City officials, residents fuming that detective wasn’t fired over text message joke – demand ‘more police reform’


The following contains editorial content written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

HARTFORD, CT- This is a follow up to our original reporting.

The manufactured controversy over a text message sent by Hartford, CT. police detective Jeffery Placzeck has not subsided mainly because community activists in the city refuse to accept the discipline handed down by Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody.

 On Saturday, a number of demonstrators and some city officials met to complain about what they called the lack of change within the department, Fox 61 in Hartford reported.


Last month, Placzeck sent a joking text to a number of people within law enforcement in which he sought “wagers” on where the first homicide of 2021 would occur in the city.

For anyone who has worked in law enforcement, this text was clearly sent in jest, and such hijinks are common in emergency services, typically as a means to alleviate the stress that comes with being a police officer, firefighter etc.

The only people who would be offended by something such as this fall into two categories…the grievance industry, typically comprised of anti-cop activists, and politicians, looking to score cheap political points.

Those who showed up for the protest called the text message “disgusting” while one said, “We are not animals, we are people, we are humans.”

One demonstrator Joanna Iovino of Citizens Opposed to Police States [COPS…see what they did there?] said, “These are my neighbors. I live on Garden Street in Hartford and you have people chiming in saying ‘Oh, I put a bet in on Garden Street.’ That’s hurtful. That’s my neighbors, that’s my family, and that’s my friends—and that is not acceptable.”

Placzek has been suspended for four months (the equivalent of around a $30,000 fine) and demoted from his rank of detective. That however is not enough for the demonstrators, who would probably be happy if he had to, say, give up his first-born child or some such punishment.

Protesters complained that any “trust” they allegedly built up with police during the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer, along with the Police Accountability Bill signed into law by Gov. Ned Lamont didn’t accomplish anything.

One man, Michael Oretade said, “It’s as if the bill means nothing its bullshit, you know excuse my language but it’s bullshit to me…I don’t even know how to feel right now.”

The political class, always looking to score cheap political points, especially where it concerns slamming the police, also weighed in.

Wildaliz Bermudez, a city councilwoman said, “Change looks like hiring more people from the community, more people that reflect the community, and also more policy changes and better leadership from the top.”

Hartford already appears to favor city applicants in its recruitment process, as there are separate applications for city residents and those who live outside of Hartford.

Yet another city councilman, Josh Mitchtom said, “I hope folks will recognize that this is not a one-time incident. This is a manifestation of a rotten culture that must change.”

So, this guy throws the entire police department under the bus due to one single text message, clearly sent in jest.

City officials said that in order to gain the trust of the community, it has to involve new policies, new training and “tough conversations.”

Bermudez said, “Why in the world is it that we have a criteria of having officers meet 8 hours of these kinds of training—training for cultural competency—and then they are done. That’s not enough.”

Hartford city officials are scheduled to meet for further discussions about the incident this coming week.

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For our original reporting on this situation, we invite you to:


This article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

HARTFORD, CT- Well, the hammer has dropped on a story we reported on this past weekend from Hartford.

The moral of the story is this…send a tongue in cheek text message where you speak about a mock bet on when the first homicide of 2021 will occur, and you get demoted and the equivalent of at least a $30,000 fine in lost wages. 

However, get in an evading accident while 30 miles out of town, fail to report the accident to the state police, and inflict over $3,300 in damage to your city-owned vehicle and you get a slap on the wrist. Oh, and while 911 callers report erratic driving, and believe that you’re also under the influence.

Copy that. 

Detective Jeffrey Placzek was suspended for 120 days without pay and demoted for sending the clearly joking text message last week to select police officers and apparently court officials, NBC Connecticut reported. 

Placzek’s return to duty is contingent upon passing a “fitness for duty” evaluation as well as completing a “restorative justice program,” whatever that is. 

Not happy with merely screwing with Placzek, Thody also removed Lt. Paul Cicero, supervisor of the Major Crimes Division from his role as department public information officer, and suspended him from overseeing the Major Crimes Division effective immediately, pending the outcome of an investigation. He was one of the recipients of the text message, according to Thody. 

Thody said Cicero and other supervisors who received the text message could also be subject to discipline. 

He said that the investigation should be completed by the end of the week. 

In a statement, Thody said:

“It is critical that every member of the Hartford Police Department conduct themselves in a way that builds and strengthens a relationship of trust with our community, and this conduct undermined that relationship and undermined the work of every single officer on our force,” Thody said in a statement. 

