Gun store refused orders by CA governor to close – until the Sheriff gave them no choice.


CASTRO VALLEY, CA.- Law Enforcement Today has learned that a northern California gun shop, Solar Tactical disputes its designation as “non-essential”” and will keep doors its open even though Gov. Gavin Newsom has issued “shelter in place” orders.

KCRA 3 reported that Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelley said that for now, his office is going to “play nice”, but will soon follow with a “notice to close” order if the gun store owners refuse to close up on their own.


On their Facebook page, Solar tactical protested the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office’s attempt to lump them in with non-essential businesses, pointing out that the Second Amendment is essential to the constitution and to the American way of life:


“Alameda County Sheriffs office is trying to close down bay area gun shops. Your 2nd Amendment right is no longer considered essential during forced shelter in place.

Today we went to appointments only to avoid any large groups and only have 1-2 customers in the store at a time. The Department of Justice has not locked the DROS system and is still allowing transactions.

Please share and get the word out. Call your local officials, news stations, and Alameda County Sheriffs office to let them know how you feel about your 2nd Amendment rights being taken away.”

The post then included the numbers for the Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Alameda County Public Ordinance.

UPDATE: Apparently, after a threat by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, who apparently has a lot of time on their hands, the gun shop closed as of Friday.

The owner of the store, Mike Addis said that he had seen a spike in gun and ammo sales since Newsom’s stay at home order went into effect. He said that a shipment of boxes packed with ammo sold out in a couple of hours after arriving earlier in the week.


“They’re concerned about looting. They’re concerned about their safety in the house. That’s what’s driving all of this—first time buyers concerned about their safety,” Addis said.

Joshua Boothby was about to pick up a Glock that he had purchased for $700. Now, since apparently executive orders trump the Constitution, he will have to wait until the stay-at-home order is lifted.

“Especially in a crisis like this, this is something that every citizen that isn’t a felon and doesn’t have a criminal record should have the God honest right to do,” Boothby said.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has created a team of deputies who go out and basically harass store owners in the county that Newsom has determined do not have the right to open so that their owners can make a living. Sgt. Ray Kelly said the businesses are typically family-owned small businesses, including some hair and nail salons, whose owners do not realize they are breaking the law.

“They absolutely have been totally cooperative, and they’ve closed,” Kelly said. “They just needed some education on what’s going on.”

Look at the position these bureaucrats have put police officers in. They have now been reduced to going out and harassing business owners. Meanwhile, people who commit real crimes in cities like San Francisco are being cut loose by their left-wing district attorney. You can’t make this stuff up.

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In Oakland, where real crime is out of control, police officers have also been reduced to business enforcement agents, ensuring that “non-essential” businesses are closed.

Mayor Libby Schaaf, who once famously warned residents when ICE was going to conduct a raid, is all over this newfound power that politicians have found themselves possessing. She said that currently the Oakland PD is issuing “informative warnings,’ not citations. However, she warned (in her sternest warning voice probably) that could change if businesses continue to defy the order, she said.

Last Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide “stay-at-home order. Other governors in the U.S. have issued similar orders, including Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and others.

WHYY reported that one small gun shop in Pennsylvania planned to stay open in spite of the order. The shop owner, who refused to be identified, said:

“I’m an essential business. I’m firearms. That’s essential. It’s second amendment rights.”

In San Jose, the chief of police, Eddie Garcia ain’t messing around when it comes to businesses staying open in defiance of Newsom’s order.

“We’re not gonna stay in educational (mode) for long,” Garcia said. In other words, no more warnings.

The mayor is asking residents to rat out any businesses that stay open that shouldn’t be. They are asking the public to call 311, not911 if they see a business that shouldn’t be open.

Garcia said that the department is going to deploy eight officers—four patrol cars with two officers each—on both the day shift and night shift to enforce the ban. Sixteen officers per day will be tasked with enforcing the order. One can imagine that police in San Jose must have better things to do with their time. But this is where we are at in 2020…police officers relegated to zoning enforcement officers basically.

As of Friday, police had contacted 56 “nonessential” businesses and asked them to shut down, Garcia said. Those included barber shops, smoke shops, a billiards hall, a car wash, restaurants and a video game store. Officers showed the order and they have all since closed.

However, Garcia is going to get tough next week…no more Mr. Nice Guy! Starting then, if businesses reopen or refuse to shut down, Garcia is going to drop the hammer on them! They could be slapped with a criminal complaint, a business license violation or a health code violation.

Garcia says he does sympathize with the business owners’ situation.

“It’s sad. They’re telling our officers they don’t know how they’re gonna pay their bills. It touches our officers. But at the same time they have a role and a job to do,” Garcia said.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said:

“Those are the realities. It takes the pressure off our first responders having to interact with those folks. It distracts them from their important duties to keep people safe and healthy.”

Oh, Garcia also added that police are also acting as social distancing police, breaking up gatherings of private individuals who were not social distancing.

We are truly in a different world.

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