Hanson: America has lost trust in the so-called “expert” class. Gee, wonder why?


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The world is full of a lot of “experts.” Many of those “experts” can be found on cable news, where networks will get someone who retired from this particular agency, or that particular educational institution who hold a point of view which fits in with the narrative being pushed by that network.

Often times, those experts are affiliated with a “think tank,” a group or organization, or sometimes they are someone who happened to be elected to Congress despite the fact they possess an IQ in the double-digits…think AOC.

Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University is probably one of the most articulate, knowledgeable, and respected men in the United States, if not the world. So when he speaks, we need to sit back and listen.

A recent column in the Daily Signal, a newsletter of the Heritage Foundation written by Hanson takes the so-called “expert” class to task, since for some reason despite their “expert” status, they continue to get it wrong.

Hanson told the story of the ruling class in countries throughout Europe, in this case Germany, who threw themselves on the sword of transitioning to “green” energy.

As Hanson wrote, we were assured by the European ruling class that the world must, in the interest of survival it is implied, “transition” to “green” energy, no matter what that transition may cost.

The so-called “experts” managed to convince a number of EU countries to immediately transition away from coal, natural gas, and nuclear (ironically one of the most environmentally friendly forms of power) and march toward “renewable energy.”

Of course, for those with eyes wide open, relying on solar panels in countries such as Germany (you can probably add England to that equation) was a fool’s errand, since the climate in that country is not exactly conducive to reliance on the sun for electricity.

Most citizens were, Hanson said, afraid to speak out and make the argument that in the case of Germany, they were sitting on “vast coal deposits” and a “large, model nuclear power industry.”

Yet for some reason, without a solid, workable alternative in place, the German government bought what the experts said hook, line and sinker.

So what happened? Recently officials in Germany have warned that it is time for German citizens to take a trip back to the future…to the 19th century where families might need to burn wood—the dirtiest form of energy—in order to endure a cold winter.

Moreover, Hanson said, there is talk of so-called “warm rooms,” where people would gather inside a designated heated room in order to survive. In 21st Century Germany.


Let’s now travel to the country of Sri Lanka, believed to be the first country which adopted policies which have recently led to mass hunger and bankruptcy. Leaders of that country also listened to “experts,” people who advised them they needed to return to organic farming, kicking more effective synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to the curb.

So what did listening to “experts” get Sri Lanka? Crop failure…no longer to able to generate income from exported crops.

Now, citizens of that country are facing widespread hunger and, with no crops to export for foreign exchange, the import of needed food and fuel has become near impossible.

Hanson notes that “Sri Lanka once had a per capita income twice that of nearby India. Now it cannot feed or fuel itself.”

In the case of Sri Lanka, once again it was “experts. Despite an economy that was doing fairly well in a post-pandemic world, Sri Lanka’s government trusted radical environmentalist “experts,” many who were not even from that country.

It appears that the Sri Lankan government’s desire to “become the woke darling of the ‘environmental, social governance’ movement,” thereby attracting “woke investment” from Western interests, has failed miserably, or has Hanson writes, Sri Lanka “has embraced a policy of national suicide.”

Let’s travel “across the pond” so to speak to the United States of America. Anyone with a modicum of financial common sense knew that borrowing and spending trillions of dollars which appeared out of thin air was not a recipe for a roaring economy in a post-pandemic world, nor would such foolishness curb inflation.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Yet Biden and the Democrats (and to be fair, some Republicans) fell for it.

The ”experts”—a group of 55 “distinguished” economists who are clearly in the tank for Biden and the Democrats vowed that Biden’s borrowing and spending spree would not cause inflation. In fact, last September these “experts,” which included “14 Nobel Prize winners” assured us that these reckless policies would “ease” inflation.

Instead, it exacerbated it, and it is now at a 40-year high hovering around 9%.

