Senator Kamala Harris claims we need (taxpayer funded) ‘reparations’ to help blacks ‘heal’ from ‘trauma’


WASHINGTON DC – Should you have to pay for the sins of your great, great, great grandparents?  Kamala Harris, who plans on being your new Vice President (or President?) says “yes”.

Kamala Harris, a democratic Senator from California, has been chosen as the presumptive vice-presidential candidate.  Harris, who brings very progressive left-wing ideas to the table, also will be making a push for reparations, as she promised in 2019 in her failed presidential campaign. 

According to the New York Times, Harris believes that the federal government should somehow further acknowledge that there was slavery and provide payments to black people to make up for it. 

Reparations would basically be, in her apparent belief, taxpayer money being provided to black people because their ancestors may have been slaves. 

It should be noted that not all black Americans had ancestors that were slaves in the United States.

However, Harris is not sure if a lump sum payment, made by ancestors of slave owners, would be enough. 

On July 15th, 2019, Harris was on a podcast called Jemele is Unbothered when she spoke about reparations.  In the show, Harris said, “frankly, I don’t believe that writing a check is gonna be enough.

“I really don’t….And the worst thing that I think could happen is that checks get written and then everybody says, ‘OK, stop talking about this now,’ without addressing systemic inequities that are deep and require investment.” 

In another publication, called the Root, Harris said in 2019:

“I think there has to be some form of reparations.  We can discuss what the is, but look, we’re looking at more than 200 years of slavery.  We’re looking at almost a hundred years of Jim Crow.

She continues:

“We’re looking at legalized segregation and, in fact, segregation on so many levels that exists today, based on race.  And there has not been any kind of intervention done understanding the harm and the damage that occurred to correct course, and so we are seeing the effects of all of those years play out still today.” 

So, it appears that Harris is basically saying that black people of America are traumatized and have PTSD for something that did not happen to them or even members of the families they know personally. 

Furthermore, we should tax the ancestors of people who may or may not have owned slaves (not everyone in America now had families in the US during the time of slavery) who had no ability to prevent or engage in the evil act, according to Harris. 

Makes a lot of sense…..(insert sarcasm here)

In an interview with NPR in March of 2019, Harris alludes that black people have a higher rate of heart disease because their ancestors were slaves. 

“African-Americans have higher rates of heart disease and high blood pressure.  It is environmental.  It is centuries of slavery, which was a form of violence….

And that never -there was never any real intervention to break up what had been generations of people experiencing the highest forms of trauma.  And trauma, undiagnosed and untreated, leads to psychological outcomes.”

Interesting point here, so, if her hypothesis is accurate, that evils done to a race of people which ended over 100 years ago somehow changes their chemical makeup, should not the same thing be happening to Jews? 

Afterall, in the 1940s, Jews were treated as bad if not worse than black slaves when Adolf Hitler was in power.  Yet, there seems to be no, at least not announced, high risk of heart disease with Jewish people…curious. 

Going along her line of thinking, should not all of the living Russians pay for the misdeeds of Ivan IV, known as Ivan the Terrible?  Sure, his crimes were in the 1500’s, but under his reign he was responsible for numerous murders.

 Some of them were done by burning people alive and boiling them to death.  So, all living Russians should also pay for reparations, right?

Harris, in her mindset, believes it is perfectly acceptable to force people who are alive today to pay for sins that may or may not have been done in their family’s past. 

This payment would then go to a race of people who never experienced slavery, nor the type of racism that existed even 60 years ago. 

And now, she could have the ability to push forward her grand scheme, at the expense of billions of taxpayer dollars, as the next Vice President of the United States. 

This is the same woman who weighed in on a migrant caravan in 2018 approaching America… saying that they were not a threat and that, despite the law, Americans should welcome them into the nation.

President Trump, and well, sane people, all believed that not everyone traveling in the crowd of, at one point, 7,000 people were good and/or well-intended. 

First, they showed a clear disregard for our nation’s laws considering they had no intention of coming into the country legally. 

Second, without proper vetting of the people, how would anyone know exactly who got inside the US?

