“Hands Up” Act would punish cops for shooting “unarmed” people


A graduate student at Southern Illinois University thinks he knows more about policing than everyone in the judicial system.  And so, in a move most likely made to garner attention, he’s pushing for legislation that will tie the hands of cops.

Travis Washington has launched a petition for a piece of legislation that would make it illegal for police officers to shoot someone if the person is found without a weapon.  Of course he doesn’t define what a “weapon” is.

“The ‘Hands Up Act” was an idea I created to prevent police officers from shooting unarmed citizens,” Washington said. “We’ve seen all over the country, where citizens have been shot unarmed without any guns in their hands, such as Terence Crutcher, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. After they were shot unarmed, these officers have never served any prison sentences.”

Washington believes that officers who shoot someone who is “unarmed” should serve a 15 year mandatory sentence, which is what the act calls for.  Of course this is based on his “feelings” as opposed to any actual criminal justice backing.

“What inspired me to do it [is] a disconnect between the community and police officers,” Washington said. “If we want to rebuild this trust, we need laws in order to regain the trust.” 

No, Washington.  We need people to respect the law.  We need people to not break it.  We need people to not try and run cops over.  To not resist arrest.  To actually know the difference between right and wrong.

Washington of course blames it on racism.  He said that minorities are scared to call the police in various situations because they fear for their lives. 

He then quotes Martin Luther King:

‘Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.’

He’s on a mission.

“I have already emailed 102 U.S. [representatives], Democracy Now, and the Huffington Post. I want them to take what I have written seriously,” Washington said. “Also, the College Democrats of America, the National Civil Rights Museum and the NAACP shared my petition.”

Washington said he has emailed the NAACP and the Lorraine Motel, where King died and they apparently said they’re going post his petition on their website and have already shared it on their Facebook page.

Shocker.  The NAACP is taking on another “social justice” cause just for the sake of being relevant.

“Travis and I were just having a conversation the one day about the level of allowance of police brutality, and he wanted to start a movement about it,” Yazmyne Adams, a senior studying accounting, said. “I told him that he had to start a petition about it.” 

This has been Washington’s focus since December.

“For the person who shot Terence Crutcher to get their job back is incredibly disheartening and upsetting to the family members who have lost their loved one,” Washington said. “I hope that it will renew better relations with public safety and the community because I’m pro-police, it’s just there are individuals who taint the police department.” 

You know what else is disheartening and upsetting?  The number of police officers who are being killed because uneducated politicians along with students who’ve never worked the beat a day in their life seem to think they know more about policing than cops.  The number of officers who won’t go home to their families because feelings-based-laws are preventing them from protecting themselves and others.

Washington claims the only obstacle he has faced is not enough people knowing about it. 

“One of my goals is to speak at any rally that will let me to speak in,” Washington said. “Like speaking in front of the state legislator, if I have to, or the House of Representatives on national television during the committee hearing.”

He might want to consider calling David Hogg for advice.  That’s a great example of a student screaming for attention without having any idea what he’s talking about.

“If people really wanted to see a change they need to sign this petition,” said Shanlane Scott, a junior studying Criminology & Criminal Justice.

No.  If people want to see a change, they should stop breaking the damn law.  And you should probably pick a new major.  Like underwater basket weaving.

“It would be some type of justice,” Scott said. “We’re slowly moving to some type of equality. With law enforcement, you have to protect people, but it becomes a problem when you’re hurting unarmed people, and trying to justify by lying and saying you felt threatened.” 

Apparently in Scott’s Criminology & Criminal Justice courses, they have yet to teach him that there’s more to “shooting unarmed people” than the liberal media tells you. 

Would they consider driving a vehicle at a police officer, like we just saw in Wethersfield, Connecticut to be “armed”? 

Would they consider a 250 lb. man with mixed martial arts expertise going up against a 120 lb. female officer to be “armed” based on overwhelming and brute force?

“We need to keep pushing forward, and never give up,” Washington said. “I want the world to depend on me, that’s why I’m doing this.”

The world should never depend on you, Washington.  The world should depend on actual warriors, not keyboard warriors.


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