Video: Gunman pretends to be working on car, ambushes victim and shoots him repeatedly in the head


NEW YORK CITY, NY – The NYPD released a disturbing video in an effort to help identify a suspect who feigned working on his vehicle before executing a 46-year-old man who was walking to his vehicle earlier in September.

Authorities say the incident happened on September 6th at approximately 7:53 a.m. along the rear of 132-10 South Conduit Avenue in the Queens neighborhood. The suspect can be seen closing his driver’s side door and walking to the opened hood of his white Nissan sedan.

As the suspect makes it look as though he’s rummaging through the engine area under the hood, 46-year-old Jermaine Dixon can be seen walking into frame and heading to his SUV parked across from the suspect’s vehicle.

As Dixon opens his door and starts getting inside of his vehicle, the suspects runs up from behind him and shoots the victim in the head several times and then shuts his hood and drives off.

Another aspect of the shooting that has investigators curious is that it appears that the gunman was disguised as a Hasidic Jew during the shooting, wearing what appeared to be a traditional rekel and a wide brim hat.

No arrests have been made as of this writing, but reports show that the victim had been out of prison for less than a year after serving nearly two decades for the 1992 murder of a man named Alphonso Gooden.

Apparently, Dixon had been involved in the gang scene before being sentenced to prison, having been a member of the Brooklyn “Patio Crew”.

Dixon had turned a new leaf while incarcerated, with him being described as a model inmate who attained his bachelor’s degree while incarcerated and led to him having his life sentence reduced which resulted in his release after 19 years in prison.

Dixon had petitioned for a compassionate release, writing to Judge Raymond Dearie in his filing that “I am not the young man that your honor sentenced 20 years ago,” and that he “can and will do the right thing upon release.”

In Judge Dearie’s decision regarding the filed compassionate release, he wrote:

“Do I leave Mr. Dixon to the authorities and require him to serve out the sentence he deserves, or do I grant him a somewhat accelerated release in the hope that for himself and his family he will continue on a road to a respectable and productive life? I choose the latter. I choose to take a chance.”

Investigators say that they have not found any possible motive for Dixon’s murder, nor have police indicated that it’s possible that Dixon’s past life may have played a role in the shooting.

Anyone with information on the incident or suspect involved are urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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Video: NYPD searching for rioter who doused NYPD vehicle in gasoline while officers were inside of it

(Originally published September 6th, 2021)

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Police in New York City are searching for the suspect who was caught on video dousing an NYPD vehicle with gasoline during a riot earlier in September, while officers were actively inside of the police van.

According to reports, the riot stemmed over community outrage regarding an officer-involved shooting that occurred in late-August.

Officials say the riot occurred during the evening of September 3rd nearby the NYPD 46th Precinct. A group of protesters turned violent at approximately 10:30 p.m., which video shows the rioters trying to push the barriers outside of the precinct into the officers stationed outside.

Later on in the released video, bodycam footage from inside a police van shows an unidentified suspect pouring gasoline all over the police vehicle. The suspect is still at-large, according to officials, and police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the individual.

The protest-turned-riot was inspired by the August 29th officer-involved shooting of 24-year-old Mike Rosado, who was fatally shot by off-duty officers after getting into a shootout with the officers.

Reports indicate that on August 29th, Mike and his 44-year-old father Rafael Rosado had gotten into a fight with a group of individuals in the area of East 180th Street and Valentine Avenue at approximately 4:00 a.m., where Mike reportedly drew a firearm on the group after a bottle was thrown.

Mike allegedly fired roughly 10 shots at the group of people, which two off-duty NYPD officers heard the gunfire and saw Mike with the weapon and ordered him to drop the gun. Instead of complying, police say that Mike redirected his gunfire at the off-duty officers who then reasonably returned fire at the suspect.

The suspect was struck in the chest and later died after being transported to St. Barnabas Hospital. Moments after the officers shooting Mike, the suspect’s father reportedly picked up the firearm his son was using and started to shoot at the same two officers.

Rafael then handed the firearm to a woman and took off running after firing an undetermined number of rounds at the officers – luckily striking neither of them.

Police were able to catch up with and arrest Rafael under charges of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal use of a firearm, and reckless endangerment.

Apparently, Rafael Rosado has a long rap sheet with over 60 arrests in his lifetime and having been previously convicted of assaulting a police officer from a 2010 incident where he dragged an officer who attempted to pull him over.

The mother of the deceased suspect, Marta Negron, proclaims that her son was unjustly shot by police, accusing the officers shooting her son “ruthlessly” and that he was killed while having his hands up.

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Caught on camera: Man spits on, shoves woman onto train tracks in police-defunded NYC

(Originally published August 30th, 2021)

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Video was recently captured of an attack that happened on a New York City subway reportedly involving a 28-year-old woman having to defend herself from a 24-year-old male assailant, who was seen on video shoving the woman onto the subway tracks.

The incident occurred on August 25th, where the female victim said she was at the Utica Avenue-Eastern Parkway station when she started being followed by a 24-year-old man, later identified as John Merritt:

“He was acting erratic and he started to spit at me, is how it started. When I tried to leave the situation, like get onto the train, he followed me. And I decided that wasn’t the smartest move, to get on the train where authorities cannot get to me and him.”

“So I stayed on the platform and he decided that it was the best idea to spit at me.”

On the northbound 3 and 4 platform, bystanders captured video of the portion of the altercation where the woman used a wet floor sign to defend herself from Merritt, where he disarmed the woman and then threw the sign at her.

After throwing the sign, Merritt can be seen rushing toward the woman and then shoving her so hard, she loses her footing while trailing backwards and falls onto the subway tracks.

The victim was able to get back onto the platform with the help of a nearby bystander, and she then got ahold of a broom and began swinging it at Merritt – which Merritt again was able to disarm her of:

“I think that I did fairly good with protecting myself and fending him off. And then allowing authorities to handle the situation.”

Apparently, Merritt tried fleeing the area after the attack, but the woman said police had arrived and were able to take him into custody:

“I was like nuh-uh. The cops were there when he tried to get on the train, and I was like, ‘He can’t go anywhere. He assaulted me.’”

Merritt was later charged with assault, menacing and harassment in relation to the incident. As for the victim, she said that her sustained injuries from the attack have posed difficulties with walking:

“I can’t walk. That’s the biggest injury right now. I have so many bruises on my legs, on my arms. I have a bruise on my face, and a cut on my face as well.”

Still, despite the injuries, the victim is thankful to be alive, considering how bad things could’ve turned out:

“I’m glad I was able to get pulled out of the train tracks, and before the train came. And I’m glad to be here today.”


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