actions instead of making a life-saving decision, the LODD toll will rise.


A Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) source quoted the mayor’s official statement:

“Effective immediately, Minneapolis police officers are prohibited from taking a certain type of training course.”

Mayor Jacob Frey made the announcement Thursday during his annual State of the City speech, saying that so-called ‘fear-based or warrior training’ courses make officers overly aggressive.

Mayor Jacob Frey

Mayor Jacob Frey speaks at the 2018 City of Minneapolis inauguration in the rotunda of Minneapolis City Hall.


The type of training that is now banned for Minneapolis police officers goes by different names.

An examination of records following the police shooting death of Philando Castile in 2016 showed then-St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez took a seminar called ‘Bulletproof Warrior.’

According to a brochure, the course is designed to help officers ‘utilize their ‘Warrior Spirit’ in a practical way so they can WIN hostile confrontations on the street.’

Frey said training based on instilling fear in officers has no place in Minneapolis because it ‘does not align with the culture and mission of our chief, and serves no purpose in our police department’…”

violent crime crisis

Maybe it’s time we lay down our shield.


First and foremost, Minneapolis is that last place on the planet that the mayor should take the edge off his police officers.

Crimes rates have risen dramatically over the past few years, and massive immigration by Somali Muslims have turned the area into the #1 spot in the nation for terrorist radicalization and recruitment. 

It is also U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar’s district, and her anti-Semitic and anti-American statements and sentiment have likely stoked fires in the city based on race and religion conflicts that didn’t previously exist.

The freshman lawmaker has been allegedly holding closed-door fundraisers with groups linked to terrorism. (Flickr)


This is just another attempt in a long line of attempts to appease criminals and their families.

We’ve all seen and heard about “de-escalation” training usually sponsored by the ACLU and psychologists – both groups of people who have never been in a conflictual moment in their lives and had to make split-second decision that would cause you to choose between the life and death of yourself, your partner, an innocent civilian, or a suspect. 

I file this measure along with the lessening of the grip of law and order in many Democratically-controlled cities and states where minor crimes, which usually lead to major crimes, have been dismissed, not enforced, or completely excluded from a district or state attorney’s mantle.

(LEO Self Defense Training from USAF)

(LEO Self Defense Training from USAF)


We also know that the lack of training and motivation leads to weight gain, apathy, and incompetence.  Incompetence leads to death in our career field.

The need for constant training is widely recognized in the field, not only to learn new systems and procedures, but to reinforce training and build mental and physical (muscle) memory into ourselves to ensure we can react when in a crisis.

“Warrior training” – that’s a great marketing title for something that simply refines and hones a police officer’s ability to be aware of their surroundings at all times and react to any threat presented. If a mayor or city council member is ignorant and naïve enough to believe that the officers in their area don’t see threats every day, they should ride along for a few shifts and see for themselves.


(Microphones from pixabay, image compiled by LET staff.)