President Trump could foresee the problems with this and called for the caravan to return home and/or work on getting into the country legally.  In a tweet, he wrote:

“To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally.  Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!” 

The large number of people who hoped to come into the country illegally did so with a plan of having all of their expenses paid on US welfare programs. 

This was clear when Lenin Herrera Batres complained about how long he would have to wait until his request for asylum was heard and be allowed into the United States.  According to the New York Times, Batres said:

“We don’t have the money to stay here [in Tijuana] for one month, two months.” 

If Batres did not have enough money to live in Tijuana, nor the apparent desire or ability to get gainful employment while there, how did he expect to be able to live in the United States? 

Why would someone who wants to become an American citizen not prepared to do anything it takes to become one legally?

These questions, at least in 2018, did not seem to concern Harris who told a CNN reporter that the US should be “welcoming” and “tolerant.” 

She did believe, after all, that these people really just wanted to come here to work in the United States and not concerned that some of them could be criminals

Harris said:

 “We are a country that…our strength has always been that we are a tolerant country, that we are welcoming, in particular, those who have fled harm.  And the idea that we’re vilifying any one group and the fear-mongering, that’s not in the best interest of our county.

What our country wants and what the people of our country want is they want leaders who are focused on the challenges that they face every day.  Like can they put food on the table and pay the bills by the end of the month…not vilifying one group for the sake of fear-mongering and politics.”   

Fear-mongering politics, in other words Harris and other democratic leaders want you to think that there is no reason for alarm at mass amounts of people trying to rush the southern border. 

That there could not possibly be any criminals in the mix nor people who want nothing more than soak up welfare from our county.  Now, the percentage of bad people in the mix are probably low, however, the risk is there.

Take for instance the illegal alien who was arrested in July in Illinois.  Josa A Antemante-Chagala, someone who is in the country illegally and had already been deported once. Since he had been deported, he clearly snuck into the country a second time.  Since he snuck back in this man was arrested for allegedly raping a 10-year-old girl.   

If the immigration laws were followed, that ten-year-old child would never have been brutally raped and forever changed.  How many other people will be victimized in some way in crimes that would never happen if those coming into the country illegally were forced to obey our laws? 

If Harris were to become Vice President, we’d find out sooner rather than later.

Bombshell report: Kamala Harris refused to pursue criminal cases against Catholic Priest sex offenders

WASHINGTON D.C. – Well this one isn’t going to help her election hopes.

Presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced earlier that he would nominate a woman of color to be his running mate. 

And on August 11th, he followed through on that promise when he picked California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris for the spot. 

As most people know, prior to her being a Senator, she served as the chief prosecutor for the city of San Francisco.  Now, complaints are coming forward that she flat out refused to pursue criminal cases against Catholic priests who allegedly sexually battered children.

People who say they were victims of childhood sexual abuse call out Harris for not doing all that she could to prosecute their cases. 

Joey Piscitelli, who himself is a survivor of sex abuse, says that the DA before Harris, Terence Hallinan, worked hard at getting he and his fellow victims justice. 

However, after Harris beat Hallinan in the election, the progress they were making to prosecute the cases seemed to stop altogether.


Piscitelli told the Intercept:

“It went from Terence Hallinan going hundred miles an hour, full speed ahead, after the Catholic Church to Kamala Harris doing absolutely nothing and taking it backwards hundred miles an hour.” 

Piscitelli says that he attempted to reach out to Harris several times in order to find out the case status and never received any contact back.  This despite that Harris has flaunted herself as being a staunch advocate for sexual assault victims, maybe she was referring to everyone else other than catholic priests.

Her failed presidential campaign had published:

“Kamala Harris has been a staunch advocate on behalf of sexual assault victims, especially child sexual assault victims.  As a line prosecutor, she took on notoriously difficult to prove child sexual assault cases, put predators behind bars and created a coalition to combat child exploitation.” 

This is a claim that Pisciteli says is a flat out lie.

Pisciteli, after receiving no help from Harris nor her office, was forced to take matters into his own hands and sue the Catholic school in which he was abused in. 

In 2008, he finally received some justice when the civil trial found the school liable for allowing him to be sexually abused by the Catholic priests – the same priests he tried to get Harris to prosecute.  

