Gun store owner being robbed fakes heart problem, grabs gun, shoots bad guy: ‘I’ve got more ammo’


RICHARDSON, TX – Don’t mess with a Marine.

A gun store owner in Richardson, Texas had a group of men enter into his store and attempt to rob him.  

However, they learned the hard way not to mess with the Texas man when he faked a heart problem and shot one of them.


The incident took place at Mike’s Gun room which is owned by 77-year-old Mike Brown.  Brown said that the group of men tried to act like they were shopping, however, made it clear after being in the store that they intended to rob him.

Brown said the three men, who were wearing masks, told Brown to get down when they decided to move forward with the robbery.  He said:

“They told me to get around behind the counter.  Get down on the floor.”

Brown said he had played this scenario through his mind for the almost thirty years he has owned the store.

He faked a heart problem, and the criminals bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

Brown said that one of the robbers held a gun to the back of his head as the group took what he estimated to be around 50 guns. Brown told the group:

“I’ve got a heart medication and I’ve got to get to my pills.”

The group left him alone so he could get to his pills.  Brown used the ruse to position himself where his own gun was located.  Brown said that two of the three men had walked out of the store when he challenged one of them with his firearm.  Brown said:

“I told him to stop.  He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.”

The man’s actions caused Brown concern that he was about to be shot by the criminal. 

As a result, Brown fired, striking the man in the shoulder.  As he fell to the ground outside of the store, the other two criminals fled in a vehicle.  Police responded to the scene and were able to take the injured man to the hospital, and place him under arrest.

Most robberies occur at night, mainly because the criminals and their vehicles are less likely to be seen than during daylight.  Sara Able, who works with the Dallas Field Division of the ATF said:

“I would not say it’s very common during the day [robbery] like the situation here.”

The ATF said that they believe that Brown and his store may have been targeted because he is known to work alone and has no form of video surveillance.  Hopefully, after this incident, that will change.  As far as the guns the other two criminals got away with, ATF is concerned where those are going.  Able said:

“They [stolen guns] are known to end up in the hands of those who commit violent crimes.”

The Richardson Police Department and the ATF are looking for the other people that were involved.  They said they believe that the suspects were in an unknown color Chevy Impala that had some type of paper license plate.

Brown spoke about the shooting and said that he did not like the fact he was forced into that situation but is happy that he was not injured or killed.  He said:

“I’m sorry I had to shoot somebody, but – better than Plan B.”

Brown, a Marine and Vietnam war veteran did have a very simple message to the remaining criminals who are at large:

“Don’t come back.  I’ve got more ammo.”

ATF has offered up to a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those who were involved in the robbery.  They are asking anyone with information to call their tip line ta 888-ATF-TIPS.

In June, thieves also tried to hit a gun store in Pennsylvania.

That didn’t work out well either.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The City of Brotherly Love has been anything but for the past three days. Riots have erupted throughout the city resulting in staggering damage, injuries to civilians and officers alike and even death.

As many protestors flock to open spaces to challenge police and publicly denounce the death of George Floyd, some rioters have gone a more devious route.

Gun owners and small business owners alike have been vigilant as riots erupted not only in Philadelphia but around the country. Sixty-seven year old gun store owner Gregory Isabella slept in his shop Firing Line Inc after rioters attempted to break in and loot his shop this past week.

Shortly after 4am on Tuesday morning, Isabella heard a crew of rioters at the gate to his property.

According to NBC 10 Philadelphia’s Miguel Martinez-Valle and Dan Stamm, Isabella watched a small group of looters break the lock on his exterior gate on his surveillance camera system.

By the time the group reached the entrance to the building, Isabella was positioned at the top of the second story stairwell prepared to defend his life and property.

When the looters smashed a rear window, compromising an exterior door to the building, Isabella fired striking a man in his 20’s in the head killing him.

The remainder of the small group fled however one man sought emergency help at a local hospital for a bullet wound and is suspected to be involved.

Local business owner William H. reported a similar scene at his shop Founding Fathers Outfitters. He described to the Philadelphia Inquirer the scene he watched unfold on his security cameras as a group of looters attempted to break the door to the store on Sunday morning. Much like Isabella, William and his staff had been sleeping at the shop in order to defend their business.

He says:

“They wanted to do a smash and grab. Take a hammer and smash the cases and grab what they wanted. Unfortunately for them, we lock every firearm in a safe.”

The looters were unable to gain entry to Founding Fathers Outfitters.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney stated that he was “deeply troubled at the ease with which another life has been taken amidst this chaos.”

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw made a statement condemning “vigilante justice” and instead suggested that individuals should find non-violent ways to protect themselves.

However, she recognized that the law provides for the right to defend oneself.

Indeed, Isabella appears to have been exercising that right to defense although an investigation is underway. Chief Inspector Scott Smalls advised Fox 29’s Steve Keeley that “One of the individuals that broke into the property, pointed a handgun at him… And that’s when the store owner fired his own weapon — striking the one perpetrator at least one time in the head and he collapsed, dropping his gun between his legs.”

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Barbara Laker and Rob Tornoe further report that a black handgun was located at  the scene near the body of the deceased. The firearm is reportedly not property of Firing Line and is suspected to have belonged to the looters.

Patricia, a salesperson at Founding Fathers Outfitters spoke about the tremendous responsibility of gun shop owners during the riots. She commented to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“We don’t want our firearms to get in the hands of criminals. We’ll do anything to stop that from happening.”

William further commented of position gun store owners have been put in since the rioting began. He said:

“No one wants to have to do it… I know a lot of gun shop owners and everyone is sleeping there [in their stores]. Looters are not just after the sneakers and the flat screen TVs anymore. They are getting more aggressive. They’re trying to get the guns.”

The public took to social media to support Firing Line. According to the New York Post, one commenter on the store’s Facebook page wrote:

“I’m proud to have bought from you guys before. I’ll proudly buy from you again.”

Another said:

“If I’m ever in Philly, I’ll give you guys my business.”

One social media user applauded Isabella’s defensive actions writing:

“You’re a hero in these trying times.”

Last week, we reported on how the shooting of a looter didn’t go so well during another riot.  Here’s that story, in case you missed it.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The riots are continuing in Minneapolis, and they’re getting deadly. Of course they’re protesting the death of George Floyd while in police custody after an officer kept his knee on the Floyd’s neck while he was handcuffed and on his stomach.

The officer, along with three other officers who were on scene during Floyd’s death, have been fired.

While parts of the city burn and violence lingers on in the middle of the night, Law Enforcement Today has learned that a man has been shot dead while looting at a business.

Police department spokesman John Elder said authorities believe that the business owner shot the looter while breaking in. The man was found dead of a gunshot wound outside the Cadillac Pawn and Jewelry on East Lake Street near Bloomington Avenue.

The above video is reportedly the scene after the alleged looter was found. Police can be seen administering CPR to the man, who later died at the hospital.

Police reportedly have the shooter detained while they work through the investigation.

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