Hate crime? Ride-share driver – a U.S. Navy veteran – choked, stabbed, and ran over multiple times by 21-year-old


DALLAS, TX- An Amazon Fulfillment Center worker is facing a capital murder charge in connection with the death of a ride-share driver whose body was found Friday, January 8th in southeast Oak Cliff.

Police have arrested 21-year-old Joshua Scott, who according an arrest warrant affidavit, stabbed and choked the ride-share driver before running him over and killing him. The entire incident was recorded on a dashboard camera in the car 33-year-old Joshua Miller was driving. 

Miller’s body was found slain in the 4100 block of Langdon Road, near Bonnie View Road and Interstate 20. According to police documents, Miller, who was a ride-share driver, picked up Scott from an Amazon Fulfillment Center at the 9100 block of Southlink Drive.

The affidavit stated that as Miller was driving Scott to his requested address, Scott pulled out a handgun. The affidavit said that Scott then told Miller to pull over at 4100 Clevland Road and told him to cover his face with his scarf.

After his face was covered, Scott pulled out a knife and tried to cut Miller’s throat. At that point, Miller tried to defend himself and physical struggle ensued. According to the affidavit, Scott then struck and stabbed Miller multiple times with various objects.

Miller attempted to drive away during the struggle and crashed into a nearby structure. The affidavit said that Scott then pulled out the handgun and demanded Miller’s cellphone and passcode. 

Scott then told Miller to get out of the car and clean off the debris from the wreck. The affidavit stated that while he was out of the car, Scott got in the driver’s seat and hit Miller multiple times with the car.

Scott got out of the car and hit Miller with a long pole, got back in the car and hit Miller several other times. Allegedly, a nearby witness asked Scott what had happened and he told the person that he had been in a car wreck. The affidavit said that then the witness said he was going to call the police, Scott fled on foot.

The witness ran across the street and called 911 and once officers arrived on scene, they pronounced Miller dead. Detectives were able to track down Scott through dash-cam audio and video on Miller’s car that captured the entire incident.

Authorities said that footage also showed Scott’s face and recorded him leaving a voicemail to someone. According to jail records, Scott remains in custody in lieu of a $2 million bail.

Melody Russel of Dallas said that her family is struggling to find an answer to what motivated Scott to attack her cousin. She said:

“Why that day, why that morning, why him, why an Uber driver?”

Russell said that her cousin enjoyed his gig in the ride-share industry and that he was one of the most popular and highly rated Uber drivers in North Texas, known for befriending passengers and writing songs on his ukulele. She said:

“Everybody loved him, that’s why he did it.”

Russell said that her cousin, a U.S. Navy veteran, was aware of the potential safety concerns of being a ride-share driver, but felt he had taken necessary precautions. She said:

“He had the dash-cam, he had recordings, he had a taser. He had things to protect him.”

A spokesperson for Uber confirmed that Russel had been driving for the company since 2015. The spokesperson said in a statement:

“What’s been reported is horrifying and our hearts go out to the family and loved ones of Joshua Miller. We’re grateful the suspect has been caught and thank the Dallas Police Department for their diligence with this investigation.”

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Police say a serial rapist was operating as an Uber driver to pick up and assault intoxicated women

July 26, 2020

BOSTON, MA –  It’s a woman’s worst nightmare.

Men posing as ride share drivers (Uber, Lyft, etc.) … to pick up and sexually assault intoxicated women. Even more disturbingly, some of the suspects in these assaults are drivers who are still actively “employed” by the service providers.

One such individual, 39-year-old Alvin Campbell of Rhode Island, is the primary suspect in 8 such cases.

As such, Campbell was originally arrested in January and charged with kidnapping and raping one woman after she left a Boston bar in an extremely inebriated state.

As investigators began to put the pieces together and Campbell received additional rape and kidnapping charges along with five charges of recording a nude person. Those additional charges stemmed from his alleged involvement in 7 other similar cases that started in 2017.

