Gun-wielding man tries to rob victim on Christmas, slips on the ice and gets his butt whooped by the would-be victim


GAINESVILLE, GA – A Georgia man has found himself in trouble with the law when he allegedly fell and slipped on a patch of ice after attempting to rob an employee during the early morning hours of Christmas Day.

Apparently, the suspect did not realize the ice patch was there because he was too busy running from the scene of the crime.

Gainesville Police Department responded to an attempted armed robbery call around 1 a.m. on Christmas Day. When the officers arrived, they found what they described as a scene from “Home Alone,” the suspect on the ground with apparent facial injuries and witnesses standing by waiting for the cops to come.

Officers spoke to the witnesses who allege the suspect, later identified as 30-year-old Luis Sajbocho-Ordonez, had been standing outside a business and waiting for an employee to walk outside.

When that employee, who has not been named, walked outside, Sajbocho-Ordonez allegedly produced a gun and pointed it at him, but what he did not expect was that the intended victim had no intention of being robbed.

Investigators reported the victim fought back against being robbed which caused Sajbocho-Ordonez when another employee walked outside of the store, “spooking” the suspect. Allegedly out of fear, Sajbocho-Ordonez fired a round which thankfully did not strike anyone before fleeing through the parking lot.

NSSF: You're being lied to by the media. Proof - NBC chooses one-sided reporting on Americans' gun beliefs.

However, when he stepped on a patch of ice, Sajbocho-Ordonez allegedly lost his footing while attempting to run from the scene. Like the “wet bandits” from the movie, Sajbocho-Ordonez went flying once he hit the patch of ice and landed on the ground.

The victim and witnesses used the time, just like Kevin would from the movie, to get the upper hand on the alleged criminal and moved in and stopped him from getting up. They also took the time to allegedly remove two guns from Sajbocho-Ordonez while they waited for the police to arrive.

Officers made contact with Sajbocho-Ordonez and took him into custody for armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm. After taking him into custody, they made sure that he received medical treatment for the injuries he sustained during the incident.

The Gainesville Police Department took to Facebook to announce the arrest as well as have a little fun with it at Sajbocho-Ordonez’s expense. They posted:

“Like a scene from Home Alone. Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred and the perp went to jail.”

Investigators are still working on the case and noted that additional charges are possible but did not report what those may be. It is possible that Sajbocho-Ordonez may not be legally allowed to possess firearms or they may have been listed as stolen.

The Gainesville Police Department did not report whether this was Sajbocho-Ordonez’s first arrest. They also did not advise if he was still in custody or if he was able to bond out of jail following his arrest.

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NSSF: You're being lied to by the media. Proof - NBC chooses one-sided reporting on Americans' gun beliefs.

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