Apparently, that conduct does not include wrecking your department-owned vehicle and fleeing the scene of the accident, at least when you’re the chief. 

Thody, who actually publicized the incident via a Facebook post, said he was “disgusted, angry and disappointed” when he read the message. He was also angry that none of the supervisors had taken any action against Placzek after receiving the text. 

Detective Placzek is a 16-year veteran of the Hartford PD, with a clean disciplinary record aside from one minor incident, which he self-reported where an elevator button was damaged. 

Hartford’s mayor Luke Bronin supported Thody’s decision to both suspend and demote the officer. 

“The officer who sent this message demonstrated a profound disrespect for our community and s deeply troubling lack of judgment.

Chief Thody has imposed serious discipline, including both demotion in rank and a lengthy four-month suspension without pay, which I support, and I expect that additional discipline will be coming for supervisors who received this message and failed to take action,” Bronin said. 

Bronin, who was the one who gave Thody the slap on the wrist for the May accident doesn’t seem to care as much about Thody’s lack of judgment in crashing a city vehicle while being reported as a possible drunk driver.

Perhaps because Bronin hired Thody he doesn’t want HIS lack of judgment called into question. 

NBC Connecticut reached out to the Hartford Police Union, but received no response. It is expected Placzek will appeal his discipline. 

Following is our original reporting on this incident:

We have seen all across the country where police have been targeted by radicals, politicians, Hollywood hypocrites and sports “stars.” That is to be expected because by and large, all of the above are phony, opportunistic morons.

What grinds our gears however is when police chiefs decide to play politics and put their own political survival above that of their department and their officers. The chief of Houston, Art Acevedo is probably the best example of a political hack.

Now it looks like Hartford, CT., police chief Jason Thody is vying for first place.

According to the Hartford Courant, Hartford has seen a 36.7% increase in shootings year to year from 2019 to 2020. While the number is less than two years ago, it’s still on the increase. This was from an article in July, so it only covered roughly the first six months of the year.

So, with that being said, what is the priority of the Hartford police chief? Text messages.

Chief Thody is very upset. An incident which clearly could have been handled internally was so upsetting to Thody that he just had to send it out on the department’s Facebook page. What got the chief’s shorts in a bunch?

Apparently, a police detective assigned to the Major Crimes unit sent a text to a group of officers and court officials, proposing a wager about when the first homicide of 2021 would occur. That was it. Oh, the humanity!

As someone who worked in law enforcement for many years, let me tell you that such talk among peers is nothing out of the ordinary.

In fact, such talk is often used as a means of “venting” if you will. The fact that this particular detective made such a comment is not shocking to 99.9% of men and women who work in police agencies. For Thody however it was apparently the end of the world.

In his Facebook post, Thody admitted that no such wager ever took place. He was however very upset over what he called an “appalling lack of judgment, an extreme insensitivity toward our community, and a clear violation of Department policy.”

Thody promised “serious disciplinary consequences.”

City officials, residents fuming that detective wasn't fired over text message joke - demand 'more police reform'
Hartford Police Department Facebook screenclip

I’m not sure if Thody’s response to what was clearly a tongue in cheek text message is more disturbing than the fact that someone decided to notify Thody about it.

This isn’t a case where an officer advocated any kind of nefarious conduct. It was a joke, which actually used to be allowed in law enforcement circles. The other question is: Why did Thody feel it necessary to post this on the department’s Facebook page?

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Nowhere in the text, as far as what Thody mentioned, was there any denigration directed toward anyone within the Hartford Police Department. Thody is upset because he claims the text “does a disservice to the incredibly hard work that so many of our officers are doing on a daily basis to prevent and solve serious crimes.” How so?

Thody goes on to rail about building trust, assuming with the community. If that is truly the case, what possible purpose did it serve to release this publicly? To try and get out in front of it? Perhaps. But this is not a police misconduct case. This was a text, sent to a selected group of recipients, not a department-wide email.

Thody removed the detective from Major Crimes and promised to charge the officer with violating the code of conduct Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, this officer will have the ability to appeal the discipline.

The responses to Thody’s email were probably not what he was expecting. Following are some of the highlights:

-Ian Nathaniel: Chief, either you’ve become a political figure, or you’ve sat behind a desk for so long that you’ve genuinely become far out of touch with the reality of becoming a cop.