Pisciteli was not the only victim of sexual abuse at the hands of priests that Harris refused to prosecute. 

Dominic De Lucca also tried to get Harris and her office to pursue charges against a priest after he was allegedly raped by one when he was 12-years-old.  According to De Lucca, not only did Harris refuse to meet with him, she also refused to produce files he needed to pursue the case civilly. 

When asked about the refusal to release the records so the victim’s could at least pursue the case another way, her campaign said:

“Senior attorneys in the DA’s office, who were central to the prosecution of Catholic priests advised that records should not be released because it would create a chilling effect on other victims of sexual assault and to protect the privacy of victims involved.” 

So, in other words, neither Harris or any one in her office knew how to redact information that would specifically identify victims in a case? 

I believe that is probably one of the first things record keepers learn, redact any/all information for ongoing cases or in circumstances where victims can be identified…curious why they did not know how to do that. 

Also curious, how exactly would a “chilling effect” be cast on all victims of sexual abuse when information is released that helps cast guilt on a child predator? 

If nothing else, that should be a big public safety warning, wonder if anyone has thought of suing her for failure to act after being abused by a Catholic priest when she could have stopped it?

De Lucca thinks it was the Catholic church that diligently worked to keep the information out of the public purview.  After all, in that time frame there were numerous priests that had been successfully prosecuted and sued, but not one case against a Catholic priest was pursued under Harris’ tenure. 

The Catholic church was taking a public beating everywhere for failing to protect children and deal with sexual predator priests properly.  De Lucca said:

“Roman Catholic Church is very powerful and I think they [Harris] didn’t want to step on any toes, especially in San Francisco.” 

Another excuse Harris’ team gave regarding the refusal to release information that would identify sexual predators in the church and help get justice for victims was done by following her predecessor’s example.  Her California Attorney General campaign told the San Francisco Weekly:

“When this case was brought under Terence Hallinan, prosecutors took the utmost care to protect the identity and dignity of the victims.  That was the right thing to do then and it’s the right thing to do now.” 

Two major issues with that statement, one, the victim’s in those specific cases did not care if their information was released, they had already gone public. 

Two, Hallinan did not take kindly to the comment when he said that Harris participated in “the kinds of deals that have allowed the church scandal to go on as long as it has.”  What exactly he meant by deals was not clear.

However, Breitbart news reported that Harris’ campaign for District Attorney, the one in which she battled against Hallinan, received “unparalleled donations from high-level officials from the Catholic Church.”  Those donations included monies coming from law firms which were defending priests from sexual abuse allegations. 

Other donations came from “board members of San Francisco Catholic archdiocese-related organizations and their family members donated another $50,950 to Harris’ campaign.” 

Whether or not Harris actively took part in a coverup involving the rape of many children at the hands of Catholic Priests or not, what is clear is that her office never even tried to get justice for those victims. 

Her office did what they could, allegedly, to prevent information from getting out to the public that there was in fact a danger in leaving children alone with a priest in San Francisco. 

Harris’ refusal to work for justice goes completely against what she would like the average American to think of her, a fighter for the ‘little guy.’ 

This is especially true, in cases like Pisciteli, who was finally able to take his case in front of a jury, and that jury believed him and recognized that he was, in fact, a victim of childhood rape at the hands of Catholic Priests.  This proves that, at least in Pisciteli’s case, the rape did happen by a priest.  

Since we clearly cannot count on Harris’ word on how she does her job, what else can we not count on her for as vice president? 

VP nominee Sen. Kamala Harris asked supporters to donate to bail fund for violent rioters (Op-ed)

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Newly on the ballot and already backpedaling Wednesday, the democrat nominee for vice president is shying away from past entanglements but has yet to clarify her recent pushes to defund police departments across the country. 

Just two months ago, California Senator Kamala Harris urged her Twitter followers to donate money to a group that clashed with law enforcement as protests erupted over the death of Minnesota man George Floyd while in police custody.

Her tweet, echoed celebrity calls for donations. On June 1st, she tweeted: 

“If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.” 

