Guy opens fire at gun shop – multiple armed shoppers pull out their own guns and shoot him dead


METAIRIE, LA – A shooting that occurred at a gun shop/indoor firing range in Metairie on February 20th resulted in three dead and two injured – with one of the deceased reportedly being the suspect that initiated the gunfire. 

According to officials on the matter, it was armed citizens at the location that fatally shot the suspect before more harm could be done. 

The incident reportedly occurred at the  Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie around 2:50 p.m., with deputies having been dispatched to the scene that unfolded within the 6700 block of Airline Drive.

Apparently an unidentified male had entered the gun shop with an unholstered and loaded firearm and had gotten into some sort of a verbal spat with the clerk inside. 

The clerk was said to have informed the suspect that he shouldn’t have a loaded and unholstered firearm until he actually enters the indoor gun range. 

At that point, officials say that the suspect had began shooting inside of the gun store – with two customers reportedly getting involved and exchanging gunfire with the suspect. 

Officials say that this exchanged gunfire occurred inside of the gun shop – and then eventually transitioned outside of the shop, with several other individuals opening fire on the suspect. 

In a statement provided by Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto, the scene that deputies had responded to hosted three deceased and two injured: 

“Arriving deputies located several victims suffering from gunshot wounds. Three individuals were pronounced dead on the scene, and two more were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The two transported victims are in stable condition.”

Sheriff Lopinto also confirmed that the suspect involved was among the deceased: 

“At this time, it appears a suspect shot two victims inside the location, then was engaged and shot outside the location by multiple other individuals. The suspect is one of the deceased on scene.”

The New Orleans office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is reportedly involved in the investigation in the matter, as the agency announced their involvement via Twitter. 

Tyrone Russell was taking a conceal-and-carry course at the time of the incident, noting the following about the incident: 

“We heard the gunshots and the screaming…When the police came, they escorted us out. I could see glass everywhere…It was just like a really scary scene.”

A nearby Taco Bell was also evacuated while the incident unfolded, according to reports. 

Officials have yet to identify any of the victims or the suspect by name as of this writing, nor have police detailed whether there were any other possible motivating factors for the incident outside of the verbal altercation inside of the gun shop prior to the shooting. 

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further updates to this developing investigation. 

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This case is reminiscent of an incident that occurred in Oklahoma back in March of 2020, when an armed citizen reportedly fatally shot a woman who had opened fire on a crowd of individuals. 

Here’s that previous report from March of 2020.


Tulsa, Oklahoma – According to police, a shooting took place within a Tulsa shopping center on March 27th, where a citizen carrying a legally concealed weapon allegedly took down an armed suspect.  

Overall, this sounds to be another instance of a “good guy with a gun”.

Police in Tulsa happened upon a strange scene near East 54th Street North and North Peoria Avenue, where they discovered a deceased woman inside of a black SUV. Yet, no arrests were made even after police identified the person who shot the woman.

Apparently, an unidentified male had witnessed the deceased woman opening fire upon a crowd from within her SUV. Since the bystander happened to be carrying his weapon, he opened fire on the woman, which resulted in her dying inside said SUV.

While the crime scene was still active, Detective Jason White from the Tulsa Police Department stated the following:

“I don’t know that there is going to be an arrest made in this particular case at this point. We are still going to go down and we are going to talk to him and figure out what his version is.

Once we get the video and we are able to look at that video, I think it’s going to give us a really good idea of what happened here.”

It just so happens police managed to get ahold of said video, which was surveillance footage that was captured near the scene.

Sources claim that the video showcased the deceased woman getting into some sort of a verbal exchange with a group in the shopping center that day.

The woman had apparently left the scene of the argument for a few minutes, and then returned while allegedly shooting toward a crowd of people. From there, a good guy with a gun intervened.

While they did interview the shooter at the police station, it was reported that he was freed after answering some questions.


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