Yep, I’m that guy. I get the same buzz cut that I got over twenty years ago. High and tight baby, oh yeah! But now, I grow my mustache out. Not past the corner of my mouth though. That’s against uniform policy and I’m up for promotion. I know plenty of mustache jokes too but I stay professional. Never know who’s watching nowadays. I got me a sweet T-Shirt collection too. You betcha! And if the shirt don’t scream “Hey! I’m an officer!” then I ain’t buying one even if it’s buy one get one free.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to find a pouch big enough to wear my smart phone on my belt nowadays but I finally scored one that holds my iPhone 5. My mom sewed some Velcro on it too and I got me one of them new fandangle rubber thin blue line patches on that sucker! Siri knows what’s up.

CopCast Cellphones Body Cameras


My car? It’s slick! I got the newest American flag decal on the back with a blue line down the center. It’s reflective. My work jacket is hung over my driver seat too. Never know when I’ll need to go full bore to assist. I got your six! Plus it comes in handy when I visit the local fast food joint for them sweet discounts too.

When you tell me something or text me something, I won’t ever reply with “sure.” You won’t here me say “OK” or “you got it” either.



Nope, my response will always be “10-4” because I’m a Security Officer!

– Louie G., an 18-year law enforcement veteran