According to its website, The Minnesota Freedom Fund actively works to support “support decarceration efforts” in Minnesota, and is on a mission to “abolish systems intended to harm.” The website reads: 

“We believe that our criminal justice system, like many other systems in our society, was designed to maintain and uphold white supremacy while prioritizing the wealth, power, and influence of the few at the expense of the many.

It is long past due to abolish these systems so that together we can create a more inclusive, just, and equitable society.” 

Days before Sen. Harris called for support for the group, MFF announced its support for defunding the police. 

Whether Sen. Harris was aware of that is still unknown. But, announced Tuesday as now former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate, it’s not her first hard take on policing. 

In late June, Sen. Harris appeared with transgender Hollywood star Laverne Cox on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” She tells the host that putting more cops on the street is “just wrong.” 

When pushed on the “defund the police movement,” the now senator and former California attorney general said: 

“It’s about reimagining public safety and how we achieve it. Far too long, the status quo thinking has been by putting more police on the street you’re going to have more safety, and that’s just wrong.

That’s not how it works. The fact is, if you go to upper middle-class suburban neighborhoods, you will not see that police presence.

You will not see that patrol car driving up and down the street and stopping teenage boys. But, what you will see in those communities, you will see very well-funded schools.” 

Sen. Harris points instead to high rates of homeownership, access to healthcare and mental health care, education and capital for small businesses. She concludes the segments by saying: 

“Healthy communities are, by definition, safe communities.” 

Media outlets reported in May that at least 13 Biden campaign employees donated money to the MFF in the wake of George Floyd’s death. 

During a recent campaign event, the candidate himself expressing support for additional funding for the police. Last week, The Hill reporting that Biden said: 

“I don’t want to defund police. I want to get police more money in order to deal with the things they badly need, from making sure they have access to community policing, that they have also in the departments social workers, psychologists, people who in fact can handle those god-awful problems that a cop has to have four degrees to handle.” 

In the meantime, we learned this week that an editor reportedly attempted to “erase” Kamala Harris’ past by removing past finance scandal and other unfavorable facts from her Wikipedia page.

An article in the Intercept reports that a Wikipedia editor was trying to erase the page of former Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) who is now Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential pick. 

The pieces removed from Sen. Harris’ page were a past campaign finance scandal and her record as a hardline prosecutor. 

The identity of the eraser by admission is Bao Nguyen a Bay area lawyer. 

Before he admitted being involved, readers of the intercept article began investigating his identity after the piece was published. 

Through an IP address he was identified due to edits he made right before his account’s first edits.   His use of another account, combined with another social media site,  identified him as the editor.

He was listed on a LinkedIn page as a Volunteer Organizing Leader for the Harris Presidential Campaign. 

The Intercept article by Aida Chavez notes that in 2016, editors had been heavily involved in contributing to Tim Kaine’s article before he was announced as Hilary Clinton’s Vice-Presidential pick. 

As a result of this, a user on Reddit created a script to monitor for activity about VP picks for Biden.  The user noticed significant editing on Kamala Harris’ page.  

Chavez delved into the Nguyen’s activity on Harris’ page which identified him as “Bnguyen 1114” as the person responsible for the editing activity.  Chavez noticed that he removed content potentially unfavorable to Harris.

Nguyen removed such things as Harris’ defense of Orange County Prosecutors implicated in widespread misconduct. 

He later claimed it was removed for “proof-reading.” 

He also removed details about a campaign finance violation involving Harris’ campaign for District Attorney, erasing the criticisms based on Harris’ defense. 

He also removed a quote from Harris stating, “it is not progressive to be soft on crime”, but it was later restored after the Intercept article. 

Not mentioned were other unflattering removals by Nguyen. 

The removals included details about Harris’ early political career and the benefits of a relationship with future San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, then the speaker of the California Assembly, who she dated. 

Her salaries earned at positions to which Brown appointed her were also removed and a quote from a campaign manager who claimed Harris benefited from the relationship.

As if there were not enough edits, removals, and erasures to Harris’ history, there was one other big detail removed.  It involved how Harris handled an investigation into the death of Mitrice Richardson.

