Gutless New Jersey principal: Thin blue line promotes racism, microaggressions – picture will be removed from yearbook


MILLBURN, N.J.- Dr. William Miron is the principal of Millburn High School in Millburn, New Jersey. Apparently, in the old days, Miron was a championship wrestler way back in the 1970’s when he was a student at the same school.

Too bad Miron didn’t take some of his testosterone with him, because he apparently left it on the wrestling mat, and is now left cowering to the mob because that is what all good leftists do. 

Miron sent an email on July 31 because some triggered snowflake or snowflakes was apparently sent into near cardiac arrest over a yearbook picture, where the Millburn High Football team had the audacity—no, the unmitigated gall—to carry an American flag and, to quote him, “the controversial blue line flag.” He followed that part up with, “we understand the disappointment.”

Understand the disappointment? Over a flag? That represents police officers? We would like to feign shock, but, we are living in the new American world, where criminals are held up for praise while men and women who put their lives on the line are condemned.

And now, a high school principal not only has to apologize for his football team carrying the two flags (surprisingly the criticism and subsequent apology wasn’t over the American flag, but that day is coming), he also has to go into a lengthy explanation.

Miron explains that the picture was taken last October, when cops were still admired and respected, during community outreach day when the school’s athletic program and D.A.R.E program were honored. He said that the “administration thought of the flag as a symbol of support” for the police department in Millburn.

However, he said:

“School leaders did not realize at the time that the flag was a statement promoting racism or any microaggressions. Certainly, we cannot hide behind our ignorance.”

Ignorance? The blue line flag promotes racism? What a pure, unadulterated load of horse crap.

Let us educate Dr. Miron. The “Blue Line” flag represents the line between good and evil. Unlike the left-wing definition found on Wikipedia, the thin blue line does NOT represent a blue wall of silence.

That is simply ignorant and shows a lack of understanding, not surprising from Wikipedia. As defined in Flags of Valor, the “thin blue line” represents “the unbreakable component of law enforcement standing as a safety barrier between the law-abiding citizens of America and the criminally inclined.”

Displaying the flag does not “promote racism” or any “microaggressions.” Miron is clearly buying into the fallacy being perpetrated by Black Lives Matter, which as we have proven ad nauseum is a Marxist, revolutionary organization, as well as the lies being pushed by anti-police Democrats.

To refer to that flag as he did is an insult to the hundreds of law enforcement officers who lose their lives in the line of duty every year, as well as to their families.

Do you want to know what an even bigger insult is? Millburn stands 20 miles from Ground Zero in New York City, where many of those men and women which he said are supported by a flag that “supports racism” ran into the burning towers of the World Trade Center as part of the number of first responders who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

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According to Tap Into Millburn/Short Hills, Millburn lost eight of its residents in that terrorist attack. We can pretty much assure you of this…if Miron were present in Manhattan on 9/11/2001, he would have wet his pants and run the other way.

After getting on his virtual knees and begging for forgiveness, Miron then goes into trying to make excuses for the picture making it into the yearbook, and then talking about all the great social justice warrior undertakings of the school district since the death of George Floyd. Because as everyone knows, all 800,000 plus police officers nationwide were responsible for the actions of one ignorant idiot in Minneapolis.

What drove Miron to throw himself on the mercy of the mob? In a community as of 2019 census that was 70.7% white, and 2.3% black, it’s likely that there is a lot of white guilt going on in Millburn, probably with Miron himself. Likely, much of that white guilt probably comes from the high school and college age population because that is what kids are taught…you know, that whole “white privilege” thing.  

So how does it happen? We can see it now…liberal college student, down in mom’s basement, playing video games. They were indoctrinated in one of the indoctrination camps known as college by their gender studies professor on the evils of being born white.

Likely, they were already indoctrinated in the public-school system so after years of brainwashing, they need to do something to show how woke they are. Plus wait, doesn’t Trump support police? Orange man bad! Complain to the principal! He’s an educator! He’ll do as we say, or we’ll picket his house and dox him on Twitter! Plus, he’s a gutless, spineless weasel.

So, what happens? Miron caves to the mob and throws the police in his community squarely under the bus. Hey, what do you expect for over $200,000 a year? A principal with integrity and intestinal fortitude? Not in Millburn. Is it likely that some children of those police officers he just threw under the bus attend his schools? Highly likely.

You look at Portland, Seattle, and these other cities where young people are engaged in anarchy and it isn’t a wonder.

When you have a so-called “educator” such as Miron cowering to the mob and making ignorant, uneducated and frankly stupid statements such as he did in his email, is it any wonder that our young people have no respect for the police, or for any type of authority?

Miron and his ilk are utter failures, and they are trying to blame the police for having to clean up their mess.

But hey, it’s easy to be a keyboard warrior like Dr. Miron in his cushy office, where his biggest risk is getting a paper cut.

As an “educator,” perhaps Dr. Miron should do a bit of research. It is readily available and proves that the narrative being put forth by the left-wing mainstream media, Black Lives Matter, and Trump-hating Democrats is a lie, and we might say a deliberate lie.

Below is a Facebook post on the Brothers Before Others Facebook page, which has Miron’s letter and a subsequent response from the charity. 


We support the response sent to Miron by Brothers Before Others, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. They expressed much of what we said, which we obviously agree with 100%. They responded in part:

“What we are seeing played out across our nation is nothing more than a temper tantrum being acted out by a spoiled, entitled and misguided generation being fed and aided by politically motivated and self-preserving adults with narrow shoulders.

“It is disgusting that you would express a broad-stroke opinion of an entire profession thus displaying the same kind of bias that you allege to stand against.

“While I hold absolutely no hope for dialogue or understanding, please know that members of our board and charity would welcome such interaction in either a private or open forum.

“Our silence in the face of your hate speech is acceptance, and those days are over.”

Amen brothers. Amen.

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