The last of those 7 was in 2019. 

In the most recent case, a Boston woman climbed into his black Chevrolet Suburban outside the Harp Bar. She told police that she remembered nothing from the “time she entered the vehicle until she woke up at Campbell’s home in Cumberland, R.I.”

Campbell, who is the brother of Boston City Council member Andrea Campbell, has not worked for Uber since 2016.  He is currently being held on $250,000 bail. Ironically, he was attempting to have his bail reduced when the new charges were issued.

“The attacks on these women are the acts of a predator.  Women are entitled to go out and enjoy themselves without the fear of being preyed upon, kidnapped or raped,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel  Rollins in a press release .

“With one exception, these women did not know each other. They shared in common only that each were out enjoying nightlife in Boston when Campbell found and violated them.

Now, they are linked by those horrific assaults. But these eight women are also linked due to the incredible bravery and courage they each displayed coming forward to hold their rapist accountable.”

According to the police reports in each case, the details may not match exactly, but they all had commonalities that point to a single perpetrator.  

Campbell is alleged to have targeted the women at or near bars or other locations where intoxication had made them incapable of consenting or resisting. In every single occurrence, the women thought they were getting into a vehicle with  a driver they had requested to pick them up. 

Considering the fact that Campbell’s last engagement with Uber was close to 4 years ago, it caught investigators by surprise to find his vehicle covered in stickers and logos for the ride share giant. The vehicle was seized as most of the assaults took place in his car. 

According to prosecutors in the cases, which come from Suffolk County as well as the municipal districts of Central, Roxbury, and South Boston, detectives obtained a warrant for his cell phone where they found videos and photos of 5 of the victims.  

The DA addressed the work done by the members of the sexual assault unit in the press release. 

“The BPD sexual assault unit did extraordinary work in these extraordinary times to hold an individual accountable for horrendous and predatory behavior,” said DA Rollins. 

“As I have said before, the current crisis may have changed our modes of interaction, but it has not changed our mission. As we continue to navigate this crisis, I and my Office will always uphold our commitment to serve survivors of sexual assault with support, referrals for needed services, and vigorous prosecutions to hold perpetrators accountable. 

We are here for you. We will continue to fight for you, and we will be standing right beside you.”

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As we stated from the beginning, the use of ride share for the purpose of sexually abusing women has become more than just an isolated event.  

“I have only been DA for nearly 19 months.  This long list of women – each targeted, assaulted, kidnapped, raped and/or murdered – is heartbreaking,” Rollins stated.

“Sexual violence is a form of hate crime and gender should be a protected category.  It isn’t. Violence against women is not a woman’s issue, it is a civil rights issue. Men, we are calling on you to step up and intervene when you see questionable and criminal behavior. Speak to your sons.  Real men don’t rape.”

Rollins’ office was able to successfully argue for a 10 year sentence for Imer Soto. The Dorchester man was convicted earlier this year “for kidnapping and raping a woman, who had ordered a ride share. He pulled the woman into the ride share car in which he was riding and raped her.”

Back in January 2019, another intoxicated woman was leaving Hennessey’s near City Hall. It was then that she was picked up by Victor Pena. He has been charged with holding her captive in a Charlestown apartment and raping her. 

Several other cases are pending Boston-area prosecutors that all involve actual ride share employees. 

According to Rollins’ office:

“Three Uber drivers – Ranjan Thapa, Michael Squadrito and Daudah Mayanja – all separately await trial on charges that they raped female customers in Boston while driving them home from bars in 2018 and 2019.  Prosecutors said the assaults occurred in the Symphony area, in Dorchester, and along Storrow Drive.”

Finally, Louis D. Coleman III will be in federal court on charges of kidnapping that resulted in the death of Jassy Correia. The 23-year-old left the Venu nightclub in the Theater District after closing time on February 24, 2019.  Coleman is alleged to have convinced Correia to get into his car.  Police found her body in the trunk of Coleman’s car four days later in Delaware.

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