She was a black woman who, after being detained by the Malibu Sheriff’s department for not paying her bill at a diner, was later found dead after being released from jail without her car and phone. 

Harris closed the case after she opened it, citing insufficient evidence for criminal charges.  This piece that Nguyen has erased, has not been added back into the article.  

There were edits made to positive material that were reversed by administrator Michel Aaij, or “Drmies” on Wikipedia calling it “grossly excessive and excessively detailed” and poorly sourced.  

Nguyen has denied working for Harris’ Campaign, and claims to be a volunteer for Democratic Campaigns when he met Harris. 

This volunteer work is viewed as a “conflict of interest” on Wikipedia.  Editors are expected to disclose these things on articles that they edit. 

His failure to disclose his volunteer work is not unheard of, as the creator of the page of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Peter Buttgieg, also volunteered in one of his campaigns, and failed to disclose it. 

To add to the streak of failing to tell the truth, the editor who created Wikipedia’s page on Andrew Yang, another 2020 candidate, did not disclose that she was the marketing manager for Yang’s non-profit.  She later served on his campaign.

There is a common problem occurring on Wikipedia with conflicts of interest, even if it means going against policies, and in cases of undisclosed paid editing, the site’s Terms of Use.  

The site’s agenda-driven editors  have been accused of being biased on political articles whose editing  has become slanted and too left-wing.

On Tuesday, August 11th, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 Presidential Election.

As many throughout the country celebrate this significant and historic moment, many other Americans are quick to remind everyone of Harris’ controversial history in regards to criminal justice reform.

In July 2019’s debate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) voiced her grave concerns over Harris’ prosecutorial record and completely slammed her for allegedly jailing over 1,500 people for marijuana use, and then laughed when she admitted smoking it herself.

Gabbard said:

“Senator Harris says she’s proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she’ll be a prosecutor president, but I’m deeply concerned about this record.”

In referencing Harris’ appearance on the Breakfast Club, where she laughed about smoking a joint in her youth,

Gabbard added:

“There are too many examples to cite, but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when she was asked if she every smoked marijuana.”

Harris continued to face lingering questions on her tough stances as a federal prosecutor and back in 2010, she opposed an initiative to legalize marijuana. However, in 2015, she evolved and called for the decriminalization of marijuana.

After attacking Harris about her marijuana prosecutions, Gabbard added about Harris:

“She blocked that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so and she kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California and she fought to keep the cash-bail system in place.”

She continued:

“That impacts people in the worst kind of way.”

Over the last year, since the 2019 summer debate, Harris has shifted her positions in an attempt to position herself as a strong advocate for criminal justice reform. She has done this despite her previously held position against marijuana, which led to her prosecuting over 1,500 people for marijuana-related offenses.

According to reports, back in September 2019, Harris released her own sweeping criminal justice reform plan, which promised to facilitate loans to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals in the marijuana industry, and the plan also called for the end of mass incarceration.

In addition, her plan called for ending federal mandatory minimum sentences, terminating the death penalty and solitary confinement, along with the phasing out of for-profit prisons and cash bail.

She said:

“So it is past time to end the failed war on drugs and it begins with legalizing marijuana. Marijuana arrests account for over 50 percent of all drug arrests.”

Her criminal justice reform plan was billed as a re-envisioning of public safety in America, which would also end sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine offenses, and legalize marijuana at the federal level.

Criticism of Harris’ prosecutorial background has followed her since she first announced her candidacy, and coming to a climax during the second Democratic debate when Gabbard laid into her about her controversial prosecutorial record. 

After the second Democratic debate, former Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) said that Gabbard did an “excellent job” in exposing that Harris is a “hollow candidate.” 


According to Biden’s criminal justice reform, there are several core principles with one of them focusing on making a just system by rooting out the racial, gender, and income-based disparities currently present in the system.

Biden also has an official, “Plan for Black America,” which includes decriminalizing the use of cannabis and “automatically” expunging all prior cannabis use convictions. With Harris as his running mate, it seems he is hoping Harris will assist his campaign by bringing more minority voters into the fold.

