Portland anti-police extremist Hardesty calls for permanent elimination of city’s Rapid Response Team


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

PORTLAND, OR- In the little over a year since the George Floyd incident, a lot of city leaders have been outed as incompetent clowns…Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin, and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and of course Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler come to mind.

However the biggest inept, useless and brain-dead fool has to be Portland commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty.

Hardesty, a clear legend in her own mind who gives Lightfoot a run for the one who looks most likely to be on a meth bender, has made it her life’s mission to make life miserable for the Portland Police Bureau.

She has been one of the leading proponents of the shortsighted plan to defund that city’s police, despite the fact that the city has turned into the American version of Mogadishu. This past week, when the entire riot squad resigned in protest, Hardesty called for the unit to be permanently disbanded.

Hardesty, an angry, bitter woman issued a statement Thursday, according to the Daily Mail, in which she said the resignations of the riot squad indicated the “good old boy network is crumbling.”

“We can either be a part of the change or part of the status quo—but the arc of justice is bending quickly and it’s imperative that the Portland City Council lands on the right side of history.”

The department’s Rapid Response Team, who have been dealing with near daily disruptions caused by Antifa and Black Lives Matter anarchists for the better part of a year, resigned en masse Wednesday after one of the team members was indicted on criminal charges for allegedly striking a photographer who was deemed to be a protester last year.

Hardesty had originally proposed disbanding the response team last fall and called the unit “another example of a rogue paramilitary organization that is unaccountable to elected officials and residents of Portland.”

Hardesty then made the clearly absurd claim that by resigning en masse, “we now see some PPB officers engaging in the act they showed so much disdain for by staging their own protest.”

Yeah, the only difference is they’re not burning down buildings, beating up innocent people, shooting military-grade fireworks at people, and torching buildings with people inside. Other than that, yes, they’re protesting what is clearly an unjust decision, especially when an overwhelming majority of the dirtbags who were arrested for the riots have had their charges dismissed.


“What today’s action says is that some Portland Police officers feel they are above the law,” the inept Hardesty said.

The resignations followed the indictment of Officer Corey Budworth on Tuesday for assault, which occurred during a riot last August when Budworth is accused of striking a photographer, Teri Jacobs, who police allege was actually involved in the riot, with a baton.

“Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system,” the Portland Police Association said in a statement Tuesday.

Officers, detectives and sergeants on the team voted to resign effective immediately due to a perceived (more accurately actual) lack of support from Portland city officials, and the district attorney’s office over the past year, the mayor’s office and officer said.

“I don’t think it is just an indictment that caused this to happen, I think it is a very long complicated history of tings that have gone on over the last 14 months,” Acting police chief Chris Davis said.

The unit responds to natural or man-made disasters, large-scale searches, and moreover public order policing or riots. Members of the unit receive specialized training related to crowd management, crowd psychology and behavior, team formations and movements, the use of enhanced personal protective equipment, use of force, and de-escalation and arrests.

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Video of the incident in question was shared on social media and showed Budworth appear to push the “photographer,” who is really a left-wing activist and strike her in the head with his baton.

Jacobs claims she was carrying a press card at the time of the incident. She was not charged in the incident and ended up receiving a settlement from the city in the amount of $50,000.

Police have insisted that she was in fact part of the riot in which a government building was set on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

The officers who resigned remain a part of the police department, however, will no longer be part of the Rapid Response team.

It is unknown what effect these resignations will have on the department’s ability to respond to near-nightly riots, which have continued unabated for the past year.

The riot in question began when after night fell, around 200 demonstrators, equipped with the typical Antifa-like tactical helmets, faces covered, carrying all manner of weapons started their usual nightly rioting in downtown Portland. The “peaceful protesters” set dumpsters on fire, defaced buildings and broke windows, according to the Portland Police Association’s version of the events.

The Rapid Response Team was deployed to the area when a confrontation between police and rioters took place.

“As RRT officers worked to clear the rioting crowd, Officer Budworth was forcefully knocked to the ground. The crowd grew even more aggressive, prompting other RRT officers to deploy pepper spray and less lethal munitions to try and break up the riot.”

When Budworth attempted to arrest one of the rioters, a group of others attempted to interfere.

“Per his training and in response to the active aggression of a rioter interfering with a lawful arrest, Officer Budworth used baton pushes to move a rioter, now known to be Teri Jacobs, out of the area. As Officer Budworth cleared Ms. Jacobs from the area to stop her criminal activity, Ms. Jacobs fell to the ground,” the union said.

Jacobs apparently got up to reengage with Budworth, at which time he gave one last baton push to Jacobs, which inadvertently struck her in the head.

Laughably, Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt, another useless hack who refuses to prosecute rioters, spoke to the resignations of the Rapid Response Team after he indicted Budworth.


“Management and staffing of the Rapid Response Team falls within the purview of the leadership of the Portland Police Bureau. I have confidence that the Bureau will continue their mission to maintain public safety.

In the meantime, my office will continue to focus on the fair and just prosecution of criminal matters. We cannot expect the community to trust law enforcement if we hold ourselves to a lower standard. [emphasis added]

This is a joke. Schmidt has refused to prosecute virtually any of the Antifa, and Black Lives Matter activists arrested over the past year for their part in the riots.

In some cases, the federal government has had to prosecute them under federal law due to Schmidt’s incompetence. “Focus on fair and just prosecution of criminal matters?” Schmidt wouldn’t know the meaning of that if he was clubbed over the head with it.  

Hardesty as noted above is a hypocritical political opportunist. As someone who has constantly railed against the police and is one of the leading voices to defund them, that wasn’t the case last fall when she believed she needed the police.

Hardesty was returning from a casino when she got into a verbal altercation with her Lyft driver over open windows in the car. At that time, due to COVID-19, Lyft and Uber drivers were required to drive with their windows open, you know to “slow the spread.”

When Hardesty continued to be a pain in the ass, the driver canceled the ride and told Hardesty to get out at a gas station. As a typical self-important flunky, Hardesty called 911 because, “don’t you know who I am?” syndrome probably took over. S

he’s a commissioner! That means she’s an especially important person, at least in her feeble mind.


Now Hardesty, ever the drama queen tried to claim that she was “abandoned” at a closed gas station, however, according to dispatch records, the Chevron gas station where she was dropped off was very much open when she abused 911 for a routine call.

Of course as a “well known” very important “black woman,” she had been receiving death threats and was afraid for her safety. So who exactly did this cop-hating zero call? The police. The same police she insults, criticizes and wants to defund. Except for her of course.

The public didn’t let Hardesty’s clear hypocrisy go without comment, which forced her to attempt to justify why the police were fine for her but not for the citizens of Portland.

“That evening I was faced with several threats: a Lyft driver threatening to call 911 on me [because she wouldn’t get out of his car], and the potential of being stranded alone, late at night by the side of the road at a closed gas station” [which was in fact open], she wrote in an open letter.

“The possible outcomes of both those situations were not only terrifying but possibly deadly.”

The sweetest irony of this whole thing is that Hardesty, who wrangled her way into being the head of Portland’s emergency dispatch bureau, had previously stated that most 911 calls are unnecessary [like hers] and was one of the city’s main advocates in slashing $18 million from the Portland Police Bureau’s budget.

You see, police are bad until you need them. Joann Hardesty is the poster child for incompetent, hypocritical, two-faced political hackery. It’s so sweet when they get caught up in their own double standards.

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