Hate From Your Own Race


Hate From Your Own Race

It sucks. Sometimes it’s hard to process. Other moments you ask yourself why you do the job. How do you keep going?

Last night I got berated for three straight hours for being a black cop.

Yes, three hours!

I heard every version of the N-word you could possibly think of. Hearing it wasn’t the issue. It’s who I heard it from.

I was the backup officer on a domestic battery in progress. Witnesses called 9-1-1 stating they observed a black man chocking and hitting a black woman.

When we arrived, they were still in a struggle and had to be separated. The black female had cuts and bruises all over her elbows and shoulder. She was disheveled.

Based on witness statements and interviews with both parties, we determined the male was the aggressor. He was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

I was always taught that women should be honored and treated with respect. Call it cliché, but I still believe that. In my heart I felt like we did a good deed, … helping a battered woman.

“The American culture today hates blue. Try being black and blue.” – Jay Stalien

However, no good deed goes unpunished.

I, the back up unit, became the enemy of the women I was there to help. She was upset at me. She was disgusted at the sight of me. She hated my very presence. She hated what I stood for. She hated, … that I was black.

Blue racism
(Screenshot from New York SBA video “Blue Racism”)

I guess it’s something that I’ll never get used to. Even after seven years working as a cop, it stings to hear it just as much as it did on day one.

“Black pussy ass n*****. Tryna be the white man. You black and you just gonna stand there and not do nothing. You black bitch ass cop. You worse then the white cracker, f**k you.”

Hate from your own race. Being made out to be a traitor against your own kind. It never sits right, and I’ll never understand it.

The American culture today hates blue. Try being black and blue.

Jay Stalien grew up in the “hood” in Brooklyn, NY. He watched out-of-control black-on-black crime from childhood. As an adult he wondered who would help bring the violence to an end, so he stepped up to become a cop. He began his career with the Baltimore Police Department before a lateral move to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he currently works as a police officer. 

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