Humor is how cops get through the traumatic things they see and experience. The fact that you let a simple joke that this detective made get taken so far out of context to make it seem as if he doesn’t care about his community is disgusting.

-Buford T Justice: This is the type of Chief, who if he thought tap dancing with a clown nose and big shoes on a iced over bridge would solve community relations he would do it. Not to solve community relations issues, but to keep a paycheck and pander to those who hate law enforcement. It’s the oldest trick in the book, keep people looking at your right hand while your left hand does all the work. This is the example of a Chief that you do not want to work for. Take note young children, this is not what leadership looks like. This is what pandering looks like.

– Eddie Ed: This affects the safety and security of the citizens of Hartford how? This rates this level of attention? This detective must have been on your short list to begin with. Sounds like an end to a witch hunt. Take a cue from professional sports in this case and keep these types of things in the locker room. Discipline in private that which has no direct effect on anyone but those in the locker room.

– Kcaz Daws: Just out of curiosity, Chief was your DUI placed in a press release by the agency? Such as this one? Legitimately asking.

As many said, you’re a politician now and not a LEO.

The Detective violated policy and conduct, I 100% agree with reprimand BUT this isn’t something that should be blasted and made public. Phenomenal job making your officers walk on egg shells. Humor, maybe not to this extent, is part of a coping mechanism by ALL first responders, hospital workers, military, etc. Does it cross the line? Absolutely, should that be addressed? Absolutely. Should it be blasted to a public forum? No.

You lost a ton of respect from LEOs across the country because of this move and I can almost bet that you lost a lot from your own subordinates.

And finally, the comment of the day:

What in the blue falcon, double standard, totally failed upward, completely scuffed kneepad, back biting, REMF, brown nosed, utterly obsequious, Benedict Arnold, stab them in the back to climb over the corpse of their career, utterly recreant, disloyal, dishonorable, unscrupulous, underhanded, two faced, boot licking, duplicitous, shifty, narcissistic, venal, mercenaries, doble dealing, unscrupulous, mendacious, treacherous, rimjobbing, traitorous, should be on the Brady List, never drank a Bang in his life, white shirt nuzzling, deceitful, Luke Bronin guzzling, surreptitious, inveigling, height of hypocrisy, morale crushing idiocy is this??

A dark humor text…and the Rectal Jester who had a single vehicle accident (while being called in as a drunk driver) and failed to follow proper procedure wants to discipline that detective??

He sent a text. It’s not like he drove recklessly enough to possibly kill someone.

So, what is this about Thody allegedly driving drunk?

According to NBC Connecticut, Thody was driving his city issued vehicle on Route 154 in Chester, Connecticut on May 31, when he was involved in a single vehicle accident with the car scraping against a guardrail, according to an investigative report.

There had been a 911 call made to the Connecticut State Police, which was made available by that agency on July 7 where another car had witnessed Thody driving erratically, complaining that the driver appeared to be intoxicated.


The Hartford Courant said that the caller told emergency dispatchers in the call that Thody’s vehicle was speeding and veering “all over the road.” He also claimed the vehicle was “flying” along Route 154.

“There’s a law enforcement agency guy in front of me who’s intoxicated. He hit the guardrail on 154,” the caller said.

“He’s going like a bat out of hell. I mean I’m going 60 and I can’t keep up with him,” the caller told the 911 operator.

According to Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, Thody had admitted that he was “driving distracted” during the incident, saying his phone slid off the center console which led him to swerve. 

Bronin meanwhile claimed that state law exempts police from distracted driving laws.

That is correct, however it is only while “in the performance of their duties.”

Thody was likely not “on duty” thirty miles outside of Hartford. Bronin claimed that Thody was responding to the city due to protests in Hartford subsequent to the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis.

Thody apparently never notified the state police of the accident, with Bronin claiming there was no damage to the guard rail or any other property. However, that is hard to believe since there was over $3,300 damage to Thody’s vehicle.

Since Thody never reported the incident to state police, it is unknown if he was in fact intoxicated at the time of the crash.

How ironic that Thody decides to discipline a cop for a text message just months after he evaded responsibility in a motor vehicle crash likely while under the influence. He criticized the detective for doing a “disservice to the incredibly hard work that so many of our officers are doing on a daily basis.” 

We would offer that evading responsibility in an accident where some suggest he may have been intoxicated does more of a “disservice to the hard work of Hartford police officers” than a flipping text message.

This guy has lost any and all credibility he had left with his department.

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