Oh, and none of these “experts” have shown any form of remorse for getting it completely wrong, by using their so-called “prestige” to the absurd notion that boosting the money supply, spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave, encouraging Americans to stay at home instead of working and ridiculously low interest rates would not cause inflation. If one didn’t know better, you might think this was being done deliberately. But that’s for another day.


Last summer, “experts” such as Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, assured the American people that the abandonment of Afghanistan would not lead to a resurgence of the Taliban, arguing at the time that the Afghan government still controlled 34 provincial capitals.


Another “expert,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin agreed with Milley, and what was left of American troops were withdrawn…all of course except the thirteen who were killed in the bungled withdrawal operation.

Less than one month later, the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban took possession of billions of dollars worth of US military equipment left behind by the hasty withdrawal.

The American military suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a bunch of goat herders because again as in Vietnam, they were not allowed to do their job, a decision made by the “experts.”

Milley, the military “expert” had been “parroting Biden’s earlier prompt that a Taliban victory after the American evacuation was ‘highly unlikely.’” Maybe he’d like a do over.


Just before the 2020 election, Hanson reminds us, the New York Post published a piece about an abandoned laptop left at a computer repair shop by Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden.

Mostly conservative websites and news organizations began to publicize the contents, which included obscene pictures showing lurid sex and drug use, but more importantly incriminated the Biden family for using Joe Biden’s position and leveraging it into a lucrative money-making operation.

This is where the “experts” once again came into play. Fifty retired “intelligence” officers (there’s a contradiction in terms) with zero evidence to back up their claims insisted the contents of the laptop were “Russian disinformation.”

Those “experts” included former Obama administration officials John Brennan and James Clapper, whose only expertise is having terminal cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Despite the fact that Hunter Biden himself never denied the abandoned laptop was his, and despite the contents of the laptop has been authenticated, none of the “experts” have apologized for their disinformation, which has been widely credited (or blamed depending what side you’re on) for getting Biden elected.

Now, let’s do COVID. In 2020, as the pandemic raged and so did violent protesters across the country, Hanson notes that 1,200 medical and health “professionals” actually signed a petition in which they said that some issues are more important than others and claimed left-wing lunatics should be exempted from the quarantine the rest of the nation was exposed to. Because apparently…social justice.

The claim was that systemic racism was a greater threat to public health than a pandemic which would eventually kill (or so the “experts” say) over one million Americans.

Probably one of the most egregious examples of “experts” getting it completely and utterly wrong was the Russia collusion hoax, which for two years held the Trump administration at bay as they had to spend time defending themselves from the scheme hatched by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

During a congressional hearing, Comey, who is supposed to be kind of intelligent…you know an “expert”…told Congress 245 times “that he could either not remember or had no knowledge about the questions asked of him,” Hanson wrote.

The list of those who were portrayed as experts in what would come to be known as Crossfire Hurricane included FBI interim Director Andrew McCabe, who replaced Comey when he was fired by Trump, who admitted to lying to federal officials four times. He has been rewarded with a contributing “expert” post at one of the leftist cable news networks.

Then there was special counsel Robert Mueller, who made a fool out of himself in Congressional testimony when testified he knew nothing about the Steele dossier or Fusion GPS—which were primarily responsible for the investigation he spent two years conducting. Another “expert,” FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith admitted forging a federal court document in order to convict an innocent person.

By and large, most right-thinking Americans have lost trust in the “experts,” be it officials with the Department of Justice, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House (like those new definitions of recession and inflation?), and too many others to count.

As Hanson notes, these so-called “experts” have “caused untold damage to their country and fellow citizens.” The loss of trust in people whom we should at least have some semblance of faith in to be honest and tell the truth may be unrecoverable.

The fact is, at this point in our history, it is virtually impossible to know who to believe. The news media and social media overall only publish one side and that is the side they believe in. And, since most social media sites and legacy media sites lean left, there is near zero trust from those on the right that what they are being told is the truth.

What happens the next time when there truly is a crisis? What happens when nobody knows who to believe? What if the next pandemic comes along and since over half the country no longer believes anything the CDC or the government has to say, what will the cost be?


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