With racial issues as well as policing and criminal justice reform being thrust as primary initiatives ahead of the election, there is a great chance her controversial prosecutorial background will emerge in the forefront as her and Biden fight in becoming the next President and Vice President of the United States.

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LET Unity

Here is another article from Law Enforcement Today about Harris and her track record:

Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Kamala Harris (D-California), who is fresh off the recent debate in which Congresswoman and Army Major Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) took her to the woodshed, is now accusing President Trump of terrorizing his political detractors with immigration raids by the Department of Homeland Security and said his actions have petrified innocent families.

“This administration has directed DHS to conduct these raids as part of what I believe is this administration’s campaign of terror,” she said on “Meet the Press.” “To make whole populations of people afraid to go to work. Children are afraid to go to school for fear that when they come home, their parents won’t be there.”

Here is the problem with that.

Harris, like many of those she is running against, either doesn’t understand, or simply does not care that these families are not so innocent. Every single person apprehended in this raid was picked up for one reason, they are not in the country legally.

As such, they have broken laws. This renders them unable to adopt the “innocent” tag that Harris has provided them.

The Senator also commented on what drives Trump voters and said most of them voted for the president because of promises he made, but that he’s failed to deliver on (more on this shortly).

“Here’s the thing. There are people who voted for him for a variety of reasons,” she said during the interview. “And a lot of it had to do with the promises he made, which he has not delivered on because they were false promises. And he betrayed a lot of people. He came in saying he was going to help working families. Everyone from farmers to auto workers.”

Trump defended the DHS raids to reporters outside the White House on Friday and called them a “very good deterrent” to illegal immigration.

“I want people to know that if they come into the United States illegally, they’re getting out. They’re going to be brought out. And this serves as a very good deterrent,” the President said.

According to Fox News, the operation was carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Wednesday and resulted in the detention of 680 illegal immigrants. Agents targeted a food processing plant in Mississippi and swarmed the facility with federal search warrants in hand.

“The execution of federal search warrants today was simply about enforcing the rule of law in our state and throughout our great country,” U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst said in a statement. “I commend these federal agents, our state and local law enforcement partners, and our federal prosecutors for their professionalism and dedication to ensure that those who violate our laws are held accountable.”

Nearly half of the detainees were released back out onto the streets the following day, however, on humanitarian grounds.

Not so fast, Senator. I must take exception to your ‘promises’ statement. Here is why. Like him or not, President Trump has kept the bulk of his campaign promises.

The ones he hasn’t kept; he is attempting to uphold his word. He has run into opposition, either from across the aisle, or from members of his own party.

Let’s look at some of those campaign promises made (and kept or still pushing) by then Candidate Trump. Many of the things on this list are why people voted for him. This is not an exhaustive list, but it catches many of the primary ones (in no particular order):

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Campaign Promise 1: To replace Antonin Scalia with a like-minded justice from a list of 20.

Trump replaced Antonin Scalia with Neil Gorsuch, an incredibly qualified and Constitution-abiding Justice. But the President didn’t stop there, as he also nominated Brett Kavanaugh, seeing him sworn in after a contentious confirmation process.

Campaign Promise 2: To suspend immigration from terror-prone countries.

Trump attempted on more than one occasion to enact a Travel Ban that is 100% CONSTITUTIONAL AND covered seven “countries of concern” outlined by the Obama Administration. This has been blocked by an extremely liberal Hawaiian judge who was appointed by Obama.

Campaign Promise 3: To defund and crack down on sanctuary cities.

The President has tried to implement a crackdown on sanctuary cities, threatening to defund them. Again, this is being blocked by judges.

Campaign Promise 4: To revive the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline.

The revival of the Dakota and Keystone XL Pipelines creating American jobs.

Campaign Promise 5: To pull the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an Obama-era trade deal that many believed to be detrimental to the US.

Done. Trump removed the US signature from the partnership.

Campaign Promise 6: To empower women.

Trump has signed an Executive Order promoting women in STEM jobs. He has also launched a Council empowering female leaders and female entrepreneurs

Campaign Promise 7: To renegotiate or pull out of NAFTA.

The President and his administration were able to renegotiate the trade deal, making it much more advantageous for the US. It is now the USMCA.

