Gun free zones? Isn’t that like ringing the dinner bell for crazy and evil people? It’s a concept that’s never made sense to me. The 2nd amendment enables us to arm ourselves. I can’t for the life of me understand who in their right mind, would want gun free zones where people, usually in small groups or families spend their days or evenings. Places where they either shop, have dinner together, or maybe even see a movie. It seems it would be more rational to allow people to carry in establishments such as these.

Everyone knows people who are out to inflict injury or kill don’t follow the laws. Can anyone out there tell me someone like the guy in Washington, those in school shootings, the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado would stop and read a sign and if it said ‘Gun Free Zone,’ they’d turn back? No, you can’t! No one can. I don’t care if you’re a so called expert, some professor, someone in congress or even the……I won’t mention who but I’m sure some of you probably know who the last one was gonna be.

Thank God I live in a community and state that believes and defends my right to keep and bear arms. If my community or state didn’t support the second amendment, I’d be breaking the law because I always carry. Every day I exit my apartment I carry. I pray to God I’ll never have to use my weapon or even be in a situation where I have to pull it but I’d rather have it with me and not need it then I would be someplace like the mall in Washington, the mall in Minnesota, a theater, or wherever there may be a threat and NOT have it.

It just doesn’t make sense, in my opinion, not to carry for protection especially these days. There are far too many evil/crazy people out there walking around to not have some kind of protection. Nobody can guarantee you’ll be safe when you walk out your door with or without a gun. You could be involved in an accident, be hit by a drunk driver,  or even fall off a ladder and be injured or killed. What I’m trying to say is you never know what might happen,

I’ll always carry just in case and being told you should stay inside your home and lock all your doors and windows because some evil/idiot/killer is out there isn’t something I agree with, at least not for me. I refuse to be a prisoner in my own home.

Gun free zones? How’s that working out?