Campaign Promise 8: To crackdown on illegal immigration and to build a wall.

Trump has implemented a huge crackdown on illegal immigration, and he has started building miles and miles of the wall. Recently, his administration had a massive win after the courts ruled that he could in fact, legally and Constitutionally redirect money from the DOD to build the wall on out Southern Border.

Campaign Promise 9: To bolster our depleted military.

Trump has successfully increased our military budget and has directed the DOD to strengthen our fighting forces. He also went to work on repealing the Obama-era inclusion of transgendered service members. 

Campaign Promise 10: To revitalize the dying coal industry in the US.

He has enacted Joint Resolution 38 putting thousands of coal miners back to work.

Campaign Promise 11: To create American jobs and bring companies back to America, or as I like to call it, “The Magic Wand” Act.

His administration has a net increase of nearly 5 million jobs since taking office on January 2017.

Campaign Promise 12: Pushing NATO allies to pay their fair share or face the reality of the US possibly leaving.

Trump has continued to put pressure on the members of NATO to pay their fair share, rather than the US contributing the bulk of the finances, resources and manpower.

Campaign Promise 13: To enact a hiring freeze on government employees to help stop corruption.

The President enacted a hiring freeze to all federal employees, cutting down on the over-bloated bureaucracy

Campaign Promise 14: To re-establish our leadership in space exploration.

Trump signed a Bill allowing NASA funding, including an exploration to Mars

Campaign Promise 15: The repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

Trump eliminated the individual mandate tax (penalty) for choosing not to carry health insurance.

Campaign Promise 16: To rid the world of ISIS.

The Islamic State has all but been erased from the map. What used to be ISIS strongholds are no longer such.

Campaign Promise 17: To not take a salary as President.

Here is where he has donated that salary thus far.  

  • First quarter, 2017: National Park Service (for battlefield maintenance)
  • Second quarter, 2017: Department of Education (for a camp for students focused on science, technology, engineering and math)
  • Third quarter, 2017: Department of Health and Human Services (for combating the opioid crisis)
  • Fourth quarter, 2017: Department of Transportation (for programs improving the nation’s infrastructure)
  • First quarter, 2018: Department of Veterans Affairs (for caregiver programs)
  • Second quarter, 2018: Small Business Administration (for a veteran’s program)
  • Third quarter, 2018: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • Fourth quarter, 2018: Department of Homeland Security
  • First quarter, 2019: Department of Agriculture

Campaign Promise 18: To reform the VA and make it easier for Vets to get more healthcare opportunities.

He signed a Bill expanding the ability for veterans to seek healthcare outside of the broken VA system. He also created the Accountability Office at the VA, making it incredibly easy to oust incompetent VA employees.

Campaign Promise 19: To create much needed tax reform.

Trump has laid out an extremely concise, yet effective Tax Reform Plan to lower taxes for Americans and end things like inheritance tax, and to cut corporate tax rates down to 15%

Campaign Promise 20: To fix our country’s incredibly broken education system

He has signed an Executive Order giving the power of our country’s education back to state and local authorities.    

And lest we forget, he has met with North Korea, pulled the US out of the horrible Iran nuclear deal, and removed our signature from the Paris Climate Agreement. He has emboldened states to go after Planned Parenthood and make the most sweeping changes to the abortion laws since Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court in January of 1973.

We have seen record-breaking numbers in the stock exchange. The economy continues to grow.

This administration has made great strides in criminal justice and prison reform.

We now have unemployment levels at all-time lows.

He has overcome false accusations of racism, corruption, collusion and obstruction of justice.

He has appointed an Attorney General who is finally looking into the Hillary Clinton campaign and her role in the Steele Dossier and Fusin GPS. 

We have a President who stands proudly behind the flag of our country and is not afraid to call those out who despise our country and our flag.

So, no Senator Harris, the man has kept his promises. Despite a Democratic party that is more concerned with beating Trump than they are with acting in the best interest of the country and the very constituents who put them in office, he is moving forward, one victory at a time.

And he is proving so many Americans right for having voted him into office.

You could take a lesson from the President.

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